Electric bikes are definitely the future of cycling. It comes with a lot of advantages and health benefits as compared to a regular bike. Good enough to convince anyone to switch to a new bike. One of my friends made me buy an e-bike and trust me! it was a great decision.

E-bikes can read great speed however in some countries like the UK and Europe there are legal restrictions that limit the maximum speed of e-bikes. This speed limit lies at 15.5 miles per hour. This is not just rules, there are sensors installed on the e-bikes which itself slows down the motor when the limit is reached.

If you are living in such a country then there’s nothing you can do about it. The only other way around to make your e-bike faster is to think out of the box. So, here are some of the possible ways you can increase the speed of your electric bicycle.

Keep Your Battery Fully Charged

The first tip is to keep the battery fully charged while you ride, you will feel a slight increase in the speed. The simple formula behind this is a battery with a higher state of charge gives out higher voltage.

The motor in your e-bike is completely dependent on the voltage so higher voltage means higher speed. However, this also means that you have to charge your battery more frequently, perhaps before every ride.

We recommend you to buy another charger and keep it at your workplace or where you regularly travel in this way you can keep the battery fully charged. You can also use a QR code generator to easily access information about how to properly charge and maintain your e-bike’s battery.

Keep your battery cool

Just like keeping your battery charged can help a bit in increasing the speed of the motor, a cool battery can help in the same way. A cool battery provides less voltage sag.

Sometimes the voltage of the battery will drop in a long ride because the battery heats up. We have already learned that higher voltage to higher speed and lower voltage means lower speed.

So make sure you provide enough cool air to the battery which will prevent it from overheating. We recommend you not to invest in a battery bag because that may cause the heating issue.

Swap to a higher voltage battery

As the motor fitted in all the e-bikes are dependent on the voltage, using a battery which has a higher voltage is a great way of substantially increasing the speed of the motor and by doing this we can travel a bit faster on the e-bike.

But first, you have to check whether the controller can handle the increased voltage supply. If everything is okay then we recommend you swap your battery let’s say 36V to of a higher capacity 48V and feel the increased speed.

Also, you might have to change the meter and get a new one for the new battery otherwise the reading might not be accurate.

Swap your motor

Apart from swapping the battery you can also swap your motor which has a higher RPM Rating (Rotation Per Minute). This is another way to increase the speed of your e-bike. While doing this you should also check for the motor which has a specific voltage according to your battery.

This method is very easy for hub motors these are designed with multiple motors windings for different models of e-bikes. Let us say, your current e-bike motor can get you to 30km/h with a 48V battery so swapping this motor may get you around 45km/h which is significantly huge as compared to the old motor.

Tune your brakes

Moving on with the list the next tip is to tune in your brakes. If you have driven any type of bikes before you might know that a poorly tuned brake can cause unnecessary friction which results in loss of speed.

You should either get your brakes tuned from a local repair shop or you can learn to do it yourself. It is very easy if you have got the right tools needed for this task.

Another thing you can do with the brakes is getting the regenerating braking system in your e-bikes. This might not help in increasing the speed but helps you save some battery.

Use smoother tires

An e-bike tire with small knobs are best for grips this will provide enough friction to ride on the mountain roads with fewer bumps but on the other hand these are very bad when it comes to speed.

If you want to ride faster you must have lesser friction between the tire and the ground. So, get rid of these tires and go for a smoother tire which is made for hybrid use.

You can check for reviews online before however some of our favorites are Marathon Plus and Schwalbe Marathon. These will add an extra 1.5 to 2 mph depending upon the road.

Install a Windshield

While we ride a bike our body acts like a big sail and oppose the aerodynamics. When we add a windshield, it can have a huge impact.

It is because of the air curves around the windshield and goes around our bodies more efficiently. simply visit the nearest bike shop and you will find a ton of windshield that can be attached to the bike’s handlebars.

They are also very affordable and won’t create a hole in your pocket. Once you have done all of these you will feel a difference of around 5km/h added to your original speed.

Last Words

So, these were some of the common and effective methods to increase the speed of your e-bike drastically. The higher speed is great fun on an empty road or along the mountains however you must follow the traffic laws and wear a helmet to protect yourself from any kind of accident.

Also don’t even try to ride an e-bike that you don’t comfortable or cannot handle. It is fun to blaze through the road with your high-speed budget e-bike but sometimes it’s better to go slow and enjoy the ride.

With that being said, in case you have further queries regarding any of the methods we have listed above then don’t forget to shoot them at us.

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