Have you added ginger to your nursery recently, and now you are counting the days to see how much time it will take to grow? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Let’s find out. So, “How long does it take for ginger to grow?”

In this blog, we will answer all your questions and then we will dive into the fascinating journey of ginger growth, unraveling the stages it undergoes, and uncover the variables that influence its growth rate.

So that you not only find out the time it takes to grow but also come to know about its journey.

How Long Does It Take Ginger to Grow? A Ginger Journey

It takes around 8 months for ginger to grow. Let’s break down the timeline and various stages of ginger growth.

Phase 1: Planting the Seed (Week 0 – 2)

Planting the Seed

It all starts when you decide to put the seed into a container and create the right environment for growing ginger. Your journey begins when you plant ginger rhizomes in well-draining soil. These are the underground stems of ginger plants. Now, it takes about 1 to 2 weeks for ginger shoots to emerge from the soil. These will eventually grow into the plant’s foliage. That will start thriving. Remember at this stage that your plant has all the requirements in place. You can repot your plant at this stage so that it has space to grow. Make sure that you have kept the plant in a place where there is plenty of sunlight coming in. Also, make sure that the soil is healthy and you have added fertilizers into the soil so that it can prevent any kind of disease spreading across the plant.

Phase 2: Sprouting and Foliage Growth (Weeks 2 – 12)

Phase 2 Sprouting and Foliage Growth (Weeks 2 - 12)

Once the initial week is over, it is time for you to witness tiny green shoots breaking through the soil’s surface. These are the initial signs of growth. Over the next few months, ginger plants focus on lush foliage growth. You’ll see the plant’s leaves getting taller, reaching up to 3 feet or more. Till you can harvest the ginger, these green leaves will add greenery to your surroundings. These huge leaves signify the health of your ginger plant. As you patiently nurture your ginger, these vibrant leaves become a part of your interiors.

Phase 3: Patience (Months 3 – 8)

Phase 3: Patience (Months 3 - 8)

Now, with the initial growth you can see from outside, the next 6 months will be your patience test. In those months, ginger is a slow grower during this phase as it allocates energy to leaf development. The plant will be absorbing sunlight and nutrients, laying the groundwork for the development of its rhizomes, which are the prized parts of ginger. Be patient and give the plant time to grow and get all those nutrients.

Phase 4: Maturation of the Plant

Phase 4: Maturation of the Plant

Once around 8 to 10 months after planting, you’ll start to notice changes. They might be little, but you will start noticing them soon. The leaves might begin to yellow and wither, signaling that the plant is diverting energy towards the rhizomes. At this juncture, these ginger rhizomes have matured to their full potential, and the time is ripe for harvesting, offering you the beautiful opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your patience and care in the form of mature, flavorful ginger.

Phase 5: Time to harvest (Months 8 – 10)

Phase 5 Time to harvest (Months 8 - 10)

Drums roll, and with all the patience, you will finally be able to harvest your ginger. The timing of the harvest depends on your preferences. If you prefer milder, more tender ginger, you can harvest it earlier. For a spicier flavor, wait until full maturation. You can gently dig up the rhizomes, taking care not to damage them during the process.

However, the above phases are only valid when all the circumstances are in favor of the growth of the ginger.

Factors that Influence How Long It Takes for Ginger to Grow

  • Growing Conditions: Ginger thrives in warmth, humidity, light, and temperature play crucial roles in ginger growth. Mimicking tropical conditions is ideal for its ideal growth.
  • The quality of soil: To grow a healthy ginger, you need to have well-draining soil enriched with organic matter that promotes healthy growth.
  • Watering: You have to keep the soil water and soil consistently moist but avoid overwatering. Balance is the key here.
  • Type of Ginger: Different types of ginger varieties may have varying growth rates and flavors. Always keep this in mind while calculating the time it takes to grow a ginger plant.
  • The size of container: If you’re growing ginger in containers, choose a spacious pot with adequate room for the rhizomes. This will give them space to thrive and increase the speed of their growth.


The journey of growing ginger is an adventure full of patience and lessons. While it takes ginger around 8 to 10 months under optimal conditions to grow, each ginger journey is unique, influenced by a combination of factors ranging from climate to care. But the freshly harvested ginger is worth the wait. So, embark on your ginger-growing fun today. When you see the first green shoots emerge, it will all be worth it.

Hope the blog answers all your questions. If you have more such questions and want a detailed guide on how to grow and uplift your nursery, then follow our blog.

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