If you’re an Airbnb host or planning to be one, then starting by keeping a clean place will help you receive glowing reviews. According to Airbnb data, a lack of cleanliness is one of the top reasons for negative reviews. Cleanliness directly translates into positive customer reviews and consequently increased occupancy.

You can never afford to skimp on or neglect keeping your Airbnb accommodation spotless. The effort, money, and time you put into this assist you win the respect and loyalty of your visitors. Try these Airbnb cleaning tips from Clean-Corp hosts, or hire the best cleaning service for Airbnb to ensure that your place is sparkling clean.

Deep Clean Your Property

You will want your home to be pristine for both you and possible visitors. You wouldn’t stay in a disorganized hotel room; therefore, the same rule applies to how you set up your Airbnb home. You’ll likely be competing with hotels, so don’t give your customers an excuse to change their reservations and book somewhere else.

In addition to the typical cleaning and vacuuming, you should make sure that all the waste is taken out, the bedding is changed, and the appliances and surfaces are cleaned. Never combine bleach and ammonia, and put on safety gear like rubber gloves and closed-toe shoes.

If you have a yard, you must also maintain it. This covers any gardening, lawn care, or pool upkeep. Clean your house for Airbnb to make sure that your property is in the best condition.

Keep a Stock of All the Amenities

Like any hotel or motel, you should maintain some amenities on hand for visitors. For instance, clean washcloths and towels should be provided and changed out or laundered between visits. Similarly, if utilizing reusable bottles, items like soap, shampoo, and detergent should be changed or topped off.

It is also essential to keep additional pillows and blankets on hand. Also included are other paper goods like tissues, paper towels, and toilet paper.

You could also think about providing your visitors with an iron and ironing board, a teapot, basic kitchen and culinary utensils, coffee, and tea. So that visitors can use the washer. Don’t forget the laundry detergent.

It’s also a considerate gesture to keep a supply of bottled water on hand, so visitors aren’t forced to buy their own or use the tap. Although many of these goods are typically present in hotels, they are not necessary.

These amenities will probably make a renter’s stay much more convenient, and you’ll probably get better reviews and ratings for going above and beyond.

Perform a Maintenance Check

Cleaning is followed by this step, which is equally crucial to remember. Maintaining your home properly can assist in stopping visitors from calling you in the middle of the night to report a problem. Therefore, replace HVAC filters frequently, inspect lighting and appliances, and test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Check for leaks or obstructions in all plumbing as well.

The exterior of your home should also be inspected at this time, not just the interior. Check your drainage or irrigation systems, clean out your gutters, and go over your roof and foundation. Although it’s advised not to judge a book by its cover, in this situation, first impressions do count, and the outside of your home is what visitors will notice immediately.

Keep Personal Items Away

This may be your home, but while they are here, it belongs to someone else. Additionally, they might not want to see pictures of your children all over the place. In addition to being risky, leaving your personal belongings out can make visitors feel less welcome.

So, save any sensitive data, pictures, jewelry, expensive electronics, etc. Additionally, you should make room in a closet or dresser for visitors’ belongings.

This does not, however, entail decluttering your entire home. As long as it’s done correctly, leaving out some items, like movies, books, and magazines, is tasteful. On the fridge or coffee table, you can also lay out pamphlets, a list of the area’s best restaurants, or emergency contact information.

Focus on the Kitchen

Due to its high concentration of filth, stains, oils, and moisture, the kitchen is sometimes the most difficult room in a house to keep clean. Consequently, one of your main tasks should be to thoroughly clean the kitchen.

Here are some Airbnb cleaning tips to follow to keep your kitchen in its best condition.

