Alstroemeria flowers, or Peruvian lilies, as they are commonly called, are prized for their vibrant colors and are a sight for sore eyes owing to their trumpet-shaped blooms. The longevity of the flowers is dependent on a number of factors, such as temperature, quality of water, location, and so on. Understanding these factors is vital if you wish to elongate the lifespan of these flowers. On average, Alstroemeria’s problems can also last.

However, with the right care, you can extend their beauty even further.

How Long Will Alstroemeria Last in a Garden?

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When planted in a garden, Alstroemeria flowers can bloom from late spring through early fall. Therefore, they can last for several months. By caring for them properly, your beautiful flowers can thrive for multiple years.

How Long Will Alstroemeria Last in a Vase?

When arranged in a vase, Alstroemeria flowers can last between 7 to 14 days. However, with proper care, you can elongate the life of flowers by 3-4 days. Once they have finished blooming, the flowers will wilt and fall off. To avoid this, cut off the flowers carefully to promote the longest bloom duration for cut stems or in-ground plants.

For the arrangement to look more vibrant, submerge the stems up to the flower heads in a bucket of warm water and let them rest in a dark as well as a humid room. Clean your vase properly to prevent infection, and keep changing the water regularly.

How Can You Elongate the Lifespan of Alstroemeria Flowers?

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  • Remove leaves that are underwater: Leaving leaves submerged in a flower vase can lead to bacterial growth, which will reduce the lifespan of flowers. The arrangement will also start stinking, making your space a breeding place for flies and mosquitoes.
  • Sufficient Watering: If you wish to elongate the life of flowers grown in a garden, make sure that you do not overwater them. On the other hand, you also have to ensure that the soil does not develop any cracks. Make sure that the soil is moist throughout.
  • Use a Preservative Solution: Once you have cut the stems and rinsed off the dirt, take a bowl with some water. Add some warm preservative solution (about 100℉) to the bowl and put your flowers in it.
  • Maintain the Right Temperature: Temperature is a very important factor when it comes to maintaining the quality of flowers. Keep your Alstroemeria flowers away from direct sunlight and drafts to keep the petals moist.
  • If you are using a floral foam to arrange your flowers, saturate the foam completely, and make sure that the container is full daily.
  • Growing Alstroemeria Flowers in Pots: If you are growing Alstroemeria flowers in flowerpots, make sure that they are big in size i.e., at least 5 liters. Alstroemeria flowers, if grown in small pots, can cause the soil to overheat, which will prohibit the blooming of flowers.
  • Another advantage of growing Alstroemeria flowers in pots is that you can move the pot to a sheltered spot once it gets cold.
  • Use a trellis or support: Since Alstroemeria flowers are quite big in size, keeping them upright will make your plant appear prettier and remain healthier. You can take the support of a trellis to do so.
  • Select the Appropriate Fertilizer: Grow your Alstroemeria flowers in acidic soil that is well-drained and has organic matter like manure or compost added to it. A general granular fertilizer will also do the needful.


Ensuring that your flowers are in a cool place with adequate ventilation and ample sunlight is the best way to make them last longer and keep them fresher.

By caring for them properly, not only can you brighten up your backyard but also arrange the flowers in a vase to add more life to your interiors and give a new dimension to your space. If you wish to introduce these flowers in your home and add some life to your space, Alstroemeria flowers are a good option and a unique alternative to roses and lilies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Various Varieties of Alstroemeria Flowers?

Bali, Candy, Fougere, Inca Ice, Indian Summer, and Princess Fabian are some of the most commonly found and preferred varieties of Alstroemeria flowers.

Should Alstroemeria Flowers Be Cut Back?

Alstroemeria flowers remain green in warm climates until the bloom period lasts. Cutting them to the ground is not recommended as it can adversely affect the vegetative growth as well as the appearance of flower blooms.

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