If you feel that your home is missing something, you are not alone. All smart homeowners understand that there is always a way for them to improve their property. Lately, water features have become all the rage among homeowners trying to spruce things up.

There are many reasons why the water features are not limited to outdoor settings anymore. Feng Shui experts suggest placing an indoor water feature in the wealthy corner of your home. It can be one of your motivations to consider this improvement project.

Here are some amazing water feature ideas that can spruce up your home.

Bubble Fountain

The sound of water bubbles can help you set the mood for relaxation. You can look for bubble fountains to add to your home. They come in various sizes and styles to suit the needs of every homeowner. This water feature has an air pump that can create bubbles and become a conversation piece.

You can add goldfish to your fountain to add to its beauty. A variety of fish can especially be helpful for homeowners living in an area prone to a mosquito attack. Goldfish are well-known for their love to feast on mosquito larvae.

If a bubbling fountain fits your vision of an ideal water feature in your home, find its ideal placement near an outlet. Otherwise, you may have to use an extension that can be unplugged easily. In addition, extensions can also be harder to hide.

Indoor Aquarium

Fish can be an ideal partner for someone looking for a low-maintenance pet. While you may not need to take your fish for a walk every evening, one of the most important things they require is a clean and hygienic home: an aquarium. A dedicated aquarium can be bliss for your fish and your mental peace.

An aquarium can help your fish thrive and allow you to relax with aquatic life at home. It is an ideal water feature for families with children. The fish can keep your children fascinated, and the aesthetic appeal of your home can boom in no time.

Indoor Waterfalls

Waterfalls are predominantly an outdoor feature, but you can also incorporate them into your home. It does not always have to be a tall structure. You can change the size and dimensions of an indoor waterfall according to the needs of your home.

Waterfalls are a visually appealing feature for your home that can set your home to the next level. Indoor waterfalls can provide numerous benefits for both physical and mental well-being with their calming sound and natural Inspiration.

Indoor Japanese Pond

A Japanese pond is largely considered an outdoor feature, but you can have a smaller version of it inside your home as an indoor water feature. It can be an ideal addition to your home for relaxation and boosting property value. You can sit by the Japanese pond to relax and meditate every day.

Many homeowners also consider turning their indoor japanese ponds into Koi ponds to become closer to aquatic life. Koi ponds are associated with calm and serenity. You can clean them easily to ensure that the fish are healthy and happy in your home.

Free-Floating Water Feature

Floating water features are a great way to add visual appeal to your home. A free-floating water feature is not all about adding to the looks of your home. It also creates aesthetically pleasing sounds that can instantly relax you and provide aeration for the water in the pond.

A floating water feature usually works with a pump in the center that sprays water into the air. You may need to locate it near a socket to keep it powered. It increases circulation within the water body, reducing algal blooms and a healthy life for your aquatic life.

Water Passageway

No one understands the importance of an indoor water feature better than the residents of a dry climate. From chapped lips to dry skin and irritation, there are several reasons why they want to look for ways to increase humidity in their home. An indoor water feature can play a crucial role in adding humidity to the air, yielding several benefits for your mind and body.

People who do not want an elaborate water feature in their homes are often recommended to add a water passageway. It is one of the most minimalistic mediums to increase the aesthetic appeal of your home, keep indoor plants healthy, and fight the aridity in the air.

Tabletop Fountain

As the name suggests, tabletop fountains envision people’s dreams of minimalistic water features in their homes and offices. These features can be your key to bringing back nature into your everyday life through the sounds of bubbling water.

The sound of water flowing has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety and improve focus. Since these fountains are often made with stone or ceramic material, they can mimic natural sounds, making you feel connected with nature.

The best part is the tabletop fountains are highly portable. You can place it on a desk, table, or shelf to create a calming atmosphere in any room. You can also take it to your room for meditation or to ensure good sleep in natural sounds.

Floor Water Fountain

Floor water fountains can be another unique and minimalist water feature option for your home. It is an elegant tool to make your rooms more elegant and create a soothing environment in any room. You can use this fountain to relax, meditate, and lay back.

The best part is that floor fountains are easy to maintain. You only need to refill water once every week or two to keep it running. You can opt for a more thorough cleaning simply by turning off the fountain, draining the water, wiping down the outside surface of the fountain, tubing, motor, and plumbing. It can seem like a lot of work, but you may only need to clean in depth twice or thrice a year.

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