With the immense popularity of online casinos and gambling sites, keeping players safe from addiction becomes more challenging. That’s the very reason so many responsible gaming mechanisms and schemes started to appear. And GamStop is one of the most known self-exclusion schemes specifically designed for players who want to stay off gambling for some time.

After players register on the program, they will lose access to all UK-registered online gambling sites, and all their current accounts will be suspected. However, even though GamStop has helped many people with problem gambling, it still has some drawbacks, the key one being the inability to opt out before the self-ban ends.

Many users who regret their decision and feel they are in perfect shape run into a huge problem, as it is impossible to get back to action after signing up with the program. Hence, the need to find a reliable way to reverse GamStop exclusion comes to the first plan and people start looking for advice online. Even though there are other self-exclusion programs, the mechanism behind a person willing to reverse self-imposed restrictions remains the same. So, the essential thing is to understand the reasons for that. Let’s have a look.

Subliminal Reasons Why People Try to Cancel GamStop

Many players feel intimidated by the strictest security measures implemented by GamStop to keep the self-exclusion periods for users. No matter how essential the safety of users is, there are some legitimate reasons why they want to end their self-exclusion period. The most common reasons include the following.

Withstanding Long Self-Exclusion Is Too Hard

Once you register at GamStop and fill in your details, such as name, address, country, birth date, and so on, you will be asked to choose your preferred self-exclusion period. In general, there are three main options you can make your pick from – self-execution from all gambling sites for 6 months,12 months, or more extended periods of up to 5 years.

The last option is the key one causing all the troubles: during this period, people make the most attempts to get off, register at non-GamStop casinos, browse online resources for help, and so on. Why? During this time, the main part of players find themselves regretting the decision made and want their accounts back.

Moreover, though GamStop allows players to join the program themselves, enrolment in the site by other people can happen too. For example, in some cases, players are pressured into self-exclusion or even have their information and personal details submitted by a friend, family member, or partner without direct permission.

In all these cases, while the intention is good, they still are against the GamStop terms and conditions. That’s why the necessity to cancel the program becomes quite reasonable.

Social Pressure Followed by a Change of Mind

Accidental self-blocking is not the only reason people look for effective ways to maintain access to online casinos. Sometimes, the player who has already self-excluded himself for a certain time feels like starting to play again. At other times, some gamblers join the GamStop platform since everyone else does so. No matter the reason they decided to register at the scheme, it’s possible to have a change of mind eventually. This is one of the reasons why the number of GamStop users is rising at first, but then many of them start looking for ways to undo their self-exclusion.

When this change of heart happens, they find themselves trapped because they are already a part of the program. As such, they are banned from accessing and playing at any UK-based online casino for a specific period. This is precisely when they begin to look for other options to help cancel GamStop’s limitations and restrictions.

Craving Strong Emotions in Daily Life

The next legitimate reason to cancel GamStop for many players is their initial goal and intention when they first start gambling. Why do most people join online casinos and immerse themselves in gambling? Because playing casino games is thrilling and adds excitement to their daily lives.

However, after signing up at GamStop and being banned from any legitimate casino site, it becomes impossible to gamble and experience these emotions again. They want to bring back all the emotions and fun found only in gambling.


Starting a self-exclusion period with GamStop or another similar program is one of the best tips and advice that can be given to problem gamblers to help them protect their mental health. Although there are various good and legitimate reasons why people start self-exclusion, sometimes they begin to seek ways to cancel it even despite the dangers of uncontrolled gambling. There are many alternatives they can put into practice to try to cancel their GamStop period. However, before you try to find effective options, it’s essential to dive deep into the possible reasons why you want to start gambling again.

Is it because you are bored and want some fun pastime? Have you accidentally chosen the wrong self-exclusion time? Or was it a decision made in a hurry? If your reason is unharmful and doesn’t include some problematic situations like addiction or a way to escape from reality, then there is nothing bad about trying to cancel GamStop restrictions.


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