  • Find every stain, piece of food, and oily residue in the kitchen and clean it using a multipurpose cleaning product.
  • Make sure all food leftover from the previous guest is removed from the refrigerator. To get rid of the unpleasant smell, store some tea bags in the fridge, although baking soda and charcoal work just as well.
  • Give the coffee maker, microwave, and toasters the same amount of consideration.
  • Cleaning the kitchen is essential, yet frequently, people overlook looking inside the refrigerator.
  • Never forget to open the refrigerator, empty the contents, and clean it.
  • Nobody wants to open the refrigerator in search of a fast bite only to find a week-old salad inside!

Thoroughly Clean the Rugs and Upholstery

When selecting cleaning products for your rugs and upholstery as an Airbnb host, it’s crucial to consider their effectiveness in tackling dirt, human hair, and sticky materials. A comprehensive buyers guide can aid you in making informed choices, ensuring that the products you choose not only claim to remove these elements but also have a proven track record of doing so. Regular vacuuming is essential, but relying on a reliable cleaning solution is equally important to maintain a pristine environment for your guests.

A lint roller does an excellent job of eliminating not just lint from the rugs and upholstery but also all those particles that the typical vacuum cleaner does not collect. Restore the rugs, linens, and furniture to their optimum condition with the use of lint rollers and a little vacuuming.

Do these tasks seem too difficult? Well, they are, but to provide your visitors with a clean and hygienic environment during their stay, you must work hard to be a good host.

Don’t Neglect the Bathrooms

One of the key elements in receiving a good review on Airbnb is how clean the bathroom is. Use vinegar and a sponge to remove tenacious soap scum from shower heads and windows. Remember to pay extra care to the glasses and mirrors because toothpaste stains are very visible there. Rub it with half a lemon and wipe it with a clean towel to simply clean it.

For visitors, bathrooms are especially sensitive. Make sure to leave the bathroom sparkling clean since nobody would like to take a shower in a filthy environment. To clean the transparent glass door, use a razor blade and bathroom cleaner. To prevent scum buildup if you have shower curtains, make sure to clean both the curtain and liner.

Focus on the Details

Always think like a visitor during Airbnb cleaning. For instance, a Seattle-based Airbnb host, Tammi, claims that the shower curtain is often neglected. After each visitor, Tammi sprays and cleans the plastic liner. The host also suggests to focus on high-touch locations such as light switches. These things can get dirty and can be left uncleaned unless you use them.

Remove Dust from the Nook and Corners

Dusty surfaces give the impression that you only skimmed the cleaning procedure. Make sure to clean every nook and corner you can access because dust can collect everywhere. Utilize a top-down cleaning strategy, beginning with the walls, furniture, and flooring. Use a damp microfiber cloth instead of a feather duster since they transfer from one surface to another. You can use a vacuum to remove the dust from your floors, furniture, and other surfaces.

Take out the Trash

You’d be amazed at how many hosts fail to remove the trash when cleaning, even though it might seem obvious. Everywhere there is a trash can, including the kitchen, bathrooms, and other areas, take out the trash. Don’t forget to deodorize the trash cans as well to get rid of any scents. Any odors can be eliminated by adding a half cup of baking soda to the bottom of the trash can.

Clean the Kitchen

Airbnb guests prefer fresh and tidy kitchens.

  • Clean out the refrigerator and dispose of any leftovers. To keep the refrigerator smelling good, place some tea bags or baking soda inside.
  • Vinegar can be used to descale the sink and remove watermarks.
  • Steam clean the interior of your oven and microwave. Lemon or vinegar added to water should do the trick.
  • Clean up the counters.

Keep the Linen Clean

Wondering how to prepare your guest house? Start by focusing on the linen. After a visitor leaves, all of the linen and towels must be changed. Get additional linens for your Airbnb if you want to avoid rushing the laundry in between check-ins. Instead of using white towels, choose ones that are a darker color, like black or navy. Since they are less likely to collect stains, they are considerably simpler to clean.

Mop the Floors

If you don’t mop for too long, then dust and dirt can settle on the floors. Clean your house for Airbnb rental by cleaning your floors. You can use a floor-mopping machine or use a mopper to keep the floors free from dust.


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