As the sun begins to rise and there is light, it comes time for your garden to showcase distinguishing colors that please your soul. If you are here, it probably means that you are a fellow plant lover. Regardless of what kind of garden you have and how much space it covers, you can always make it stand out and bloom with colors by getting the right plant. The first rule that you must have heard is to go for evergreen plants, and we are here to stand in support of the suggestions.

Shrubs are a gorgeous, low-maintenance type of plant that you will fall in love with.

Let’s get you started with the garden setup with beautiful red-leaf shrubs that grow throughout the year.

Shrubs with Red Leaves – All Round the Year

If you are a plant lover, you probably are an autumn lover as well simply because of the beauty you see in your garden during Autumn. It is time you bring those enchanting colors in every season with these red-leaved shrubs.

1. Hazel

Popularly known as the Red Majestic, you haven’t seen the true essence of shrubs if you do not have Hazel in your garden. Its crinkly texture paired with burgundy red color is enough to hold you captive. Intertwined branches create a unique appearance. What makes Hazel truly majestic is its shift of colors in every season, and it never fails to intrigue. Your garden will bloom towards the end of winter when Hazel turns into a purplish-pink.


They are easy to grow and maintain and reach up to 4 mm in height, making them the finest leaves shrub.

2. Sand Cherry

As pretty as the name sounds, Sand Cherry is a treat to your eyes. This low-maintenance plant grows smoothly in a variety of soil types. They do not grow too tall, and it is the compact appearance that makes Sand Cherry magical.

Place these gorgeous plants amongst greens to add that perfect splash of tint to your garden. They showcase deep red to puSand Cherryrple colour with soft-looking leaves.

What will make you jump to the plant is its pink cherry flowers that bloom every spring.

3. Red Robin

Being a plant lover, you must have heard about the legendary Red Robin. Famous for being a fencing shrub, its enticing purple-red color will make you understand all the hype. Red Robin has a versatile nature that makes it both a shrub and a tree. You are free to choose the length and color changes. The plant blooms with little white flowers to enhance the charm.

Red Robin

Additional Tip: Red Robin is prone to mingling into a green color as it matures. Focus on periodical pruning to maintain that red beauty in your garden.

4. Diablo Ninebark

A rather hidden gem that will turn your garden into a pleasing beauty like no other is Diablo Ninebark. Diablo has unmatchable visual appeal, featuring a pretty deep red color. The plant comes to its maturity with blooming cherry-like white flowers in the summer that will make it hard for you to turn your eyes away. Compact and low-maintenance characteristics make it perfect if you love plants but resist tedious gardening.

Diablo Ninebark

A stunning addition to your garden, Diablo has the capability of making your garden a magical landscape.

5. Smoke Blush

Another red-leaf shrub that plant lovers can not get enough of is Smoke Blush. As the name suggests, it creates a unique smoky appearance with a highly pigmented red color. Smoke Blush grows up to 2 mm but creates an illusion of a thick, bushy shrub- Something that every garden needs.

Smoke Blush

It is a perfect addition to any garden that needs a pop of color without having to put in a lot of effort.

6. Japanese Barberry

There is close to zero possibility that you have seen a garden of a plant lover without Japanese Barberry. This does not make the plant common. Rather, it showcases the love it gets. Apart from the traditional Barberry, you should go for Japanese Barberry if you want your garden to have perfect splashes of red and purple tints throughout the year.

Japanese Barberry

As spring approaches, you will be blessed with a hue of butterfly yellow essence.

7. Wine and Roses

Let’s end it with the classic Wine and Roses, commonly known as nature’s prettiest child. As the plant grows, it starts to bloom with deep red pigmentation that keeps getting better each season. Easily available and grows well in different types of soil, you can not go wrong with Wine and Roses.

Wine and Roses

Wait for its pink-blossom clusters to truly fall in love with the plant.

Round Up!

Being a plant parent and lover, it is hard to pick favorites, but we have tried to find the prettiest red-leaf shrubs that grow well with all skill levels. Bringing evergreen plants does not mean you have to go for greens every time. These captivating red, burgundy, and purple shrubs will win your hearts and turn you into an obsessed plant parent- nothing to complain about here.

You might have come across multiple gardening tips, but they only work when you bring home the right plant that tends to bloom naturally in the said climate and soil type.

Here’s hoping your garden blooms with the prettiest shades all through the year and you have plants to gaze at every evening.

Charlotte Harding

With a rich career spanning over the period of decade, Charlotte Harding is an authority on the health benefits of plants and general wellness. She holds a BSc in Biological Sciences (Plant Science) from the University of Edinburgh and a Master's in Public Health from King's College London. She brings a unique blend of academic knowledge and real-world experience to the realm of plant-based health and wellness. Beyond her writing, Charlotte is a yoga enthusiast and a passionate advocate for sustainable living, often sharing her insights on eco-friendly lifestyle choices.

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