Many of us enjoy kicking back with a video game from time to time. In fact, a recent poll by Statista showed that 56% of Brits play video games in their spare time. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best PC games out there that all have one thing in common: a pretty sweet theme.

From exploding candies to a cupcake catastrophe waiting to happen, these games all take the sweeter things in life and turn them into endlessly playable titles for PC.

Candy Crush

First on the list is one of the most famous games in the quick-play genre. Candy Crush is a popular puzzle game that asks you to match candies to make your way through the increasingly difficult levels.

You simply click to swap one candy with another, with the aim of making rows or squares of the same coloured candies. Once you make your matches, the candies are ‘crushed’ causing more to fall into their place.

It’s a simple concept, but endlessly playable. In part, this is thanks to the different goals and challenges that each level brings.

Not only do you need to crush those candies, but you’ll also need to collect special items, reach a certain score before time runs out, or clear obstacles that are in your way.

Feel like you want to get started? All you need is an Android or iOS mobile that’s been recently updated. Then, just head to the App Store or Google Play store to download the game and start crushing. Better still, you can connect with any of your friends who have the app for some healthy competition.

Sweet Bonanza

With a theme that’s sweeter than candy, this game from Pragmatic Play is a winner for anyone with a sweet tooth. Sweet Bonanza is similar in style to Candy Crush, but allows you the option to play for real money if you choose to turn off demo mode.

Sweet Bonanza is a slot game that invites you to spin the reels and see what you win. Unlike many slot games, it has a cluster pays system, which pays out when matching symbols are next to each other either horizontally or vertically (not just horizontally like classic slots). This gives you extra opportunities to match those symbols.

Each time you spin the reels, more sweet symbols find their way onto the pay grid. You’ll find candies and sweets, of course, but also some healthier options like watermelons, bananas, and other fruits.

If you’re just venturing into casino gaming, then Sweet Bonanza is a great choice. Slots titles are simple to get started with and there are thousands of different variants, so you never need to get bored.

Jessica’s Cupcake Cafe

Jessica's Cupcake Cafe
Fancy yourself a bit of a baker? Try this free-to-play baking game

If you like to get your teeth stuck into a game then Jessica’s Cupcake Cafe is a great choice. This free-to-play time management game puts you in charge of your own bakery.

You’ll need to talk to customers, find out what you can bake for them, and serve them delicious baked goods. You’ll need to become pretty efficient at customer service and cake creation, as the queue will start to stack up otherwise.

The further you progress in the game, the more people hear about your cafe. That means there are increasingly complex orders to fulfill.

While in the early days a simple vanilla cupcake would suffice, now that your cafe is established you’ll need to add sprinkles, floral decorations, and any number of other creative cupcake decorations.

If you keep maintaining customer happiness then you’ll keep getting paid handsomely. You can use this money to upgrade your equipment and even customise your cafe. This game really does offer you a cartoon glimpse into what it might be like running a small bakery.

Plus, the added difficulty levels, endless options for customisation, and cute recipe cards make this feel like the kind of game that you really ought to be paying for!

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