How To Clean Windows: A Simple Guide

Windows usher in the fresh scented air into your drawing-room. They also welcome the glimmering sun rays into your bedroom that prompts you to start your day. It is important that you take care of your windows and clean them frequently. Your windows might be subjected to dust and pollution from the vehicles on the road and white patches due to water or liquid spills from your retractable washing line. You have seen squeaky clean windows in professional outlets and you are wondering how to get your windows a crystal clear look. You would not want your windows to be layered with soot and stubborn smudges. It is true that cleaning windows can be a monotonous task. This article will give you a simple and effective guide about how to clean your windows like pros such as SwiftClean and certain tips you need to keep in mind while doing this task.

Things To Do Before Cleaning The Windows

  • Keep all the cleaning ingredients and materials ready

If you want sparkling windows you need to go all out for it. You wouldn’t want to stop midway and realize that you do not have some of the cleaning materials. All you need is a fresh cloth, a good sponge, white vinegar, fibre-free cloth, squeegee, a bucket of water, brush, and alcohol solution having 70% concentration. Once you get these ingredients you are all set to get shining windows which you see in hotels.

  • Prefer to do the cleaning on a warm cloudy day

It is important that your windows get ample time to dry properly after cleaning. Also, the cleaning solution mustn’t dry too fast on the windows leaving smudges and patches everywhere. Hence, a super sunny day is not advisable as your cleaning solution will not get the time to react on the window panes and dry faster leaving marks. On the other hand, a rainy day will play spoilsport for your cleaning activities. So it is better to perform Operation Clean Windows’ on a warm cloudy day.

  • Prepare the home-made cleaning solutions before you get started

There are a few home-made glass cleaning remedies that can work wonders on your windows. It is advisable to prepare the cleaning solutions before getting started with the task.

You can prepare 3 types of solutions:

  • A bowl of warm water and white vinegar mixed in equal proportion
  • A bowl of lukewarm water mixed with � cup of alcohol having 70% concentration
  • A cup of white vinegar heated to become lukewarm with no other additions

How to Clean Windows?

Here is a step by step process of how you can clean your windows and give them a sparkling look:

1. Rub off the dust and cobwebs with a clean dry cloth

Before you start using all the liquid wonders, please ensure that your windows are free from dust. You can use a plain clean cloth to rub off the dust and cobwebs from your window panes. You can also employ the assistance of your vacuum cleaner to remove every speck of dirt and dust from the windows.

2. Sponge the window panes with home-made cleaning solutions

Once your windows are dirt-free, you can start cleaning it with the home-made remedies that you have prepared separately. Dip the sponge into a solution of warm water and white vinegar. Squeeze the sponge to let out any excess liquid solution soaked by it. Start working on the borders first by rubbing the sponge across the corners and then work your way to the center. This will ensure that your windows are free from any mild smudges and stains.

You can also use a solution of warm water and alcohol to do this task.

Pro Tip: If you have stubborn and dark stains on your window panes then directly use white vinegar to do away with it. Heat 2 cups of white vinegar to make it into lukewarm temperature. Dip the sponge on this solution and directly rub it on the stubborn smudges. Your windows will be stain-free within no time.

3. Rub off the cleaning solution using a lint-free cloth

Once you have cleaned the windows with the solutions, it is time to dry them off. You can use a clean, lint-free cloth to simply wipe the window panes in vertical motions. Try not to use any cotton cloth which will leave fibre particles on the window panes. It is important that you smoothly wipe off the solution from the glass panes so that they do not leave any white stains on it.

4. Wash the window panes with water

After you are done dusting and cleaning the window panes with home-made solutions, it is time for you to give a final water wash to your windows. Splash a good deal of water on the window panes and then use a wiper in a downward motion to clean the windows. This will remove any remaining cleaning solution that might have remained on the window glasses. Finally, take a dry cloth and rub off any water that might remain after the wiping exercise. It is advisable to switch on the fan to speed up the drying process.

Tips to Ensure That You Get Gleaming Windows

  • It is better to use a spray bottle to apply any solution or water on the window panes. Spray bottles ensure that the cleaning solution or water gets uniform coverage all over the window panes without putting in excess on any particular area.
  • Stubborn stains like bird droppings, paint, or grease can be removed using alcohol solution having 70% concentration or lukewarm white vinegar. You can also use turpentine to remove paint stains from the window.
  • It is advisable to not make an up and down or a to and fro movement with the dry cloth or wiper while rubbing off the cleaning solution or water. Wiping to and fro with the cloth or wiper will leave water stains on the window. Make a single swipe from the top and repeat it one at a time.

These procedures and tips might sound like too much work but once you get started, the entire process will be like a piece of cake. It will be worth the work that you will put on your windows when you will see glimmering glasses staring right back at you and to make it more charming you can let some climbing plants run aside your window frame.


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