When your plumbing system is damaged to the point that it can cause harm to your property and health, it is known as a plumbing emergency. This can take place unexpectedly, causing frustration and anguish. Plumbing emergencies can result in expensive damage and create chaotic situations.

For instance, broken pipes during the harsh winter cold can lead to water damage to your property. Sewage backups can result in health problems and a prompt fix. Gas leaks are very hazardous and require immediate attention for the sake of safety. Overflowing toilets and clogged sinks can result in frustration and untidiness.

So, quick response and expertise are crucial in these issues to forestall them from getting worse and limiting their effect on your property. Although you might want to consider DIY fixes to rectify those sudden block drain or tap leaks, situations may occur when it is ideal to contact trained plumbers. Whether you are in Abingdon, Wallingford, Newbury, or Wantage, you will need a trusted plumber serving in these areas.

If you need a plumber in Oxford, you will find professionals with a proven track record, decades of experience, and a dedication to prioritising the needs of the customers.

With that being said, let’s go through things to consider when you have an emergency plumbing situation on your hands.

The Temptation of DIY Plumbing

It is not surprising for you to consider DIY plumbing fixes when there’s a plumbing emergency situation on your property. Besides, the internet is rife with numerous tutorials and easy DIY solutions, so you can easily attempt it, true?

Although DIY plumbing is affordable for minor problems, it is important to note its limitations and when to get in touch with plumbing professionals.

Limitations of DIY plumbing

Wrong diagnosis

Because you do not have the plumbing knowledge and expertise, it can be very dangerous to play around with your plumbing system. When you take away your plumbing component without understanding its function, then you might be creating more complex problems for yourself.

Professional plumbers will properly inspect and find the source of your plumbing system before carrying out the repair, and since they are well-trained, you can trust that they can accurately detect the problem with your plumbing system and carry out the appropriate solutions.

DIY plumbing projects are usually unreliable

While online platforms like YouTube and Wikihow can provide a rich resource of useful tricks, details, and strategies, a lot of these DIY techniques are largely inadequate when they are placed side by side with those utilised by trained plumbing professionals.

Professional plumbers have spent a number of years in training and apprenticeships to achieve their level of expertise and qualification, and they continue to go through licensing courses to upgrade their skills and stay abreast of the latest plumbing technology.

DIY projects won’t teach you how to properly use plumbing tools

While you can possibly buy pipe wrenches and other essential plumbing tools at a hardware store near you, accurate information on how to utilise these tools can’t be obtained by streaming a few videos on YouTube.

Professional plumbers are skilled in using plumbing machinery since they have invested time in learning the proper techniques.

DIY plumbing isn’t preventative

DIY plumbing is usually done in response to a sign of plumbing problems. This is why it is reactive. The work of professional plumbers goes beyond providing immediate solutions to the visible symptoms of plumbing problems. They assist you in making sure that your plumbing issues won’t return later on.

Money wastage

It is not uncommon to believe that DIY plumbing fixes are cost-saving, however, if you make a big mistake it can result in a costlier problem along the way. Incorrect DIY plumbing issues can negatively affect other components of your plumbing system. This doesn’t bode well.

Even though professional plumbing services may have a high initial cost, keep in mind that these prices are accompanied by total customer satisfaction and quality results. So, this means, you will possibly lose a lot of money by choosing the DIY plumbing option.

DIY plumbing is usually dangerous

Plumbing is quite hazardous. This might not be very safe for someone who is untrained to carry out plumbing fixes. You can possibly get exposed to dangerous chemicals, mildew, and other organism while carrying out a DIY plumbing fix.

Trained plumbers will also encounter these same conditions, however, they have gone through the proper training in relation to carrying out unsafe jobs.

When to Contact Professionals

Now you are aware of the limitations of DIY professionals, let’s navigate situations where it is important to contact emergency plumbing services:

Broken Pipes: A broken pipe can result in serious damage to your property. You have to quickly cut off the water flow and get in touch with professional plumbers for a fast response to forestall damage.

Sewage Backups: Trying to fix sewage backup can result in repugnant and nasty issues. It can cause a health hazard. Professional plumbers have the tools and experience to properly fix and take care of the mess.

Gas Leaks: If you think there is a gas leak in your property, it is important to quickly exit your home and contact us. Gas leaks are highly unsafe and demand urgent professional intervention.

No Hot Water: Inadequate hot water can upend your daily activities. Whether it is a broken water heater or complicated problems, our experts inspect and fix the issues as efficiently as possible.

Clogged Drains: If you can’t get rid of stubborn clogs with DIY techniques, it can imply that there is a very serious problem within your plumbing system. With the help of a professional plumber, you can fix and find solutions to the source of the problem, preventing it from occurring.

Frozen pipes: Due to the freezing temperature in the UK, frozen pipes can be a common occurrence. Trying to do a DIY fix can cause extensive damage. Professional plumbers have the equipment and approaches to fix frozen pipes and stop them from leaking.

Leaking Fixtures: Persistent leaks can result in a waste of water and costly bills. Professional plumbers can fix or carry out a replacement of fixtures to ensure efficient water use in your home.


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