The modern world relies completely on electrical equipment. To ensure its smooth functioning and performance, electricians are the people we look for. Those are the people who are essential for keeping this highly sophisticated world running by ensuring that important electrical equipment is in its best shape.

If you are an electrician, This article outlines the necessary tools you need while doing your job.

Voltage Tester

Voltage Tester

Voltage is the most basic unit of electricity. A voltage difference is what makes the current flow. A device must have proper voltage applied to both terminals for proper functioning. That is why a voltage tester from electrical supply companies is a must-have tool for not only electricians.

Before working on electrical equipment, it is a must to know that’s why an electrician should use a voltage tester to ensure proper safety and protection against a potentially dangerous electrical situation

Wire Strippers

Wire Strippers

To ensure proper connections and joints in an electrical circuit the cores(copper) of the wires must be properly connected.

If you have tried cutting the protective layer of a wire to expose its metallic wires, you must be aware of how hard it is, that is why it’s important to use wire strippers. These tools effectively cut a wire and reduce your time and effort, it’s also a lot more precise and neat.

Insulated Screwdrivers

Insulated Screwdrivers

Sometimes, when the situation calls, an electrician is required to work on live wires

To tackle this, one must use an insulated screwdriver.

These screwdrivers have handles that are insulated for protection against electric shocks to keep users safe in an energized environment. Insulated screwdrivers are available in many sizes and configurations.



This role requires a lot of handwork, and to make this easy, one must use a Plier.

They serve a range of purposes, such as gripping, bending, and cutting wires. From making connections to literally tearing stuff apart, a Plier can be used.

There are many types of Pliers: Diagonal, locking, and linesman, but the one famous among electricians is the combination plier due to its design and versatility

Circuit Tester

Circuit Tester

Electrical equipment has circuits that drive it, to make sure it’s safe and performing well it needs to be checked, for doing it Circuit testers should be used.

These devices use visual or audible signals to identify the presence of voltage, continuity, and other electrical signals in circuits. To identify and isolate issues in circuits a circuit tester is the best choice as it tests them for faults and abnormalities.

Fish Tape

To transfer wire from one place to another when working on installations or renovations. A specialized tool is needed as wire usually goes through small places, to help with this, electricians use fish tape. It’s a flexible tape wound on a reel made of metal or fiberglass.

Utility Knife

When working with different materials you need to have something to adjust any surface/design of the material to make it work out. Utility knives are the best-suited tools for this as they are designed to be versatile and convenient for a variety of commuting tasks. Some of these knives come with interchangeable blades and retractable designs for safety purposes.

Voltage Detector Pen

Unlike the voltage detector which requires direct contact with wires which can be very dangerous as it can be a live wire, A voltage detector pen works without having direct contact with the wires. You can run these pens over wires inside walls to check if a live wire is present or not.

Cable Cutters

From the name of it, These tools are used to trim/cut wires accurately to a desired length. Unlike regular wire cutters, a cable cutter is a high precision tool that produces reliable and polished results. By investing in high-quality cable cutters you can expect to have precise work done.


Having good lighting is like having a third eye, bad lighting conditions and all types of problems during work. A badly lit area is equal to working without knowing what you’re working on.

Most of the time in this work you will have to turn off the mains connection which will cause the lights to go off too, That’s why having a flashlight in your inventory is a must. A well-lit area ensures proper safety and quality of work done.


These tools are essential for achieving safety, precision, efficiency, and productivity. Having the right tools gives you the confidence and ability to meet the demands of your profession.

An electrician must use the tools the right way to achieve its maximum.

This field is full of dangers and requires utmost caution. Tools provide safety but don’t guarantee it.

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