The ginger root has long since made its way into the different cuisines of the world. It adds impeccable flavor and taste to every dish. Ginger tea is also known for having unique healing powers. So, this perennial herb is always in demand at the local stores. But with all this demand, who is supplying the pounds and pounds of ginger in American markets?

Not every kind of vegetable grows the same everywhere. To grow ginger UK well, the climate needs to be warm, with precise soil conditions. And there are very few places in the US where you can plant ginger with hopes of a good crop.

In this article, we discuss the major states that supply the ginger needed for everyday dishes in the US. 

Ginger Production

The ginger plant may not be native to the American soil, but it can be grown here. China and India are the two main countries that have had a monopoly on the root. But ginger first made its way to Europe in the 1500s as part of the spices imported from Asia. Ever since then, the plant has been in high demand. 

Ginger Production

In today’s market, the United States, the UK, and Japan are the top importers of ginger root. The most popular suppliers are the countries of China, Brazil, and Thailand. There is a high demand for ginger in the US, out of which Hawaii meets about 20%. 

Popular Ginger Varieties in The US

Broadly speaking, two varieties of ginger are grown in the US. The hardy kind can be grown outdoors naturally. But the soft ginger root requires special care indoors. However, you can buy 3 basic types of ginger in the market.

Popular Ginger Varieties in The US

  • Chinese Ginger: This root can be used fresh or dried for cooking and is found throughout the country. They are a hardy kind of crop that produces aromatic rhizomes. 
  • Japanese Ginger: This tender root produces beautiful flowers and pink to red fruits. The product usually has a rich yellow color and remains on the smaller side throughout the year. 
  • Australian Ginger: This variety of ginger is neither tender nor hardy and can be produced throughout the country. 

Which State Produces the Most Ginger: Hawaii

As made apparent by its origin location, the ginger root thrives in warm climates. So, in the US, only those regions that get plenty of sun can grow this successfully. The 5 most popular states where ginger is grown successfully are Hawaii, California, Florida, Arizona, and Texas. Amongst these, Hawaii produces the most of this delicious spice. 

Which State Produces the Most Ginger

You can find both Chinese and Japanese varieties of ginger in Hawaii. However, their availability is not a whole year long. Only from November to May can you enjoy ginger locally. The production of this root is usually concentrated around the Hilo area of the county. 

Other States That Produce Remarkable Ginger


A warm and sunny state where planting ginger would yield bumper results is California. The Golden State is known for its beautiful scenery and climate; tropical plants like ginger thrive under their full sun. In places like Orange County, there are plenty of small-scale organic gardens that successfully produce ginger. Planting in the spring is sure to give you the best out of your ginger plant. 


Florida has a warm climate that usually attracts the cultivation of all sorts of tropical plants. And ginger, for one, has the capacity of growing very well in their soil. However, the size of the rhizomes found on Floridian soil is small compared to Hawaiian ones. Compared to other tropical places, Florida gets smaller days and cool temperatures in spring and fall, cutting the cultivation period of ginger short. But the warmer parts of the state have enormous potential to grow the root.



Even though states like Hawaii and Florida take the crown for producing the best ginger, Texan gingers are also popular. The climate in Southern Texas is perfect for small-scale farmers to go into the ginger business. As the days are warm, planting in March offers a long summer for the roots to develop. Just keep an eye out for fungal diseases and root rot. 


Just like the other states in this list, Arizona, too, gets nice sunny weather the year round. It is most conducive to growing ginger, whether on a big scale or small. However, keeping an eye out for the last frost gives an estimate as to when the planting should take place. These details would help you harvest the perfect ginger. 

Wrapping Up!

To grow ginger in bulk enough to supply it locally, the climate needs to be warm. But the unlimited States of America lies in the Northern Hemisphere, meaning not everywhere do we find tropical climates. Even though the nation imports most of its ginger, there is an amount produced locally. Hawaii, the Aloha State, produces about 20% of the ginger consumed by the US. 

But apart from Hawaii, other states produce Chinese ginger. Florida and California, especially, can produce these exemplary roots. Their climate makes it ideal for farmers to grow hardy ginger on a large scale. What is your favorite recipe that requires lots of ginger?

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