While the invention of the electric bikes a way back in the 1890s, the electric bikes failed to gain the momentum that they have right now in the market. The electric bike market in the UK gained momentum in the mid of the 21st century.

E-bikes hold about 38.5% share in the market of all bicycles in Germany. Like Germany, Holland and France are also making a move in the same direction. Late but not least, the trend is starting in the UK as well.

Before we start the journey throw E-bikes, let us have a general idea about E-bikes and why they are so popular?


What is an Electric Bike?

“An electric bike which is often known as an E-bike is a motor-assisted ride, in which an electric motor is used for propulsion.”

There are various kinds of e-bikes available in the market, from bikes in which a small electric motor is used to assist the rider’s paddle-power to more powerful e-bikes, which are closer to moped-style functionality. E-bikes use rechargeable batteries and can travel up to 25 to 45km/h. the speed depends on the local laws of driving and bike’s motor.

Why Should You Buy an Electric Bike?

There are many reasons why someone would like to prefer an electric bike over a regular bike. The electric bikes will get you to your destination faster than the average speed of traffic. In rural areas, it might not be a problem, but in an urban area, traffic congestion is one of the biggest and general problems. Using e-bikes also helps you in a workout and keeping you healthy.

Nowadays, global warming is a significant problem. But by using e-bikes, we can help nature a little bit to heal. It may not end global warming ultimately, but a small step can be a big reason to heal nature. As electric bikes emit nothing, it is safe to use them for traveling.

Even there are some places in this world where can only use E-bikes or E-cars for travel purpose to keep the place pollution-free. For ex-Google Headquarters (Silicon Valley, USA), etc. electric bikes are also cheaper than regular bikes, which makes them affordable for all.

And now I think that’ll be ok for you to understand why electric bikes are popular. So now we’ll have a look at some electric bikes which I have chosen for you.

Best Electric Bikes Under £1000 : Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

1. B’Twin Elops 900 E Step Over

B’Twin is a trademark under which the French Decathlon sells its bicycles and cycle accessories. In 2018, the company decided to drop the B’Twin name altogether, and now for some years, the B’Twin name will only be used for kids’ bikes. B’Twin’s products include entry-level hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, classic city electric and paddle bikes, long-distance city bikes, etc.

The B’Twin’s Elops 900 E Step Over is a decent electric bike that you can get in the budget under £999. the bike is available in a diamond frame and steps through configurations. Eventually, the Elops 900E has almost everything that one can expect from a manufacturer like Decathlon. The motor of this bike is not that powerful, so you should avoid this bike when you live around a hill station or hilly terrain.


  • Weight: 6 lbs. / 24.3 kg
  • Suspension: Rigid
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Wheels: 700c
  • Battery2: 50Wh
  • Brakes: Mechanical Disc

This is a middle B’Twin range having a lightweight frame and high-performance motor system. In this price range, the motor system has some specs that won’t let you down. Here you get a Shimano Atlus-7 speed drivetrain cheap non-adjustable suspension fork and mechanical disk brakes.

The motor is fitted inside the rear hub. The motor is powered using a 418Wh battery located in the rear rack of the bicycle. On the handles, here is an LCD that provides you control over computerized functions. The bike has built-in lights. The front light is in the head tube, and the rear one is in the mudguard.

The bike doesn’t have the most powerful motor as it struggles a bit when riding on hills. For effective and safe braking, the company has equipped the bike with Tektro aluminum brake levers. The levers are lightweight and precise.

The bike also has mechanical disk brakes, which means that the brakes are always compelling, even in the rain. For comfortable rides in the city, the 28″ wheels are used. This makes the journey through the bike smooth, and the small obstacle will not interrupt your ride.

  • Value For Money
  • Best for riding in a city
  • Extreme comfort and good battery
  • A little bit heavier in weight

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2. Gtech Sport Electric Hybrid

Grey technology is the company behind the name Gtech. The company uses the trademark Gtech for their equipment. It is an independent British company designing and manufacturing home and garden appliances like vacuum cleaners, floor sweepers, grass cutters/trimmers, and electric bikes.

