Sharing a bathroom, especially the sink, can make mornings tough. Especially when everyone in the family is trying to get ready for the day at once.

What if you could make those busy times easier?

Imagine a bathroom with two sinks instead of one!

This small change can save a lot of time and make your mornings smoother.


A vanity unit with a double sink is the solution as it allows you to enhance the bathroom’s aesthetics and feel.

Let’s talk about the difference a double sink unit can make in a family bathroom. And if you’re planning to buy one, below are the selection criteria to keep in mind before making a final decision.

Standard Vanity Unit Vs. Double Sink Vanity Unit

Standard Vanity Unit Vs. Double Sink Vanity Unit

While shopping for vanity units, you’ll come across various variations meeting different criteria.

So, should you go with a double or standard vanity unit?

Before we delve deeper into discussing bathroom vanity units with double sinks, let’s understand key differences from standard vanity units.

Feature Standard Vanity Unit Double Sink Vanity Unit
Size Typically, available in size range from 500mm to 1000mm inches wide. Usually requires 1200mm width
Cost Generally, less expensive due to smaller size and less material. More expensive due to larger size, more materials, and potentially higher installation costs.
Sinks Single sink, limited to one user at a time. Two sinks, accommodating two users simultaneously.
Storage Limited storage space; suitable for one or two users. More storage space available, often with additional drawers and cabinets.
Space Requirements Requires less space to fit in Requires more space to fit.
Convenience Suitable for individuals or those with different schedules. More convenient for multiple users to use the bathroom at the same time.
Resale Value Can be sufficient for small families or single residents. May increase appeal to potential buyers looking for more amenity-rich family bathrooms.

When to Prefer a Double Sink Vanity Unit?

We now know the key differences between a standard and double sink unit. But when’s the best time to buy this unit type for your bathroom space? Whether a double sink vanity unit is the right choice for your bathroom depends on various factors.

Here I’ve highlighted a few points to decide if a double sink vanity unit the right fit for your space or not:

Bathroom Size & Space

The double sink vanities are larger and require more space than standard single sink vanities. Therefore, you will need to have additional space available in the bathroom to accommodate these units. Generally, they are suitable for medium to large bathrooms, but ultimately, it depends on your preference.

Multiple Users

Are you living with family or in a shared home where the bathroom is used by two or more people?

Do multiple users require using the sink at the same time? (such as couples getting ready for work)

A vanity unit (with double sink) can help reduce congestion and wait time while allowing you to get ready together. So, you’ll get to save time and cherish special moments, too, by adding a double sink vanity unit in your bathroom.

Storage Needs

Double sink vanities come with more storage space under the sinks!

If you need relatively more storage for bathroom essentials, then a double vanity sink unit can be a perfect option for you. Which means you’ll have more storage space in the bathroom area along with its time-saving features.

Resale Value

Real estate experts suggest homes with bathrooms featuring a double sink vanity make the space more attractive to potential buyers. If you are considering selling your home in future, consider installing a double sink vanity unit. And turn your regular bathroom into a luxury corner of the house, adding a few more zeros in potential buyer’s final offer.


Double vanities are generally more expensive than single ones, not just in terms of initial purchase price but also for installation.

Plus, these units may require additional plumbing work during the process!

If you’re up for paying more money, in hopes of adding a luxury element to your bathroom space, you won’t regret making this investment.

Future Needs

Are your future storage needs going to change in a couple of years?

Think about how it will affect bathroom use!

For example, if you’re planning to live with a partner or anticipate family growth, investing in a double vanity now might make sense.

Choosing a Perfect Double Sink Vanity Unit

Now that you know when you should buy a vanity unit (with double sink), let’s move on to the selection criteria. Keep in mind that the choice of a double vanity unit depends on various factors. But there are some general selecting rules that can help you select the finest option for your space.

Let’s discuss how you can pick the perfect double sink unit for your bathroom space.

Step 1: Assess Your Space

First start with measuring your bathroom to ensure it can accommodate a double sink vanity. Consider the layout and make sure there’s enough clearance for door openings, shower access, and other fixtures.

A good rule of thumb is to have at least 60 inches of space for a standard double vanity.

Step 2: Plumbing Evaluation

Does your bathroom plumbing support two sinks?

If not, you may need to make a few changes in plumbing to fit a double vanity unit.

It may involve extending water supply and waste lines. It may also require consulting a professional plumber to understand the scope of work and potential costs.

Step 3: Budget Planning

Thirdly, you need to consider your budget limits set aside for buying a new double sink vanity unit!

If your bathroom needs making changes to existing plumbing then the installation costs will increase substantially.

Therefore, it is crucial to set a realistic budget!

The costs should cover the vanity unit, faucets, countertop and any plumbing work you may require during the whole process.

Step 4: Design & Style Selection

There are various bathroom furniture design and style options available!

You must choose a vanity that complements the overall design of your bathroom. Plus, think about the material, colour, and style of the vanity and countertop.

Also, decide whether you want a modern, traditional, or transitional look. And select a unit that aligns with your taste and the bathroom’s aesthetic.

I personally found Royal Bathrooms extensive bathroom furniture range quite useful in terms of style and cost-friendliness.

Step 5: Sink & Tap Selection

Once you figure out the design and style preferences of your new double sink vanity unit, consider matching taps.

Decide on the type of sinks and taps that best fit your needs and style preferences as per your bathroom’s interiors.

Also, you must consider the material, shape, and size of the sinks. Choose the basin taps that match the finish of other metal fixtures in the bathroom for a cohesive look.

Step 6: Storage Needs

Next, you need to evaluate your storage requirements!

Think about the space required for bathroom essentials while you pick a double sink vanity unit. You may opt for a vanity with adequate drawers, cabinets, and counter space to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Step 7: Lighting Consideration

While you’re selecting a new double sink vanity unit for your space, don’t forget lighting!

Ensure that each sink area has adequate lighting for grooming tasks. You may want to install wall-mounted lights or overhead lighting.

Consider separate mirrors above each sink with individual lighting to provide ample illumination for each user.

Step 8: Ventilation Check

And lastly, you need to evaluate ventilation arrangements for your new double sink vanity unit.

Good ventilation is essential, especially with multiple people using the bathroom. You must check your existing ventilation system to ensure it can effectively remove moisture and odour.

Final Thoughts

And with this, you’re all set to select a new double sink vanity unit for your bathroom!

There could be various reasons for upgrading to a double sink vanity unit. A double sink vanity unit can be particularly advantageous for homeowners with children, partners, or parents living in the same household. Improving the bathroom’s aesthetics can also be a reason to install double sink vanity units.

However, you must weigh the practical benefits against the availability of space, budget, and personal preferences. And ensure that your new bathroom addition meets all your needs and expectations.

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