Virtual sporting activities took center stage when physical sports were suspended for some time in many parts of the world. However, virtual sports like eSports have been around for a while. Their rising popularity has attracted the attention of new betting sites UK which host virtual games and also allow punters to put a stake on them. There have been studies and reports that revealed that the industry is projected to keep growing. In this article, you’ll learn more about the rise of eSports and Online Competitive gaming.

A Look Into the Rise of eSports and Online Competitive Gaming

Technology Is a Key Driver

Critical technological advancements have fuelled the rise of eSports and Online competitive gaming. Some of the technologies that have played a significant role in the industry’s rise are Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Gaming providers are slowly integrating these technologies into their products like gaming chairs, helping them enhance user experience.

The companies use AI to guard against cheating in events. The technology also helps in facial recognition and production of more personalized and immersive content. Online competitive gaming has also significantly benefited from the availability of high-speed broadband, making it easy to connect gamers from around the globe.

Smartphone penetration has also helped increase the participation of the masses in competitive online games, with streaming companies also taking advantage and availing these sports to fans on their devices. These technological advances have enabled what started in China, Europe, South Korea, and the US to become a global phenomenon.

Professional Gaming

Even though eSports has been around for some time, professional gaming was introduced not more than a decade ago. The rise of professional gaming was partly promoted by the availability of high-speed internet and infrastructure. Nowadays you can eve watch esport tournaments online and learn everything about the last games and the best teams visiting websites like this.Some professional gamers were initially locked out of lucrative global competitions due to lack of proper infrastructure. But, as these technologies become more accessible by gamers worldwide, regions that were isolated like Africa have joined the bandwagon.

Gaming is no longer a leisure activity teenagers participated in with their neighborhood friends. Currently, competitive gaming is a big-money industry attracting millions of supporters from around the globe who plays all these games in their television, tablets, personal computers etc. Professional gamers are also making vast sums of money comparable to salaries earned by other elite athletes. Because of the money involved, online gaming and eSports are attracting a lot of attention from viewers and gamers worldwide.

The Future of Esports and Online Competitive Gaming

The challenges traditional sports have encountered in 2020 have helped propel the gaming industry to the next level. Most people turned to online gaming and eSports to take care of their sports needs. You should also expect to see the continued development of an ecosystem around traditional sports.

You should also expect to see a rise in TV broadcast hours of key eSports events. As things stand, nothing can stand against the rise of eSports and online competitive gaming. There will be a continued increase in the sports’ competitive nature, especially with the money at stake. More sponsors will join in, and the global viewership will rise even higher.


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