To plan your project effectively about giving your home a fresh look would require a thorough understanding of the distinction between ronnovation and refurbishment. You do not have to worry, as you have come to the right place. Our detailed guide below will dive deep into the understanding of both terms, helping you make an informed decision while looking for house renovation in London or house refurbishment in Kensington.


Renovations, as the name suggests, include critical structural changes to a property, such as modifications to the layout, adding extensions, or updating the plumbing and electrical.


Refurbishment involves a less intensive process that is only focused towards the restoration or updating of the appearance and functionality of the house, such as painting, floor replacement, furniture restoring, or improving decorations. The main target of refurbishment is to keep the aesthetic and charm of a property while giving it a fresh look.

Difference Between Renovation and Refurbishment

Both refurbishment and renovation terms are used interchangeably, but the main difference between both terms can be explained through the guidelines below to provide a clear picture.

Planning Permission:

Renovations mostly fall under the category where planning permission or permits are required. It is also generally performed by professional experts to ensure compliance with local building codes and standards.

Most of the refurbishments are indoors and do not require any planning permissions or permits. Another main advantage is that they are mostly DIY projects and can be done quickly with a little bit of experience.

Time consumption:

Renovations are often large projects, which makes it more time-consuming than refurbishement. Take the example of adding an extension to the house, which will take more time as compared to painting the house or upgrading the decorations.

Intensity of Transformation:

The intensity of work involved in both types also makes them different from each other. As discussed above, renovation projects include a whole transformation of the property, such as complete basement conversions to add extensions to the house.

On the other hand, the only target refurbishment is focused towards is to refresh the look of the house and give it a new life by upgrading present elements in the home and making the house space more efficient.

Cost involved:

The cost involved in performing both types is also another critical difference that sets them apart from each other. Due to the detailed work involved, renovation projects tend to be more costly as compared to refurbishment projects.

Let us take an example of a home extension. Although the cost depends on the size and design of the extension, the average cost is estimated to be around £26K to £34K, which shows the high price range for utilising simple renovations.

Refurbishment projects, on the other hand, such as painting, only involve a couple of hundred pounds, and it can be even less if performed as a DIY project. Due to these reasons, refurbishment projects become more desirable with a limited budget.

Complexity of Both Types:

The complexity involved in both types also separates them from each other. Due to extensive construction involved renovation projects are considered more complex than refurbishment projects. The DIY status of refurbishment also makes them more easy looking to achieve, while for renovations, you will mainly require the assistance of architects and contractors to perform the job efficiently.

The complexity of projects also comes with complicated plans and schedules and will require more time to complete. Although most of the refurbishments can be done through DIY, it is still advised to involve professional expertise, such as Construct & Furnish London, for both renovations and refurbishments if you want to achieve the result at the highest level.


Before sitting on the choice for reshaping your home, it is advised first to understand both of the types in detail and their difference clearly. Furthermore, also decide your budget limit, range of the changes you want to make, time constraints, future plans for the place, and confirm legal limitations before starting your project. You can also select from two other types, restoration and remodelling, if refurbishment and renovation do not suit your needs.

If you are still unable to decide, please get in touch with Construct & Furnish London for your next house renovation or house refurbishment in Kensington, and we will assist you in making an informed decision that best suits your requirements. We are known for our thorough attention to detail and commitment at a high level to delivering exceptional quality and service to every client. Contact us today, and we will make sure that your journey toward a beautifully transformed home with us remains unforgettable.

James Whitman

James Whitman, 36, is a home improvement expert and DIY enthusiast. He has been transforming homes and inspiring home decor ideas for over a decade now. With a background in architecture, his journey began in the bustling streets of London, where he honed his skills in renovating classic Victorian homes. Specializing in sustainable and affordable home renovations, he has been a consultant for numerous television shows and contributes regularly to DIY forums and online communities. He is an avid hiker and uses his adventures in nature to inspire his home improvement ideas.

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