Do you admire the perfectly landscaped backyards and gardens of the super-rich? You may have noticed that most of their backyards have a garden pond.

Well, if you thought that they hire skilled landscapers to build these garden ponds, you are only partially right. You can build those beautiful garden ponds in your backyard in 8 easy steps.

While DIY enthusiasts might enjoy the challenge of building a garden pond, those seeking a professional touch can rely on experienced pond contractors who specialise in bespoke designs and installations, ensuring your garden’s aesthetics and functionality are perfectly balanced.

How to Build A Beautiful Garden Pond?

Indeed, there are eight easy steps to build a garden pond. They are explained in more detail below:

Location Is Key

You must have come across the old catchphrase, “location, location, location is everything”; you should know that it applies in this situation. Did you know that location is very important if you want to build a beautiful garden pond?  Yes, it is because everyone who comes to your backyard will notice and give you compliments.

For best results, you want to choose a wide-open space in your backyard. Yes, your pond will look nicer if you surround it with different species of delightful flowers, trees, shrubs, and grass. But remember that these flowers will shed their petals, and the trees will shed their leaves into your pond.

Furthermore, debris from the shrubs and grass will end up in your pond. So, you should build your pond with adequate greenery only if you wish to maintain your pond. Otherwise, the debris will look like a sore spot in your backyard.

Large Ponds Look Nice, But You Want to Go with A Small, Round Pond in Most Instances

If you are wondering why small and rotund is better; the answer is because it looks tidy (and of course, is easier to maintain and manage.) A large pond will look overbearing if you have a small backyard.

Additionally, a small round pond will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your backyard. It will also make for an excellent conversation starter whenever you hold backyard barbecues and pool parties.

Remember the Golden Rule for Pond Size

Yes, there is a golden rule for pond size. If you dig a pond of a certain width, height, and depth, it will look fine in your backyard. The general rule of thumb is building a pond, that is 6 to eight feet long, 1-2 feet wide, and 2 feet deep. Now, remember that you can bend the location rule a bit. You can plant greenery around your pond.

Just make sure to do so sparingly and space the shrubs and plants out. You can bend this rule if you build a ‘shelf’ or a depression around your pond. This depression will ‘catch and hold’ all debris that your greenery may shed throughout the year. This action of cleaning translates into less work for you in terms of maintenance and cleaning.

Be Sure to Make the Pond Waterproof

It may seem strange to waterproof your pond. After all, isn’t it supposed to hold lots of water? But it is necessary if you do not want the bottom of your pond to absorb too much water. This absorption will make it soggy, and bog-like.

If you are not careful, you may even end up with a swamp in your backyard. This swampy area will be unpleasant since it will attract mosquitoes and other species of unwanted insects and critters. Now, since you are creating an outdoor pond and not waterproofing a section of your house or garage, you cannot paint the bottom of your pond.

It will do you no good. What you can and should do is line the bottom of your pond with a waterproof tarp. It can be of any color, but a deep blue color is ideal since it will reflect the natural hue and tone of water.

Be sure to firmly affix the tarp to the outside areas of your pond, or else it will wash away when you fill it with water. This washing away will defeat the entire purpose of waterproofing your pond. If you are wondering where to buy this tarp, you can easily find it at your local gardening store like Lowe’s.

Filtered Water Looks Perfect

So filtered water has more uses than just drinking water. If you filter the water in your pond, you will have a more attractive-looking pond. This attraction is because your pond water will look clean and smell fresh. However, be sure not to drink this water.

Since it lies outside, it can easily pick up and carry invisible germs like listeria. Remember that the location is the most significant aspect. There is another reason why you would want to filter your pond water. If you are like many people, you love to keep fish in your pond. Well, fish will not survive very well if your pond is full of dirt, algae, and other debris.

If you want your fish to live for a long time, you need to make sure that your pond water is always clear and clean. Placing a water filter in your pond is the only way to do this. A bonus is that filtered water will leave the fish healthy enough to fry for a good snack.

Fountains Look Great Adjacent to The Ponds

You can add a fountain either in or next to your pond to beautify it further. It will also serve another crucial purpose. That is to ensure that your pond is always full of water. It would be wise if you ideally choose a fountain that recycles pond water for the best results. Be sure to chlorinate the water constantly if you add wildlife to your pond, like fish.

Decorate Your Pond

Do you remember the old saying that “a bachelor’s degree looks nice but a master’s looks even better?” Well, the same logic applies to pounds. A pond looks plain without decorations like fish, plants, pebbles, stones, fountains, statues, etc…

These embellish a pond like advanced degrees embellish a person’s educational accomplishments and make them look better. When you decorate your pond, be sure to incorporate plants, pebbles, stones, fountains, fish, greenery, statues, etc. of different sizes, shapes, textures, and colors.

This variety will create the diversity that will make your pond stand out and look beautiful to anyone who sees it. A bonus is that it will beautify your backyard.

Remember That Winter Will Come, And It Will Be Cold

While we all know that cold weather will arrive in your backyard, it may not be necessary that it will kill off anything living in or near your pond. This anticipation is especially true if your pond is prone to icing over during the wintertime. You can guard against this by installing a pond de-icer.

Building A Pond in Your Backyard Is Not Rocket Science!

Indeed, if you have some Internet savvy and creativity, you can build a beautiful garden pond. You also need to follow the eight easy steps to build a garden pond that this article discussed.

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