These single and straightforward aped bikes are considered to be low maintenance and user friendly. The bike contains a bottle style battery. To power up the bike, you just have to press the power button on the battery. With a 20″ frame, the electric bike is designed to help you enjoy your ride. It is a low-cost bike that is durable enough for daily use. Despite having standard brakes, the bike’s simple construction and operation are impressive.


  • Weight:16kg
  • Suspension:Rigid
  • Frame:aviation-grade aluminum
  • Battery:200Wh Li-ion

We can say that this bike is one of the best examples of “Cheap and simple” slang. Depending on its electric parts, the bike is estimated to be priced at about £600, but according to the company, the bike is priced £950.

The bike is designed to be light weighted and agile, but electric components of the bike are quite heavy. The bike is equipped with a compact 250W rear, geared hub motor. These types of motors are usually small and efficient enough. The motor is very reliable and maintenance-free for a long time.

But due to the power and single-speed gearing, the motor will struggle on the hills while riding there. So the bike is best suited for riding on the plain. There are two levels of pedal assist- low and high. The pedal assist sensor uses torque-sensing, which means it calculates the amount of force applied on the pedals and provides a sufficient amount of electricity in the proportion of the force.

The bike has Tektro V-brakes. They work well in a dry state but works less when in a wet state. 700x38c hybrid tires are used in this bike. The tires are fitted to double-walled alloy rims. The sport version is only available in 20″ frame size, so it may not be the best option for shortening riders.

  • Light-weighted
  • Top class build quality
  • Smooth power deliver
  • Low battery capacity
  • Single gear

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3. Rockrider e-mountain bike E-ST500

Rockrider is a trademark under which the French Decathlon sells its bicycles and cycle accessories. Hence, both of the previous bikes we have discussed yet are not best suitable for mountain riding, and this bike is the one which is designed to keep the aim of mountain riding in mind.

Late but not least, finally Decathlon has considered giving attention to its electric bikes. And the Rockrider E-mountain bike E-ST500 is the best proof of this.

The Rockrider E-ST500 comes in £999, and it’s a fair price for this kind of bike with so many specs. The bike has 2.4″ tires, and the frame geometry makes this bike’s look different. And this also keeps it away from the market competition.


  • Weight:S:22.1 kg, M:22.2 kg, XL:22.4 kg
  • Suspension:Rigid
  • Frame:100.00% Aluminium 6061
  • Wheels:grippy 27.5×2.35 Tyres
  • Battery:420w/h battery
  • Brakes:powerful mechanical disc brakes

The bike has gone an aluminum frame that is designed using 6061 aluminum with hydroformed tubes. The bikes rear wheel motor is specially designed for mountain riding. The bike has 250w geared rear hub motor.

It is a physically large motor. The written torque figure is the same as other bikes, which is 42Nm. The maximum power of the motor after boosting is 450w. The motor and bearings are a hundred percent watertight. So you can ride this bike through muddy trails and puddles, without having to worry about the motor.

The discreet LCD is located just on the side of the left-hand grip. The bike has four assist modes. You can choose between them without leaving the handlebars. The modes are Zero Assist, Economy, Standard, and Boost.

There are several features in this bike: Chronometer, Speed, trip Computer, Battery level, remaining battery feature, active assistance mode, reset, and a USB port so that you can charge your mobile devices while riding.

The bike has a 36v 11.6ah (417Wh) lithium battery pack. The pack uses high-quality LG LGC-MG1 cells. The battery pack is integrated inside the frame. It removes sideways, using a key to lock and unlock the battery into its holder. You can ride up to 40-60 miles in one charge.

The bike has got 180 MM Double Disc brakes. The Tektro aluminum brake levers are easy to grip, light weighted and precious.

