Are you a student looking for ways to spice up your room? Has the size of your room limited your creative ideas in decorating it? Don’t give up just yet. This post is dedicated to providing you with inexpensive, creative, and innovative ways for you to decorate your small bedroom.

As a college student, your room should be as cozy as it is conducive. The thought, “do my assignment for me cheap,” often crosses the mind when facing tight deadlines or challenging tasks.

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With these tips, you can make your small student room look bigger and more beautiful than it is. Let us take a look.

Creative and Space-Saving Tips For Your Student Bedroom


Like anything great in life, planning is instrumental in this process. Jumping right in without weighing your options can be a time-wasting move.

This is because often, you can get stuck and realize you made a wrong move, and then you have to start over. You end up wasting both time and effort – which no one wants.

You should take some time to determine what you have and what can be done with it. The arrangement of your room, for example, is largely dependent on the layout of your room.

You should not just try to replicate a beautiful arrangement you found online without first considering the layout and size of your room.

Get a piece of paper, make your rough sketches, and take measurements if necessary. This rough draft is what will be your guide when you begin the heavy lifting.

Get The Right Gadgets

In the quest for enhancing productivity with homework, selecting the right gadgets is key. Here’s a list to guide you:

  • Compact Desk Lamp: Choose one with adjustable brightness and color temperature to reduce eye strain during late-night study sessions.
  • Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse: These are essential for maintaining posture and reducing wrist strain during long typing sessions.
  • Laptop Stand: Elevate your laptop to eye level to improve posture and screen visibility.
  • Digital Planner or Smart Notebook: Keep track of assignments and deadlines digitally, saving space and paper.
  • Multi-Port USB Hub: Maximizes the connectivity of your devices, especially if you have a laptop with limited ports.
  • Wireless Printer/Scanner: A compact model saves space and makes it easy to handle assignment printouts and scans.

These gadgets not only save space but also significantly boost your efficiency and comfort, making your student bedroom a productive haven for homework.

Reuse Items For Decor

A major challenge with small places is having too many things to fit in compared to the size of the space. One brilliant way to combat this is to have items serve a dual purpose.

That means you have a decorative item double as a storage item. You will be surprised to discover how much more space you can have.

Also, you can use furniture with multiple functions. An example is a bedframe, bedside stool, or table that also has space for storage.

This furniture has inbuilt drawers that can be used to store your extra items, so you don’t take up unnecessary space in your room.

If you can’t afford a multifunctional bed, you can also boost your regular bed with blocks so you can store some extra suitcases or boxes underneath.

Another great idea is to use your headboard as a storage unit. Rather than have a plain headboard, you can have mini shelves in it that can hold some of your items.

Maximize Vertical Space

This is another underestimated tip. When arranging, there is usually so much focus on horizontal space that vertical spaces are very easily neglected. A lot of space can be saved by effectively utilizing wall spaces.

You can use bookshelves, wall-mounted storage, and vertical organizers. Floating shelves and vertical desks are also brilliant options as they provide you with more floor space.

It is best, however, that you leave windows open and clear to improve natural lighting and ventilation.

Utilize Command Hooks

As a student, there are restrictions on the extent of changes you can make to your room, depending on your lease and landlord.

Typically, you are not allowed to make changes that have permanent effects on the room, and this is what makes command hooks a great option.

Command hooks are adhesive attachments you can use to hang items on your walls. This means you can easily hang posters, lights, and organizers without any fear of damaging your room’s walls.

Command hooks are also versatile, so you can get them in your preferred sizes and weight capacities.

Use The Right Colors

You may be surprised to find out the impact of colors on the size and feel of a room. In order to create an airy and open ambiance in your room, you should use neutral or light colors.

Depending on your preference, you can consider soft blues, beige, lavender, light yellow, and warm whites.

You can also incorporate accent colors to reflect your personality but be careful not to overwhelm the space. Monochromatic themes are also effective in creating an orderly and spacious feel.

In all, ensure your choice of colors reflects a cozy feel while also making your room look bigger.


Mirrors have a magical way of making your room seem larger. They create an illusion that makes your room look bigger, so they are highly recommended. Mirrors also add to the general aesthetic feel of the room, making it look more elegant.

You can experiment with different sizes and patterns of mirrors depending on the size of your room and your budget.

Use The Best Furniture Arrangement

Achieving optimum results when decorating your room depends largely on your furniture arrangement. Your major goal is to maximize space and attain a clutter-free arrangement.

You should prioritize furniture with round edges instead of square ones. Round-edged furniture creates a visually open and unobtrusive feel for small areas.

You should not underestimate the importance of strategic furniture placement when arranging your room, as it enhances both functionality and aesthetics.

Prioritize Lighting

Small bedrooms often do not have enough natural light due to the small windows they are constructed with. To make up for the lack of natural lighting, you need to focus on artificial lighting.

There are several options you can choose from in choosing functional and aesthetic lighting.

To save space, consider getting wall-mounted lamps that can be adjusted to different lengths and angles, providing you with multi-functional lamps. Fairy lights and string lights are also fantastic options, as they give your room a beautiful and cozy feel without taking up space.

Do Not Ignore Alcoves

Awkward spaces can be blessings in disguise if used properly. You can transform alcoves into a study nook or a stylish storage space. Utilizing these spaces provides an aesthetic feel and also improves the room’s organizational capacity.

Your Unique Space On A Budget

It is important that in all your decorations, you give your room a personal touch while maintaining a budget. If you are working with a strict budget, consider buying items from thrift stores, online marketplaces, and second-hand shops.

This allows you to save some extra money to buy more items or keep for rainy days. There are many thrift stores and affordable stores with lovely items in a fabulous state.

If you are more handsy and creative, you can also get to work creating your DIY projects to spice up your room. DIY projects give rooms a unique and personal touch since the items cannot be found anywhere.


Transforming your small student room into a beautiful yet functional room does not have to be tedious or bank-breaking. Applying these tips is guaranteed to help you get the best out of your small room.

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