Technology regularly steers the future of entertainment. In fact, some of the world’s most well-known industry leaders (from Netflix to Nintendo) have long lists of ideas that depend on emerging technology.

A well-known example is AR, which has been part of the public zeitgeist for at least two decades but is only now seeing semi-regular usage from consumers.

In other words, the latest ideas from entertainment giants can only go as far as technology allows. Even the most innovative ideas are subject to delay, especially as kinks are hammered out and the user experience is better defined.

Another solid example is projectors. Over the last few years, they’ve become a more common entertainment system item, as producers have learned how to make more affordable, dynamic, and multi-purpose projectors.

Expanding Use Cases

The better the electronic device, the greater its range of use. Let’s stick with the projector example for a moment. Projectors, though they’re geared toward streaming services, might include a wide range of apps, from internet browsers to shopping.

The former opens the door for a whole new set of potential activities, whether doing some casual research or even playing casino games.

That’s right—a humble browser can connect you to experiences like casino platforms. Most are available straight from a browser, letting you get started quickly after signing up.

That means you could also use your projector to play slots, roulette, blackjack, and more. Though projectors aren’t usually associated with iGaming, advanced entertainment technology is becoming increasingly dynamic.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and talked-about electronics that will take your at-home entertainment to the next level.

Mini Smart TVs

Smart TVs, similar to the multi-functional projectors mentioned above, have boomed in popularity over the last four years. However, there’s a new and even more cutting-edge smart TV experience on the horizon: a portable and mini-smart TV.

Though still considered fringe in terms of usage and application, a mini smart TV like LG’s StanbyME GO folds up into a small package that fits into a suitcase—making it perfect for travel, especially for those who have to hit the road often and miss their favorite shows.

Mini Smart TVs

Multi-Device Charging Station

We’ve entered into a truly wireless era and have also boosted battery life on most devices. Still, we haven’t totally said goodbye to charging stations.

If you’re sick of trying to keep track of your electronics and their corresponding converters, sockets, and other equipment, then explore multi-device charging stations.

Originally, these charging docks were designed for single-platform usage, like Apple’s Apple Multi Dock. However, charging stations now come in all shapes and sizes.

For example, you can purchase a mouse with a mousepad that functions as a wireless charger, which is great for office work or gaming.

Smart Speakers—and Karaoke Speakers

Smart speakers are an increasingly common part of the smart home and smart TV movement.

You probably have heard of smart speakers thanks to Amazon’s Alexa, as these speakers can help fulfill a variety of purposes—from compiling grocery lists to buying Christmas gifts.

However, many are now using smart speakers to control other smart devices in their homes, from TVs to climate control to surround sound.

However, as with multi-device charging stations, the use cases are starting to veer into highly unique territory. Some smart speakers today can even do things like power up your wireless karaoke machine.

DIY Robot Kits

Sure, tinkering with robots probably isn’t everyone’s idea of riveting entertainment. However, for those who grew up watching ‘BattleBots’ and dreaming of a future in a STEM field, robot kits are yet another dream come true. Once upon a time, these kits were analog, challenging users to do the heavy lifting themselves.

But today, there are added challenges like in-depth programming and even integration with other smart technology.

For example, Nintendo has a Labo Variety Kit robot challenge that pairs with video games, taking the world of robotics and adding a fresh new twist. However, if you’re looking for a hardier challenge, then check out a robot kit like the Makeblock mBot Ultimate Robot Kit.

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