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We know that there have been a lot of electrical bike reviews these days and a good amount of good companies are trying to release new electronic bikes because they know that the market is growing in demand and increasing at a rate which will be alarming in the Future.

People have been wondering if electronic bikes can be powered up more than usual and there is an answer for each and every one of them. A good amount of companies you want to develop best electric bike under £500 and create a supply for the users but we know that some amount of companies will fail at that.



In October 2018, luna cycle Apex was launched and that bike is a bike which is similar to the Audi and is for sale at this moment. This electronic bike made the number one of our top electronic bikes of the future list. There are fast moves made by big companies and similarly, Audi is also making a good amount of moves in the two-wheeler category with the announcement of their purchase of Italian motorcycle maker the Ducati for 1.2 billion.

This was a rare move for an auto manufacturer but this dealership network will help Audi with a powerful worldwide distribution network channel so that Audi can concentrate on upscaling the height performing electronic bikes.

Volkswagen also is owned by Audi and they are also working on something known as the last Mile transportation which will help the people travel short distances using urban transportation means.

The electronic bike concept by Audi is something you will expect out of the most skilled auto engineers in Europe. This thing is going to be a flagship electronic bike with no expense spared.
This bike which is is the electronic bike by Audi will be based on on a full suspension carbon-based fiber frame which will be a custom Carbon fiber frame and the wheels will also include a custom Carbon fiber.


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Even the front suspension forks will be designed and customized for this bike. The rims look similar to some of the previous versions of the bikes. There is also a drive system which is commonly known as the harmonic drive system included in the Audi electronic bike as the black trail, a highly regarded German design developed by clean mobile.

This company builds a good amount of custom bottom brackets drive systems for hire and bikes which are made by European companies such as KTM. There was also a change of ownership in the clean mobile company recently which help solve some issues with the company and most of the staff was switched last month.

The weight of the motor will be centralized and be kept in the center of the frame which is the key element to the drive system which is designed by clean mobile in the Audi electronic bike. Most of the bikes are powered by having their motor place awkwardly in the rear wheel. What this will allow is that the power will be driven through the bicycle gear system. The motor will be operating in the maximum efficiency area.

The system used is a standard derailleur system and it is an unusual choice by Audi. This is because most of the expensive things are used in building this bike. There might be a designer blunder in the concept but we are sure that those design blunders will go away once the bike is in production.

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