Around the world, different species of birds are across the globe in various seasons. The variety of bird species differ from place to place it depends on factors. It includes climatic conditions, food, water, etc.

Nowadays every house has a garden. Birds are like adding ice to a cake in the garden which makes any garden more attractive and beautiful.

Despite various birds across the United Kingdom there are set of birds that will make the garden into fairyland. To target birds in a home garden, there are some strategic methods to attract them.

  • Attract birds with food.
  • Choosing appropriate bird feeder
  • Birds’ friendly plants
  • Shelter for birds
  • Attract birds with water.

Birds Attraction by Food

Birds Attraction by Food

Any living organism on planet earth cannot live without food. To attract any kind of bird towards we or come to place food is the best and healthy technique. Food again differs from season to season.

One should ensure that no off-season food is in use to attract birds. Another thing to keep in mind is appropriate to use of food for targeted species. Peanuts, Mealworms, Seed mix, Fat balls, Sunflower Hearts are essential food used to attract different kinds of birds to our home garden.

Peanuts are effective as it has rich nutrients which attract a huge number of birds. This is effective in the winter season to attract birds like woodpeckers, Blue Tits, nuthatches, and small birds like Robins. Sunflower hearts are effective for small birds as they find them easy to eat which makes them healthy and fit. Blue tits birds are attracted by feeding sunflower hearts.

Fat balls which are cheese balls, meatballs are one of the most used approaches to attract birds into our garden. They can be used any day of the year to attract them. One needs to ensure that fat balls are in cold storage places to prevent any harm to birds.

Mealworms are used as substrate throughout the year to attract ground-feeding birds such as robins, wrens, and thrushes. One major advantage is this is served by own, and it is mixed with seeds, fat balls, etc.  One needs to provide food throughout the year as birds keep on visiting the garden every day. The day we stop feeding birds disappear from the garden.

Choosing Appropriate Bird Feeder and Its Position

Choosing Appropriate Bird Feeder and Its Position

Once we got the food to target a set of birds the most important thing one needs to follow is the effective use of bird feeder at the correct position. The position of a bird feeder in the garden is the decisive factor in whether birds get attracted or not.

So, one needs to be very careful while positioning the bird feeder. Each feeder used at place will attract that bird species. Bird feeders used in the UK to attract them are Bird tables, hanging feeders, dining stations mealworm feeders, suet feeders, ground feeders and even a window feeder for those living in a high-rise apartment block.

Chaffinches get attracted by using bird tables and hanging feeders. Safety is a priority to ensure that birds eat healthy food in a healthy environment. To do that one needs to do a constant check on the condition of the feeder used. Any action required needs to be taken before birds fly towards the garden to eat.

Feeders are placed away from fences, thorns, hedges, trees and shed so no predator cause harm to them. Animals like ox, cows should stay away from the feeding area.

Provide Birds with Friendly Plants

Provide Birds with Friendly Plants

Another easy way to attract birds to your garden is the use of bird’s friendly plants, trees, and shrubs at your place. As we all know birds get attracted to insects and flowers. By creating such atmosphere birds will come in huge number to have a nice time.

Berry-rich trees and shrubs like rowan, hawthorn, guelder rose and holly are all great natural food sources and help to provide shelter. Birds like Ivy and honeysuckle are attracted by using plants with more seeds like sunflower. By doing this your garden looks beautiful which attracts more birds.

Shelter for Birds

Shelter for Birds

One can attract a greater number of birds to their garden is providing shelter to birds. By providing a safe place to live birds can stay for a longer duration of time. This can result in birds producing baby birds which is a benefit. This is the best technique as birds are safe and secure from rain, cold, summer which keeps them alive.

Different kinds of bird shelters are in use for different species. The use of nested boxes at various positions away from predators attracts birds. One needs to ensure that the boxes used are in a safe place. They should not be in places where there are chances of direct sunlight, heavy wind flow, or huge rainfall. Birds like Robin, where are attracted by the usage of “open front end nested box”. They are positioned in a way they are hidden by herbs and plants.

“Classic small-holed nest boxes” is used to attract a variety of small birds across the UK. They contain small holes from which garden birds can enter the box. They are placed two-three meters away from a wall or tree.  Various other ways of shelter attract different birds. The shelter provided is clean, neat, and hygiene.

Attract Birds by Water

Attract Birds by Water

This technique is used to attract birds to your garden. Keeping a bowl of water at various places in your garden is enough to attract a massive number of birds. Utensils that are used are washed in a frequent manner to prevent any illness or harm to other birds.

Fresh and clean water is used in bowls. Water bowls are placed such that birds can drink water with zero difficulties. During winter one needs to take extra care so that water should not freeze because of temperature across the UK.

Above mentioned strategies are enough to attract a wide range of birds to your garden. One needs to follow all the precautions so that birds keep on coming to your garden.

“A garden with flowers, birds, trees are a sight to watch for”. This will take away stress from one’s busy lives and bring charm, romance smile in life. So, a garden with birds, plants, flowers is very essential for a healthy and prosperous life.

Ava Greenwood

Ava Greenwood, 45, is an acclaimed contributor to the field and the writings around wildlife and bird watching. With a Ph.D. in Ornithology, her expertise is backed by rigorous academic research and a deep-rooted passion for the natural world. Ava's work is a blend of scientific insight and vivid first-hand observations from her extensive travels across diverse ecosystems. Her action towards wildlife conservation and sustainable living inspires people, reflecting her dedication to environmental stewardship.

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