When it comes to cutting down trees and bushes, we often come across few appliances like a shear, Hedge Trimmer and Chain Saws. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages and they are suitable for different tasks. Hedge trimmer, on the other hand, is more popular among gardeners and farmers. They are cheap and makes the task very simple as compared to a shear. It is either electric or gas-powered and both of them has some kind of features. Hedge trimmer also comes with an additional attachment which makes it easier to reach higher branches, fast growing climbers and this is the reason why more of us prefer a hedge trimmer.

Now some people might wonder if they can but branches or not. Then this article is for you, we have the perfect answer to your question and the reason behind it.

Well, the answer is both Yes and No. Yes, in the case when the branches are rather thin and the hedge trimmer is powerful enough to get the job done. No, in the sense when the branches are comparatively very thick and even larger than the size of the blade of your Hedge Trimmer.

In this case, you cannot use a Hedge Trimmer to cut branches. There is a limitation set by the manufacturer and you can easily check them in the product manual about how thick branch your trimmer can handle. Always read the product manual and don’t try to cut thicker branches with it otherwise you will end up with a bent and damaged trimmer.

This is why a chain saw is made of. To cut through large branches and trees with ease. If your branches are large then never go for a Hedge Trimmer and instead buy a chain saw to get the job done.

How to cut thick branches with a Hedge Trimmer?

It is important to an owner to trim and cut the hedges or shrubs occasionally into good shape when they are overgrown and lose their shape. Many of us are not fit for the task of doing this. One must know how to proceed and also that it is a time-consuming task.

If you do have to cut down a hedge which has thick branches then follow this rule. Make the bottom wider and the top. Also, make sure that the lower branches of the hedge don’t hang below the top branches. It can prevent them from getting sunlight and they might die eventually.


There is no fit for all appliance right now. Chain saws are not best for trimming and Hedge trimmer are not best for cutting branches. Both of them are made for a different task and you should not try to use a hedge trimmer to cut down a branch off a tree. You can try but, in a while, you will realize that it doesn’t have even power to but down a thick branch. While a chainsaw can easily cut down the same thick branch.

At the same time, you will have some success when you decide to use a chain saw for trimming hedges but just after a while, you realize that it is not appropriate for the job and you will find yourself frustrated. It will instead push the bushes to the side instead of cutting them and they are also heavy and will cause your muscles to strain. It is also very dangerous for the operator to cut a bush with a chainsaw because small thin branches can be caught in the chain and interfere with the function.

Now how will you decide which one is perfect for the job you are looking for? Simply check the size of the branch you are going to cut. if it’s more than 1 inches then avoid using a Hedge Trimmer especially a Gtech hedge trimmer because they are too big to fit between the teeth. Try a brush butter and forest clearing saw instead because they can cut through a branch of 4 inches easily. When the branch is smaller than 1 inch in diameter then a Hedge trimmer is perfect for the job.

So, this is everything you should know about cutting a branch with a hedge trimmer. Let us know what you think and if you have more such queries then drop them in the comments below and we will be happy to figure it out for you.


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