Creating a welcoming guest room is essential for ensuring the comfort and enjoyment of your guests during their stay, especially if you have family and friends who regularly visit from out of town.

A thoughtfully designed and inviting space not only enhances their overall experience but also leaves a lasting positive impression, so hopefully they won’t leave it too long before their next visit!

Let’s explore some key tips and essentials for creating a welcoming guest room – from the ideal location and comfortable bedding to decor, amenities, and more…

Choose the Right Guest Room Location

If possible, choose a guest room that offers privacy and tranquillity, away from high traffic areas in your home but near enough to the bathroom.

If you have an attic conversion, for example, this is the perfect space for a spare room – especially if you can pop a bathroom up there too! A quiet location will allow your guests to relax and enjoy a peaceful stay.

You want to make sure your guests are able to chill out, so picking the quietest room is always a good idea. Ensure the room provides adequate space for their belongings and comfortable movement, so they really feel at home.

Select Comfortable Bedding

The bed is arguably the most important part of the guest room, and investing in high-quality bedding is crucial for ensuring your guests’ comfort and a good night’s sleep.

Provide a comfortable mattress, fresh linens, and soft pillows – and enhance sleep even more by adding a luxuriously thick mattress topper to the bed. This is a fantastic ‘instant upgrade’ if you’re using a mattress you already own!

Be mindful of potential allergens and offer hypoallergenic alternatives like bamboo or silk if needed. Consider providing extra blankets and pillows, stored neatly in the wardrobe or a cupboard so they don’t get damp, to accommodate different preferences.

This way you guests can choose to add the extras or not, really personalising their sleeping experience within your home.

Decor and Ambience

Create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere by carefully selecting decor and colour schemes.

Don’t go for clashing colours and prints, but opt for warm and neutral tones that promote a calm sense of relaxation. Incorporate artwork or photographs that reflect your personal style while keeping the space guest-friendly and inviting – don’t have posters of your favourite bands or films, but instead go for inspiring artwork that everyone can enjoy.

Ensure proper lighting, including bedside lamps for reading and blackout curtains or blinds to enhance the ambience.

Thoughtful Amenities

Think about the amenities that will make your guests’ stay more convenient and enjoyable.

Sometimes being in somebody else’s home can feel a bit awkward, so adding these little touches is just a really nice thing to do. Provide basics like clean towels, some miniature toiletries, and somewhere for your guests to keep their luggage.

Offer a small tray with water, cups, and a few snacks for their arrival. You might even go as far as including a clock, a full-length mirror, and a hairdryer for added convenience. Think about what you’d want if you were going to stay at a family or friend’s house, and add it to your spare room…

Personal Touches

Add personal touches to make your guests feel special and welcomed. Consider placing fresh flowers, a welcome note, or a small gift on the bedside table. Provide reading materials or a list of local attractions and recommendations, and think about offering a selection of teas or coffee (and sweet treats!) for their enjoyment.

You might also want to place some nice photos of you and your guests in there, so they really feel at home – these are easy enough to change out when you have different people coming to stay!

Privacy and Security

Ensure your guests feel secure and have privacy during their stay. Install window coverings for privacy and consider offering a key or lock to the guest room, if possible.

Provide a designated area for them to store their personal belongings, such as a closet or dresser, ensuring privacy of their items. Try not to store too much of your own belongings in the spare room (though it’s easier said than done!) as then your guests will have space for everything they bring with them.

Hosting Etiquette

Lastly, maintain a sense of hospitality by practising good hosting etiquette. Be responsive to your guests’ needs and offer assistance when necessary – get some of their favourite food and drink in, too.

Give them space and privacy while also being available to provide information or answer any questions they may have. Ensure they have access to common areas of the home and communicate any house rules or expectations clearly.

Having guests to stay should be a fun occasion, so be sure to plan some exciting activities that you’ll all be able to enjoy.

Creating a Welcoming Space

By implementing these tips and following this advice, you can create a guest room that is warm, welcoming, and comfortable.

Paying attention to details such as location, bedding, decor, amenities, and more will enhance your guests’ experience and leave a lasting positive impression. Put these ideas into action and transform your guest room into a haven of hospitality.

Your guests will definitely appreciate the thought and care you put into creating a welcoming space, and they’ll be back to stay before you know it…

Nathaniel Turner

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