Horse racing is a popular sport of choice for many sports bettors. You may enjoy the thrill of watching your horse come in first place, shocking everyone in the crowd and knowing that not only has ‘your’ horse won, but you’ve gained some money.

Horse racing can be a fickle sport, and it’s impossible to guarantee your winnings. While you can’t guarantee more winnings, you can develop a system that gives you more control over your bets.

The Importance of Handicapping in Horse Racing Betting

Handicapping in sports betting is where bettors evaluate each horse’s chances of winning races based on a variety of factors. It could be their past performance, jockey and trainer statistics, and more.

It is a crucial practice that allows you to potentially make more informed horse racing bets. While you can find many reputable places to find information on which bets to place, it’s important to build your knowledge of the sport and the professionals as much as you can. Ultimately, you can be as informed as you like, but a “hunch bet” could end up being the right place.

Online betting tips can be a great help in guiding you towards bets you feel safer making. Having a mixture of different places to find your betting tips can be a wise move, as it furthers the chances of giving you an objective view of which bets most people are advising you to take.

As mentioned, you should learn to handicap your horse racing bets yourself, as well as rely on tipsters and websites. Studying past performances and following the sport more, in general, will help, as will analyzing track conditions ahead of the race, which can have more of an effect than people tend to expect. You could also consider jockey and trainer statistics.

Developing A Handicapping Strategy for Horse Racing Betting

If you want to start handicapping with your horse racing bets, then you’d benefit from having a strategy drawn up. It can be as detailed or as broad as you want based on your sports betting goals and how seriously you take it, but any bettor can benefit from a handicapping strategy of some sort.

For instance, you may plan to only focus on certain racehorse types and jockeys. Or on only types of horse tracks. You can narrow down your possible bets even further through an odds checker.

You could also draw up a spreadsheet for keeping track of your bets and your wins, trying to establish patterns over time through the data you build up.

It’s also important to keep track of your bankroll as much as you can. Horse race betting can quickly add up, and while you may want to focus on the act itself, it’s important to ensure you are keeping a budget in mind.

By following a group of online betting tipsters in the horse racing niche and setting up a handicapping strategy, you’ll avoid a lot of the mistakes many novice sports bettors make. You could also try a sports betting community to put you in touch with like-minded people who could point you in the right direction.

Handicapping In Horse Racing Betting

Handicapping can be an effective method for many horse racing sports bettors. It is important for any sports bettor looking to take the practice a little more seriously to develop a handicapping strategy.


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