Coffee is a staple diet in British culture. This dose of caffeine is now a part of the daily routine for almost everyone in the UK. Numbers also show the same, as daily, over 70 Million cups of coffee are consumed in the country. But it leads to some problems as well.

Coffee grounds are one of the major wastes generated in UK households. Due to a large amount of coffee consumed, the is residue simply thrown away, thus a plethora of waste coffee grounds are sent to landfills.

Now, it is a well-known fact that improper disposal of coffee grounds is a major reason behind global warming. In landfills, which is the conventional destination of most of these coffee grounds, releases greenhouse gases, which ultimately lead to global warming.

Problems Caused by Untreated Coffee Grounds:

  1. Coffee grounds are generated in very large quantities, and it is hard to deal with it on such a large scale.
  2. When the coffee grounds are sent to landfills, it releases greenhouse gases like Methane. These gases are known to be responsible for global warming.
  3. Coffee grounds when exploited by pets, especially cats and dogs can be fatal for their health. Even small amounts of caffeine can cause the deaths of these small animals. Thus, if left untreated, it can be harmful for your pets, as well as stray animals.

Clearly, dealing with thousands of tonnes of coffee grounds seems to be impossible. But nowadays, a simple workaround method against this massive issue is coming out to be effective. This method is to use the coffee grounds residue to make compost.

But First, What Is Compost?

Compost is a type of natural manure, which is made by the decomposition of complex materials into simpler organic materials (that contain Carbon). Thus, in our case, coffee grounds compost is basically the compost (or manure) made by the left-over coffee grounds.

But Are Composts and Fertilizers the Same?

The difference between compost (or manure) and fertilizer is that compost is made naturally and does not have any harmful effects. On the other hand, fertilizers like Urea are manmade, and often have harmful effects on the environment in the long run.

Benefits of Coffee Grounds Compost on Your Garden:

Coffee grounds composting not only gets rids of excess waste, but it also rewards you with healthy plants in your house. Just like a gift by nature to save nature. Coffee grounds are good manure, this statement can be justified by the following facts:

  1. Amost 2% volume of the coffee grounds compost consists of Nitrogen. Nitrogen in the form of Nitrates and Nitrites is important for your plants to be healthy, and the coffee grounds compost makes sure to deliver it. Thus, it is good for your plants’ health.
  2. Coffee grounds composts are neutral in nature, unlike coffee. The majority of the acidic content of coffee is filtered out with water used while making it. Thus, the pH value of coffee grounds compost remains near 6.8 pH. It is really like the pH value of water.
  3. Many sources have claimed that the coffee grounds compost makes your garden free from slugs and snails. Thus, it not only makes your plants healthy, but it also ensures to keep your garden clean from certain pests.
  4. Moreover, coffee grounds compost also makes the structure of soil more rigid and improves its structure.
  5. Benefits of Coffee Grounds Compost on Your Garden

How to Make Coffee Grounds Compost Effectively?

Thus, there are no drawbacks of making coffee grounds compost. You get a healthy and clean garden, better soil quality, dispose of a major threat to the environment, and that too without spending a penny. So now we know the benefits of coffee grounds compost. We shall now discuss how you can make compost on your own.

  1. Clearly, the key ingredient here is the coffee grounds. Save up some good amounts of it by not throwing it away.
  2. Now, since you have collected a considerable amount of coffee grounds, lay it evenly on the ground, directly on the soil.
  3. Sprinke some water on it occasionally, and let it nurture.
  4. Now, cover the coffee grounds with a layer of soil, and add another layer of some decaying material, leaves, for instance. You can also use some other compost to cover the coffee as well.
  5. You can also keep adding more layers to compost. For the newer layers, use thirty-three percent each of leaves (or similar decaying material), coffee grounds, and grass waste.

Keep on mixing all the layers occasionally to make sure that everything decomposes properly.

Congratulations! You have made yourself coffee grounds compost. That too, without spending any money at all. Follow these steps to make the compost every time. Make sure to add sources of Carbon like leaves every time to speed up the decomposition. The manure made by it does not “expire” at all, so you can make as much compost as you want.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Composting Coffee Grounds:

  1. The compost made by coffee grounds is very beneficial. It can be compared to vermicomposting as well. While vermicomposting is the compost made by worms on organic material, coffee grounds compost essentially relies on coffee.
  2. You do not need to spend a penny to buy anything from the market, so it is a cost-effective way.
  3. You prevent the use of chemical fertilizers, which harms the environment, and your health as well, in the long run.
  4. By making the compost from coffee grounds, you help to tackle the mismanagement of this waste. You ultimately help in reducing waste from landfills.
  5. Further, by using it, you reduce the greenhouse gases from the environment. Which reduces global warming issues as well.
  6. Reasons Why You Should Consider Composting Coffee Grounds

  7. You also do a huge favor to the environment, while taking some good care of your beloved plants in the garden.
  8. Also, you might be saving some poor animals’ lives by reducing the amount of this deadly poison for small animals.
  9. Lastly, by composting coffee grounds, you will also establish as an aware and kind citizen, who prioritizes the environment and takes part in healthy culture.


Thus, there are only benefits behind composting coffee grounds. In this writeup, you were able to get knowledge on not only how you can compost coffee grounds effectively, but you also got to know why it is important to consider it, and what are its benefits.

Considering everything, you should at least give it a shot and try coffee grounds compost.

Alexie Morgan

Alexie Morgan is a renowned environmental specialist with over a decade of experience in composting and organic waste management. Holding a Master's in Environmental Science, Alexie has pioneered sustainable waste management practices. She has co-authored numerous research papers and articles and is frequently invited as a keynote speaker at international environmental conferences. Her passion for environmental advocacy is also reflected in numerous articles and speaking engagements promoting sustainable living.

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