Technology has made everything easier. Gone are the days when we have to use big scissors to cut our hedges in the proper shape. They require more precision and if a new person tries it then it might ruin the look as well. We had to hire a gardener occasionally so he cuts everything perfectly. Now with the introduction of Hedge trimmers, the work has become much simple and anyone can do it now. You don’t have to apply much physical power; it saves you a lot of time alongside and most importantly you don’t have to hire a gardener anymore.

In some cases when you decide to cut the hedges and notice that they are wet due the recent rain then a question often pops up in your mind if we can you use a gtech cordless hedge trimmer on a wet hedge or wait for them until they dry. If you are one of those looking for the perfect answer then let’s find out.

What happens when the hedges are wet?

A Hedge trimmer usually can’t tell a difference between a wet hedge and a dry hedge. It can cut through both of them but with little difficulty when you are cutting wet hedges. What happens is the branches become soft due to rain because they absorb water and a little difficult to break. You can easily tell this if you have tried breaking a wet and a dry branch. A dry branch breaks much easily as compared to a wet branch. Since it’s a hedge cutter it is made to cut through thick branches with ease. So, it can cut through wet hedges without any issue at all.

However, there are some safety and maintenance tips which you should always follow before start cutting wet hedges. It will make your experience even better and help last your device much longer.

Some tips while cutting wet hedges

Make sure the teeth are sharp – Cutting wet hedges reduce traction between the teeth and the branch and become difficult to cut through. When the teeth are dull the traction reduces even further and if you continue using dull teeth then eventually it is going to bent or damaged easily and then you have to spend extra money to get them replaced. So, make sure the teeth are sharp while cutting wet hedges.

Properly lubricate it – A proper lubrication will make sure that the water will not enter any of the sensitive parts of the trimmer and prevent it from getting damaged. Water can also reduce the mobility of its motion and can create an issue for the gears inside the hedge trimmer. To apply lubricant, use a rag so you don’t cut your fingers from the sharp teeth.

Protection Against Rust – Water left on the teeth can oxidize the metal and start building rust on it. Especially when you are cutting a wet hedge after a rain. To ensure there is no problem later on always clean your trimmer teeth with a dry rag and let it dry in the sun after using it. Lubricants to protect them against rust are also not enough so don’t just put them away after using.

Follow safety precautions – There a couple of safety precautions everyone should take while using a hedge trimmer to cut wet shrubs so it also protects them from injury. Use goggles and gardening gloves if possible while cutting hedges. What happens is sometimes while trimming hedges small pieces of branches might hit your eye.

The possibility is very less but still, it’s better to use protection rather than losing your eyesight. The same goes for wearing gloves. If you accidentally hit the trimmer teeth while it’s running then it might give a small cut in your hand.

Ensure your hands are on both sides of the handle while using the hedge trimmer and use protection whenever possible. Lastly, you should wear booths which have good traction. Due to rain the ground also becomes wet this means you can slip on it easily and trimmers don’t usually come with an emergency braking system.

Most importantly, never work alone. There are a lot of unfortunate things which can happen while using such appliances so always keep someone alongside so they can watch and helps if something wrong happens.

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