A Hedge Trimmer or Hedge Cutter is used to trim or cut the extra Hedges which is grown in your garden or the field to give them an attractive look. Sometimes they are also known as shrub trimmer or bush trimmer. Now for those who are not familiar with what a Hedge is, let me explain it for you. A Hedge is a type of fence or boundary made by bushes or shrubs which are grown very close to each other. It is very helpful to protect your garden from unpleasant weather and at the same time, it gives a nice look to your garden.

To keep them in shape you have to do some work, most people use a shear which is big scissors specially made to cut hedges but it takes a lot of time. Nowadays we have Hedge Trimmers or Hedge Cutters to make the task much easier. People often get confused between these two terms so we decided to make it easier to understand. Read along to find out what is the difference between a Hedge Trimmer and a Hedge Cutter and which one you should choose to keep your garden neat and clean.

Types of Hedge Trimmer and Hedge Cutter

Before we get to the point let’s first talk about some of the varieties of Hedge Trimmers and Hedge Cutters available in the market.

Electric – These are small and very lightweight and best for home and garden use. Shears consumes a lot of time and you have to do some hard work to get the job done. Electric power makes everything easier and it saves you a lot of time. You can cut through small hedges as well as thick branches with ease.

Cordless (Battery-Powered) – Cordless trimmers run on battery and requires you to charge them before use. They are as powerful as an electric trimmer and best if you don’t like wires hanging around. On a single charge, you can get this thing running for more than 2 hours depending upon the battery capacity. One of the best cordless you can buy right now is Gtech HT20 Hedge Trimmer

Gas-powered – These are relatively bigger and sometimes heavy than the electric and cordless trimmers and doesn’t require you to be connected to the plug all the time. They are also very powerful and great to cut thick branches.

Hedge Trimmers Vs Hedge Cutters – What is the Difference?

Hedge Trimmer and Hedge Cutters both are both used in the same way, to cut hedges. There seems to be no real difference and these two terms are created by the manufacturers to give diversity in their product. When it comes to cutting hedges, both get most of the job done and the when we refer to a Hedge Trimmer then the exact same thing can be referred to a Hedge Cutter as well. There’s another discussion where it stated that they are slightly different and either of these is used in a different use case.

Hedge Trimmer

A Hedge Trimmer as the name suggests is used for trimming. There’s a practical difference between trimming and cutting. Trimmers are used for lightweight tasks. When there is a small amount of bush and the branches which needed to be cut. The branches are usually thin and don’t require much power. They are great for evening out edges and many other light functions.

Hedge Cutter

A Hedge Cutter is used for more heavy tasks. When the bushes have grown a lot then the Hedge cutters are great for the job. Here, the branches are thick thus they are more physical and requires more strength than the one where Hedge Trimmer is used for. These are great for cutting large area and heavy-duty tasks.


So, there is no difference between the two terms Hedge Trimmer and Hedge Cutters. When it comes to keeping your garden neat and clean both get the job done. Both these terms are used in the same way but the Hedge Trimmers looks feels very modern and great for finding the product online, when you search for Hedge Trimmer you will always get the right product you are looking for.

Are they great for cutting hedges and should you buy one? Yes, they save a lot of effort and time and makes the task much easier. One thing I would like to suggest is to buy a cordless trimmer with an extension cord. These two alongside are not so expensive and can cut hedges with more precision.


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