Acer trees, also known as Japanese maple, are beautiful plant-sized trees that are mostly grown in Japan. One of those that are ideal for pots cause they are unique and give a colorful look to your garden.

The best time to repot a tree is said to be the start and ending of winter. Reporting Acer trees is important to provide them with enough nutrients from time to time.  Repotting Acer provides them enough space to grow and expand and increases the growing speed of plants. 

 In the below article, we will study how and when to re-pot the Acer tree into a new one. 

Step-By-Step Guide to Repot Acer

1. Wait for The Right Time

Wait for The Right Time

To report your Acer, you have to wait for the right time, which is either early spring or early fall season. These are two seasons when trees are not actively growing, so, in comparison with other seasons, repotting them on this season will give them less transplant shock. You can go with other seasons as well, but you will not get the best results in the other seasons. 

2. Prepare the Pot

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To prepare the pot, you will require a pot that is twice the volume of the tree root ball (if potting from no pot) or a few inches bigger than the previous one (if you are repotting the plant). Take a pot which is made up of stone or terracotta, which provides your plant insulation and moisture retention. The pot must have proper drainage holes and a wide base. 

3. Remove the Acer from the Old Pot

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The next step is the removal of the plant from the old pot, which has to be performed carefully. You can remove the plant in two ways. The first is by tapping or squeezing the sides of the pot, which will lose the root ball. If the tree comes out to be pot-bound or if roots get tangled, then in this situation, you must use your hand or fingers.

4. Inspection


No, don’t place the plant directly in the new pot; you have to inspect it first. Now, check if the roots have any kind of disease or not, and check if there is any sign of damage or circling roots. If you find any of those, then it is better to cut them off by using clean tools (to prevent the passing of bacteria), like pruning sheers or scissors.  

5. Place It in The New Potc

Place It in The New Pot .jpg

Moving on to another important step, which is the placement of the plant in the new pot. Place it on the center of the pot, watch out, and make sure that the root ball is just below the rim of the pot. After this step, spread the soil evenly on the surface. 

6. Add More Soil

Add More Soil

Take some fresh soil and start placing it in those places where you find gaps. Doing this will eliminate the air pockets. The soil must contain 50% well-drained soil and 50% compost. 

7. Daily Care  

Daily Care

Place your plant in a sheltered place with dappled or partial sunlight, protecting it from extreme sunlight, strong winds, and frost. After that, start caring for your plants by watering them at least twice a day. 


So, after going through the process of repotting Acer, we conclude that the best time to repot an Acer is early spring and late fall season. During the process, make sure that the pot you have has draining holes to avoid waterlogging. Select a pot that is twice the size of the root ball and care for it to see the best results. Your Acer is ready to shine!  

Do you have Acer trees at your home? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Time to Repot the Acer Tree?

The best time to plant Acer is at the end of winter (i.e. April or September). Usually, during this period, plants have the least growth and do not feel so active, preventing them from extreme transplant shock. Make sure to report the Acer into a slightly larger container once a year.     

When Should I Report My Japanese Acer?

While repotting a plant, Acer, you must keep some major points in mind. Some of them are waiting for the right time, repotting them in a pot that is a few inches bigger than the previous one and cleaning the pot nicely to avoid germ transmission. After repotting, provide them with all the care and repeat the process once a year or two.    

Do Acers Need a Big Pot?

Partially yes, make sure that every time during repotting, the size of the pot is twice the size of the root ball. But, do not aim for pots that are too big, and buy those pots that have drainage holes to prevent water logging. Remember to clean the pot nicely before planting your tree on it. 

How Do I Make My Acer Bushy?

If you want shrubby growth for your Acer, then you have to take care of them. Water them twice a day and keep them at a place where they are getting enough sunlight. One more thing you can do is prune the new shoots to a short trunk, and this will enhance the beauty of your Acer. 

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