  • Great motor
  • Excellent battery range
  • Good off-road performance
  • Didn’t find any

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4. Carrera Crossroad E

Carrera is making someone of the best E-bikes in the world in the current time. And so in less than £1,000. The company had set itself on the task to bring e-road bikes down to that level, and it has done that very well. The crossroad E-bike may not be the perfect bike to ride, but it is still fun to ride the bike. The bike has got an impressive package.

In the package worth 1000 pounds, you get an alloy frame and fork, HESG motor system with 310Wh battery, speed gearing, and mechanical disc brakes. It is the full package. Here you may get disappointed by the gear at some point, but overall, it is a performer bike. The bike weighs at 19.5kg, which is also not that feathery.


  • Weight: 5Kg
  • Suspension: Rigid
  • Frame: Alloy
  • Wheels: 700c
  • Battery: 310Wh
  • Brakes: Mechanical Disk

The Crossroad was designed for the bikers who want to road bike styling with the benefits of electric assist. The bike’s frame is made of aluminum alloy. This makes the bike ideal for riding on the road quickly. Its nine-speed Shimano gears allow it fast and efficient transitions between hills and flat roads.

Its alloy fork provides the bike some additional strength and control while riding the bike on the roads. The bike has got powerful brakes as well. The bike is equipped with Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes to ensure that the bikers always remain in control while riding the bike.

The bike boasts a powerful electric motor system by Suntour. The motor is integrated into the rear wheel hub. The motor provides reliable and high torque power directly to the rear wheel that allows you to ride on the big hills with ease. The bike is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 310Wh/9Ah and a range of up to 40 miles on one charge.

This bike is capable of assisting in any kind of situation. That can be a racing competition, a work commute, or a pleasant ride with your local clubs. The battery is mounted/integrated inside the frame, which keeps the weight balanced against the rear-mounted hub motor, which improves ride quality.

  • Great Price
  • Excellent handling
  • Class assistance
  • Could improve comfort

5. Carrera Subway E

This is the best example of how Carrera is dominating the electric bike market. This is the second Carrera bike in this article so far. And who knows you get to see a few more. This bike is best for them who are busy doing their respective jobs daily and want to have some fun on the weekends.

The Carrera Subway E electric bike uses a 317Wh battery, which provides up to 50 miles of assisted pedaling on a single charge. The powerful motor of this bike will help you to reach up to the maximum speed of 15.5mph.


  • Weight: 18Kg
  • Suspension: Rigid
  • Frame: Alloy
  • Battery: 317Wh
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc brakes

The bike, Subway E, has a light weighted 6061 alloy frame. It has powerful hydraulic tektro disc brakes and durable, double-walled rims. So if you want to buy a bike which can handle both roads and canal towpaths at ease, then this might be the one for you. The manufacturers have used the Suntour HESC motor for this bike.

The motor is fitted in the rear hub, and it is powerful enough to ride on the hills. The Subway E uses a torque-sensing pedal assist. This sensor calculates the force which is being applied to the pedals and provides you electric-assist in proportion to the effort you are putting in.

The subway E uses a LED display on the left side of the handle, which gives you all the necessary info about speed, battery levels, etc. it has a straightforward interface. The Carrera Subway E-bike uses a very decent battery pack of power 36v 10.4Ah or 317Wh.

They promised the maximum range is 60 miles, which is good enough on one charge. The bike uses entry-level tektro hydraulic disc brakes, which are reliable. The brakes do their job efficiently, quickly, and safely. The wheels of the bike are of 27.5″ in size. Which is the right size for a hybrid bike?

This Carrera Subway E is one of the best bikes available under the price rate of 1000 pounds.

  • Simple Design
  • Powerful Motor
  • Value For money
  • Low power Batteries
  • Includes no accessories

6. Halfords Assist Deluxe

Halfords Group plc is a British retailer of car parts, enhancement, tools, camping and touring equipment and bicycles, etc. In 2014, Halfords announced that it was going to revive its cycle republic chain. Till now, from then, the company has come a long way in this short period.

