Just like the name suggests, A water dispenser is something that dispenses water whenever you need it. You can also refer it to a water cooler if it’s also used to cool water. This is a very useful gadget which provides you easy access to drinking water. In most places, water is considered to be very cheap and instead of drinking water directly from the tap we prefer water dispenser. It is generally because the water dispenser comes with lots of features which we tend to like they can immediately cool or heat the water and it is very useful for a business, or even a small store. We also don’t have to deal with hard water which we get from the tap because we always have the option to use filtered water.

We can use filtered water from replaceable bottles which comes at a very low cost. Some water dispenser is connected directly to the municipal water lines and provide clean drinking water to the public for free. We can see some of these mounted in a public park or any other public place. While some water dispenser helps you to heat or cool the water. This article is all about how the water dispenser actually works and we are going to cover a few different types so you will get a clear idea of how things work.

Uses of Water Dispenser.

A water dispenser has become a necessary part of our life especially when we own a business or store. However, many people tend to use it even for household purposes.

A water dispenser can be useful for you in a lot of situations, suppose you own a business and you have to provide clean drinking water to your clients or employees. Instead of going through the hassle of getting a tap plumbed you can go for an easier option which is getting the best hot water dispenser. Just have a decent supply of the replaceable water bottles and you are good to go. Now your clients or employees don’t have to visit a store just to have clean drinking water.

It is also useful for those who don’t have a proper clean drinking water supply at their home and the tap water is not fit for drinking. Sometimes people also don’t like the taste of tap water when moving to a different city. A water dispenser is also very environment-friendly because you are not wasting using any throwable water bottles which creates a lot of plastic waste. As stated many times before the water dispenser uses a replaceable water bottle or fitted with a water line.

Types of Water Dispenser.

There are many different types of water dispensers available and each one has its own unique form-factor and functionality. We have wall mounted water dispensers as well as the one with the combination of the cooler but in the end, it comes down to two types. The first one is POU (Point of use) Water Dispensers and them one is a bottled water dispenser.

The Point of Use water cooler is generally mounted in one place and then the water is supplied to it through the water line or it is connected to the tap with the help of pipes. Sometimes these Point of use water coolers comes with an inbuilt water filter but most of us connect an additional water purifier to clean the tap water. In most of the cases, they feature the heating and cooling functionality and also helps to keep the water cold or hot.

The bottled water dispenser requires you to mount a replaceable bottle, you can get them by a delivery from vendors or you can pick one from the store. The bottles are typically 20 to 30 litres in capacity and there are a few different ways you can mount the bottle on the water dispenser depending upon the type. Commonly they are mounted on the top while some can be mounted at the bottom.

There is one more subcategory of the water dispenser which has a small water fountain. They are supplied by water through the pipeline and commonly found in parks or movie theatres.

How does water dispenser work?

Let’s take a look at how does a water dispenser actually works.

Bottled Water Dispenser.

These are the smaller and portable version of the water dispenser where the bottle of water is mounted on top or at the bottom of it. The function is very simple here, the water flows into the water dispenser and holds into a small water tank inside and when you press the button or open the tap, the water flows outside. It works with the help of gravity and vacuum pressure and that’s why a small amount of air is allowed in the bottle. In the case of a bottom-mounted water dispenser, it has a simple tube that sucks the water out and then flows through the tap. The bottom-mounted one is good for those who can’t lift heavy weights.

Point of Use (POU) Water Dispenser.

These are a large water dispenser which is placed at a fixed place or mounted to a wall and then supplied with water via the tap or the building pipeline. It also features the cooling of heating functionality. When you turn it on the water from the tube flows through it and then stored in the water tank inside the water dispenser. The water inside is then cooled or warmed and when you press the button or release the tap, it flows out with the help of gravity. Both water dispenser works on the same principle and the only difference is additional functionality and here you don’t require to fill the water dispenser with replaceable bottles.

Final Words.

The water dispenser is very popular because it is very convenient. Everyone requires water to stay alive and keeping yourself dependent on bad water supply is not the right move. You can choose the right water dispenser based on your necessity and it will add a lot of convenience to your life.

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