Compost for Acers is the ever-discussed topic in the gardening area. Acer is a wonderfully formed tree or shrub, particularly in color, size, and shape of its leaves. The five to nine-lobed, easily distinguishable plant is strikingly beautiful. 

Planning to plant an Acer, the Japanese maple in your garden is a visually appealing treat you can hope for. But while planting this beautiful tree, you may have many issues to solve with the compost you are using. The question is, can you use compost here because of the care issues with this weather-influenced acer? 

Considering the fact you have taken care of planting these plants, it is more important to know the compost you use for your Acer. We take the responsibility to give you an in-depth idea for using a multi-purpose compost for Acers.

Let’s start digging!

Multi-Purpose Compost

Multi-Purpose Compost

Any garden or soil can be used with the multi-purpose compost for your needs. These nutrients can make the plants grow in the right environment. They help the plants from seed sowing to the maturity stage. These are the first options to be used as a filler for pots and containers of the house plants. 

The properties of a multi-purpose compost are as follows. 

  • A balanced blend of the peat.
  • The nutrients will survive up to 4 – 5 weeks for a plant. 
  • The absorption capacity of the compost makes the roots of the plant stay strong and grow. 

Can You Use Multi-Purpose Compost for Acers? 

Can You Use Multi-Purpose Compost for Acers?

It’s a big Yes; the multi-purpose compost passes every test for the acer planting checklist. These are the composts you can rely on for the acers because of their acidic nature. Normally, composts should have a neutral pH to fit into the soil and to adapt to any soil variety. 

The multi-purpose compost is considered to be neutral or mildly acidic, which makes it more suitable for the Acer plant. For caring and cultivating the plant, the soil can be mingled with multipurpose compost or ericaceous compost. You can mulch them on your pot plant in less than a few minutes. 

Acers Preferences in Compost

Acers Preferences in Compost

Generally, the Acer plant grows in acidic soil, so alkaline gardeners choose to place the acer in a container or pot to hold it in the right growing conditions. Alkaline soil has to be treated with an acidic medium to hold onto the Acer, and you need to do this every few years to care for your plant. So, acidic soil means the compost also has to be acidic. 

Now, knowing the pH balance, a pH value of 7 is considered neutral, and above 7 is considered alkaline. So, for planting the acer, the pH should be below 7 to 4 to have the successful survival of the plant. 

Well-draining soil is also the best source for planting them so that they are not clogged up in winter and do not dry out in the summer. The roots are shallow and fibrous, and they need annual mulching every year to protect them. You need to take care of these facts while considering using a compost for your Acer. 

How to Use the Multi-Purpose Compost for Acers?

How to Use the Multi-Purpose Compost for Acers?

Acer has a very peculiar taste in the soil to have optimal growth. And the multi-purpose compost is the neutral one with a balanced pH level. Using a multi-purpose compost for Acers needs some alteration and adjustments with the compost.

Let us see how you can use the multi-purpose compost.

  • Ground plantation of the acer can be mixed with the soil and multi-purpose compost. The Acer prefers well-drained soil, so choose the multi-purpose compost containing less organic matter to not hold on to the wetness to avoid the moisture presence.
  • To maintain the mild acidic pH in the soil, you need to check and alter the pH of the multi-purpose compost. If you want to increase the pH level, add lime to the compost, and to decrease the pH, add sulfur to the multi-purpose compost. 
  • If you are planning to plant the acer in a container, then consider having the proper drainage holes and easily drained potting mix. This is to remove the excessive water easily to make the Acer plant happy and fresh 
  • Mulching is the next important thing in growing your acers. The acidic pH won’t stay for too long, so you need to give a regular makeover around your plant. This can be given only after a few years. This is to regulate the pH balance and to reduce weed competition. 

Let’s Cover It!

The Acer plants have gorgeous palm-shaped leaves to attract everybody’s eyes in one glance. This maple tree has medicinal value throughout the generations. They are most known for their autumn leaves, and the planting of this plant requires a lot of care and concern.

The soil pH and the drainage system are the most important factors deciding the plant’s growth. So choose the compost wisely for your Acer. The compost should be turned into neutral to mild acidic for the acer plant cultivation. 

Are you planning to use the multi-purpose compost for your acer planting? Consider the points above to make the multi-purpose compost suitable for the Acer planting pH and nutritional needs. The natural multi-purpose compost can make a perfect choice for this cultivation if you follow the protocols correctly by altering the pH of the compost.

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