The world today is continuously changing, new technology is sprouting every day, making life increasingly easier. Taking care and reaching out to people is now easier than ever. Several studies have shown that technology can help in optimising the lifestyle patterns of the elderly.

The adult population is at increased risk of loneliness, isolation, and declining health status. Using technology to assist them in finding a community with skilled nursing services can improve their lifestyle and health status. Staying connected using modern medical technology devices and constant monitoring can be a great way to help the elderly of society.

It’s normal to worry about the safety of the elders in the family. Thus, more institutions offer services to assist our loved ones and know more about assisted living. At such a fragile age, it’s essential to be aware of the problems they are facing and the best way to assist them. Senile age brings with it several challenges. There is weakness, problems with mobility, decreased strength, forgetfulness and much more.

Using gadgets that can help the elderly is an emerging field in healthcare and security, some technologies like security cameras have made lives easier by allowing the caregiver to monitor their elderly from wherever they are.

Creating such systems of security and management for solving their problems is now more essential than ever. This is particularly important for memory care services, where innovative solutions can enhance the safety and well-being of individuals with cognitive impairments.

Here are some of the best gadgets for elderly that have already succeeded in taking care of our elders when we cannot.

3 Useful Gadgets for the Elderly

Active Aging Companions

This is a great device to keep older adults active and engaged at home. The latest technology in this device promotes better connectivity with friends and family. This is technology simplified, and the ease of its use makes it a must-have for the elders.

The gadget is designed in a way to keep elderly people more engaged and involved. With this, you don’t have to worry about older adults staying alone as the assistance of this gadget promotes healthy ageing.

Some of the remarkable features of Active Aging Companion are:

  • Conversation
  • Health reminders
  • Music streaming
  • Curated videos
  • Wellness
  • Morning motivation
  • Cognitive games
  • Calendar with important dates
  • The latest news and much more

The intuitive and straightforward way with which it works is truly remarkable. This customised gadget works well with gaze, touch, and voice.

The dual cameras, quad microphone array, temperature sensor and brush motors make this a power-packed gadget. If you are worried about the elderly in your family, this robotic companion is a perfect device for them.

Home security cameras

Investing in home security cameras for the elderly population is a brilliant decision. For patients of dementia and other illnesses, this camera becomes vital. For loved ones who are away from their elderly, having a security camera system can keep them reassured. Many nursing homes and assisted home care have been using this to administer health facilities and continuously monitor people.

Many experts recommend installing cameras both outside and inside the home so that you can continuously monitor their health and what is happening. In case of an emergency event or perceived danger, you can quickly inform the concerned authorities as well as go there yourself to help them.

The marketplace today is flooded with security cameras, and several options are available based on your preferences. You can choose between live footage 24/7, recording event history, and much more. A preferred security camera for the elderly should have-instant notification and alert system long battery life, loud siren, and cloud storage connection.

Some of the best models for security cameras for the elderly are – SimpliCam and Google Nest Aware. They are straightforward to use and designed with precision. It’s easy to install them, and they can be upgraded with the latest features from time to time.

Digital pill dispenser

Ageing brings along with it it’s own set of challenges. The onset of severe complications negatively affects the elderly. One of the most common symptoms observed is dementia. Elderly often forget to take medicines on time. The latest technology of digital pills dispensers works well by reminding them of taking meds at the same time each day.

This gadget supports polypharmacy and can hold up to 10 pills a day. This can be customised based on any schedule, and the alerts continuously remind them to dispense prescriptions. Most digital pills dispensers can store up to 90 days worth of pills. Most dispensers can also easily connect with mobile apps, where the schedule can be managed.

Technology has changed the way we look at safety and healthcare. With the elderly population at high risk of several diseases and symptoms, proper assisted technology must be used.

Investing in a home safety system and assisted technology has been shown to improve longevity and overall health status. If you are worried about the wellbeing of your senior citizens, plan technological intervention and gadgets for them.

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