For many people, it is impossible to get that you can buy an excellent electric bike under £400. For them, the price usually starts at £500 and in some cases, it costs over £1000. In this price rate, there may not be so many good bikes, but the Halfords Assist Deluxe can be a perfect buy. The bikes look pretty better in the black body, and a 7Ah battery powers it.


  • Weight: 18Kg
  • Suspension: Rigid
  • Frame: Shopper Style
  • Battery: 115Wh
  • brakes: V Brakes
  • Wheels: 20″ with CSD Tyres

The bike comes in the steel frame, which is a shopper type design. The bike has a wheel in size of 20 inches. The deluxe doesn’t have any gears. And the battery fits over the rear wheel and below the pannier rack. The wiring in this bike is external, which makes it cheap. The motor is located in the front hub. The battery is removable, but you will need the supplied keys to unlock them. And it is useful as strangers cannot walk away with the battery of your bike; it is safe. The removable battery means that you can charge it at home, especially in the UK, where low temperatures do not favor lithium-ion batteries.

The battery has a maximum range of up to 30 miles in one charge. The motor features 12 point pickup, which means that it is sensitive for pedal turns and makes the power kicks fast. Here you get a LED display on the left side of the handlebars, which helps you to control the assistance.

Other features that the bike has are a bell, front and rear lights operated with the help of battery. It has a luggage rack on the rear side of the bike. The battery takes 3-4 hours for charging. The bike also has a walking mode. And all these things at just £379, which makes it one of the cheapest electric bikes of all time.

  • One of the cheapest E-bike
  • Excellent battery range
  • Didn’t find any according to the price

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7. B’Twin Tilt 500 Folding

About B’Twin, I don’t think that this name needs to be introduced again as already know about the brand. They are so good in this business that we have two of their products in the list. As the popularity of folding bikes is increasing day by day, the manufacturers now realized the benefits of a transportable e-bike to complete the last miles of their commute.

The B’Twin tilt 500 has been around in the market for some time and now is one of the best-selling e-bikes. This is not only a foldable but also quite a bit capable little e-bike, which can be suited for the riders of all sizes. The bike uses the lightest components to make the bike transportable. It has a small but high torque 250w motor, fitted inside the rear hub. The motor is powered by a 24v 708Ah lithium battery pack.


  • Weight: 9kg
  • Suspension: Rigid
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Battery: 240Wh
  • brakes: V Brakes
  • Wheels: 20″, Single rims

In the handlebar, it doesn’t have any LCD like other bikes, and here it has buttons on the left handlebars. To turn the bike on, just press the button situated at the side of the handlebar. It also has buttons for switching riding modes and switching on/off the front and rear lights. The control panel also displays the battery status. When the battery is low, either you can simply plug in the charger, or you can altogether remove the battery from the bike to charge at home.

For the folding mechanism, the B’Twin tilt has two hinges. One at the mainframe and second on the steerer. It folds down quickly and efficiently as any folding bike, it may take a little bit of practice, and you’ll be able to fold it in just 60 seconds.

The bike has 20 inches size wheels, which makes the bike comfortable. The Handlebar height is adjustable too, which makes it suitable for the riders of all sizes. The bike has three different riding modes: Eco, Normal, and sports, for which the pedal assistance assists.

Unlike other bikes, the Tilt 500 uses a cadence sensor instead of a torque sensor. In sports mode, the bike can touch the maximum speed of 25 km/h and range up to 20 miles in one charge. The B’Twin Tilt 500 is one of the best folding bikes available at this price of £650.

  • Light-weighted
  • Excellent battery range
  • Good price
  • Didn’t find any at this price

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So, these are the best electric bike we have found in the price range of £1000 in the UK. Prices may differ according to the platform and seller. Please let us know your views on these products. If there is anything we have missed in this article, let us know in the comments.

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