To a person who has nothing to do with floristry, it may seem that making bouquets is simple. At first glance, it is not complicated. You need to take a few flowers, add some herbs, and ribbons, and wrap the bouquet in wrapping paper – done!

But this is far from true. To create beautiful compositions, florists study, read specialised literature, take advanced training courses, follow floristry trends and, of course, practise a lot. However, there are several secrets to making surprise flowers that MyFlowers florists will share with you.

Maintain a Balance of Colour and Volume

A lush surprise bouquet in pastel colours is a universal option. Delicate flowers in a successful combination will bring the recipient a good mood. To achieve this, classic roses are supplemented with bush branches of eustoma to get the desired volume and maintain a fresh look for up to several weeks.

Assembling such a bouquet with your own hands is not particularly difficult. All flowers are cut to the same height and combined in any order. But so that roses do not get lost among other plants, it is better to place them in the centre of the composition.

A beautiful bouquet of flowers is not only a masterpiece of floristic art. It also has a pleasant smell. No scented candle can replace the natural aroma of fresh flowers. So, to fill the room with light sweet notes, you can add sprigs of bush matthiola to the classic composition. Its small buds will dilute the strict combination of roses and eustomas.

A bouquet in monochrome shades is easy to assemble yourself. Roses can be given the leading role or slightly hidden behind the splendour of neighbouring buds. In any combination, such flowers will look well. And with proper care, a classic bouquet will remain fresh for more than a week.

Maintain a Balance of Colour and Volume

Listen to the Mood When Creating a Bouquet

In life, not every day is a holiday, so a surprise gift flower does not always have to be solemn. Classic bright compositions for every day can delight no less than multi-level and complexly composed bouquets. This is especially convenient when you simply aren’t in the mood to bother with the design.

“Chanel” in the world of flowers is a beautiful bouquet of red roses. Such an arrangement will successfully fit into the mono-interior of a recipient’s kitchen or living room with heavy wooden furniture.

To slightly smooth out the rich colour of roses, dilute the composition with playful waxflower plants. This will highlight the severity of the bouquet, making it more magnificent and interesting.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

When mono-bouquets and usual harmony become boring, you can start experimenting with flower surprise arrangements. A composition of more exotic flowers will successfully place accents. Dilute the base of delicate roses in peach shades with branches of voluminous waxflower and blue eryngium will look great.

Of course, the main difficulty of exotics is the successful combination of colours and textures. To avoid chaos, where even the most beautiful flowers can look tacky or too festive, try creating a tiered bouquet.

To do this, for example, keep the length of the fluffy gerberas, and trim the remaining flowers a little shorter. Even in a small vase, such a composition will not look bulky.

When selecting flowers for a surprise bouquet, the most important thing is to choose plants that you and the future recipient like. It doesn’t really matter how the flowers are combined as long as you like the arrangement.

Don’t Forget About Care

In order for surprise flowers to please you for as long as possible, they should be properly cared for. Even in the flower salon, pay attention to freshness. The bud and inflorescences should be of healthy and rich colour.

The stem and leaves should be intact. At home, do not forget to change the water and rinse the vase daily. Also, it is recommended to cut the stems by one centimetre each time at an angle of 45 degrees.

Finding the right combination of shades and textures is not always easy. So never be afraid to turn to a professional. You can tell that you want to collect the bouquet yourself but you need help with choosing flowers.

Tell the florist what colour scheme you like, what occasion you need flowers for, or simply admit that you want to cheer yourself up. You can order any surprise bouquet delivery in UK by following the link MyFlowers specialists will find the best solution for you.

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