Technological advancements have made creating a theatre-like experience super easy. Now, you can bring the finest version of entertainment at home by getting your hands on a soundbar and subwoofer.

Designed to promise you a solid bass and sound quality that can be customized to cater to your needs, the LG soundbar and subwoofer are a must-try, and you also must be curious to know how to pair the LG soundbar with the subwoofer. Although they are created for music enthusiasts who are beginners in technology, there might be a chance that you are sitting in front of the setup and wondering- Why is my sound bar not working?

The answer is simple because they are designed to start with just a power plug-in automatically. However, you might be struggling with the process, so worry no more because it will only take you 5 minutes to get the setup up and going.

Reset your LG soundbar

1. Remote Reset

Remote Reset

If you are finding it hard to operate your LG soundbar or the soundbar is not getting connected to your subwoofer/other devices, then a few simple steps can help you-

  • Method 1- Your soundbar comes with a remote for easy access. On the remote, you will be able to see a power button. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds, and your soundbar will turn off automatically. Turn the soundbar on again, and it will start functioning properly.
  • Method 2- If the simple method doesn’t work, then it’s time to use the LG trick. Locate the volume down and the sound effect button. Press and hold them for 5 seconds simultaneously. This will reset your soundbar and ensure easy connectivity to other devices.

2. No-remote Reset

No-remote Reset

Just in case your devices fail to connect automatically, this does not mean that there is a fault in them. You can easily connect them manually. Let’s see how that can be done in these quick steps-

  • Method 1- Firstly, you must have noticed that your soundbar has multiple buttons, either on the front or back. Find the “Power” and “Bluetooth” buttons. Hold them for 10 seconds simultaneously, and you are done. Your sound bar has been reset for an amazing experience.
  • Method 2- If the 1st method did not work, you do not need to panic. Find the Bluetooth button and press it. Now, if your soundbar has a display screen, you will be able to see the RESET message that you can select and reset your device. For soundbar models with no display screen, the blinking light on the Bluetooth button is an indication that your device is ready for reset.
  • Method 3- If none of the methods work, then you are left with no option but to factory reset your device. Firstly, turn off the soundbar and ensure that all other devices have forgotten the soundbar from their Bluetooth history. Turn on the soundbar again, and Wollah! Your soundbar has been reset.

Troubleshooting the Issue

Troubleshooting the Issue

Usually, these two methods promise a successful reset, and you will be able to enjoy an amazing sound quality. However, in any case, if they don’t work, then probably it’s time for you to troubleshoot the issue. Wondering how to do this?

Cross-check the connectivity by following these suggestions.

  • Turn the device on and then turn it on again.
  • Ensure there is no obstacle around the plug or the device.
  • Make sure the wall plug is functioning properly.
  • You might not have plugged the cord correctly; cross-check the cords.
  • Make sure the cord is not twisted.

After this, you will be able to reset your device easily.

Round Up!

And it’s done. Your query is resolved within minutes. You are ready for a truly amazing movie/party night. If you are still facing issues, then you can always get in touch with the customer service facility of LG, and they will solve your queries. Drop them a mail or call their customer care number from the official website.

The tech industry is not only focusing on enhancing the sound deliverables in these devices but also ensuring they are user-friendly. With an LG soundbar and subwoofer, you can turn your TV or laptop into an amazing audio device that enhances every watching experience. Finding technical problems in the soundbar and subwoofer is not an issue to panic about; there are multiple ways to fix them without paying any extra charges.

Enjoy your favorite tunes with an impeccable sound quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is My LG Sound Bar Not Working?

If you have purchased a new model and it is not working, first, make sure you have connected it to a functioning power plug on the wall. Reconnect the soundbar cord and restart the device. You will know that the soundbar is working when you see a blinking LED light.

Why Do I Need a Reset?

If you are facing issues with your LG soundbar, then resetting the device can help you. Resetting the LG soundbar can help you with smooth connectivity to other devices and impeccable sound quality.

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