Hosting a Winter Garden Party

Hosting a garden party during winter could be something good if well planned. Winter season might seem to be the best weather to get some activities done such as outdoor parties, birthday celebrations, and all that.

As we all know, the winter season is a very long, dull period of the year as you might be stuck indoors, tired of watching movies. When this happens, your next option might be to seek a way to get over that boredom and that way might be throwing a party (of any kind). This might seem stupid and crazy, but hey, believe me, you will enjoy it.

Don’t panic as we have got you covered with the needed things to do.
In this post, you will learn how to host a garden party during winter.

Announcing the date:

Announcing the date of the party is very important. This plays a big role in how the party will turn out to be. You should decorate the entrance to the party with beautiful handcrafted mirrors. This will delight your guests as they enter the venue of the party. You can use cheap decking to add some plants or shrubs at the entrance; this will add more life to the decoration you already have.

Consider the weather:

Weather conditions during winter can be unpredictable sometimes. From cold in the morning till afternoon when the sun starts getting in. When this sudden change of weather happens, your guests might start feeling chill all over them.

So what do you do at this moment,? Having a heater to keep the temperature stable is highly recommended. The type of heater recommend is a tabletop heater. This is because it comes with decorations and its amazing sleek designs. It comes in different sizes. It is advisable to choose the small-sized heater as it will consume less energy.

Seating: position and arrangement.

Here, the seating arrangement should be like that of a garden party and not a wedding or birthday party. You don’t need to keep all the chairs in one place; some guests might want to have a private convo, and as such, they might need some space down the garden.

So it is suggested that you scatter the chairs all over the garden. While doing all this, bear in mind that you are having an outdoor party. However, not every type of chair should be used for the garden party; you should not use leather and fabric chairs for a garden party during winter; this is because when they come in contact with water, they will stain and ruin. So renting or buying outdoor party chairs might be the best option.

Ensure that the chairs you are choosing are comfy and durable. You may also go for the bench, and it will accommodate more people and the same, add elements to the garden party “afterparty”.

Prepare winter-related foods:

When it comes to having a garden party during winter, you might get confused with the type of food to prepare for your guests. You may be thinking about whether to prepare spicily or junk foods. One thing you should have in mind is that guests love to have exotic food; exotic in a sense as to how the food is prepared and how it is served.

One thing you should know is that the type of food you served to your guest will determine the tone of the party as a whole; meaning if you serve your guest good food, they will be happy through the party. So when the thought of the type of food for a garden party during winter comes to mind, spicy food is best served.

Spicy food such as a spicy salad with saffron-infused rice will make your guess warm and excited. Also, you may consider preparing Turkish or gree cuisine as both dishes are incredibly hot meals. Give your guest beer or red wine to wash down their meals. Add a little bit of alcohol as this will go a long way to keep your guests the whole warm time.

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