Rental spaces in big metropolitan cities are small and look like shoe boxes. Dreaming of a bigger space means you must spare a big chunk of your salary for the rent. While you are just starting your career, spending on a more prominent space always seems like it needs to be solved. However, this shouldn’t discourage you from having an aesthetic house that makes you want to come running back each evening.

Smaller spaces may be trickier to style, but the challenge makes the process extremely rewarding. We have some fantastic tips for decorating small spaces and making them cozy. Dive right in for some out-of-the-box tips that will blow your mind!

Tips to Decorate a Small Space

Tips to Decorate a Small Space

Small spaces mean you get to have a cozy and inviting space. However, styling a smaller space with vertical corners can take much work to style or decorate. However, the following tips will make your decorating experience worthwhile:

Paint the Walls Bright

One of the most essential tips only a few people pay attention to is the wall color. A dark wall paint will instantly make the space look smaller and suffocating. Making a minor change, such as painting the walls brighter, can instantly make your room look much more spacious.

Instead of opting for a stark white color, you can select paint color from rich tones of cream. A cream-white color not only adds warmth but also screams elegance. While some calm tones and bright colors look good, they can remove a room’s coziness.

Add Extra Lighting

Add Extra Lighting

Bright, spacious, airy, and fresh are some of the elements that most people want to add to their living spaces. However, you don’t have to do much to make your space seem fresh and spacious. Extra lighting or, instead, choosing the right lights can create a world of difference.

Instead of installing white tube lights, you can opt for warm white focus and ceiling lights. They give the illusion that the room is a lot bigger. On the other hand, keep your windows open and hang sheer curtains to let more natural light in.

Use Multipurpose Furniture

When you have a smaller space, decorating it can be trickier as you need to maximize storage. Always choose slim designs rather than bulky ones when looking for furniture for small spaces. You can find a lot of furniture these days with extra storage.

Instead of a super modern coffee table, you can opt for drop leaf tables or tables with hidden storage. Get seats that have extra space to store shoes or miscellaneous items. Such furniture makes your living room look open while allowing you to maximize storage.

Don’t Hesitate to Use Plants

Don't Hesitate to Use Plants

Adding nature and greenery is one of the easiest hacks to make small spaces look more breathable. Adding lots of elements of green through indoor plants is an incredible hack to add more life to a living space. Plants can be challenging to maintain but add much vibrance to a house.

You can get indoor plants that are cheap and easy to keep alive. A plant is a great way to style vertical spaces, adding character and depth. If you cannot keep indoor plants alive, you can invest in fake ones.

Use Shelves for Extra Storage

Smaller spaces are trickier to decorate because you must think of the storage. If you have a lot of books and items you need storage for, shelves are a great way. There are a lot of shelves in the market these days that you don’t need nails to install.

You can pick renter-friendly shelves that do not require heavy machinery to install. You can keep your mug collection, books, candles, laptop, and even small planters on the shelves. Shelves are easier to clean and a great way to add dimension to a dull space.

Mix Different Colors and Patterns

Mix Different Colors and Patterns

Most people are afraid to play with colors and mostly keep their spaces neutral. While neutral home decor does look classy, it can get boring sometimes. If you don’t like colorful wall paint, you can add bright colors to your living space through many other elements.

Plants are the easiest option to add vibrancy to a nook that looks dull. You can add a colorful throw and textured cushions to your couch to give it more life. Add decorative books, candles, and small items to the coffee table to make it look classier.

Don’t Overcrowd with Too Much Furniture

One of people’s biggest mistakes with smaller spaces is being smart with furniture choices. Adding an oversized, chunky couch to a smaller living room can make it look busy. Opting for a small L-shaped sofa makes the living space bigger and neater.

If you don’t have the space for a TV console and a couch, mount the TV to the wall instead. You should always analyze your space before going furniture shopping and take measurements. It helps you make wiser decisions and choose furniture that fits your space the best.

Use Mirrors Wherever You Can

You only know the true power of a good mirror once you invest in one. Mirrors help you check yourself out and are great for reflecting light. If you have a smaller living space, try to add as many mirrors as possible; it will instantly brighten up the space and make it look bigger.

You should invest in floor-length mirrors instead of a small dressing table mirror. Standing mirrors are a significant new trend that is here to stay. A lovely, sleek mirror with gold or wooden trims adds a modern yet aesthetic look to a smaller space.

Key Takeaways!

If you are holding back from decorating your house because it’s small, you no longer have to. Converting a house into a home may be tedious but gratifying. Here are a few tips and hacks that go a long way in making your tiny house your cozy abode. Try the tips above!


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