For those eager people who are looking forward to renovating their kitchen garden, growing colourful and juicy tomatoes is a great choice. This not just lets you enjoy yummy and healthy homegrown tomatoes, but it’s also a great colourful addition to your garden. In addition, a wide variety of tomatoes can be grown at home easily.

Whether you are experienced at gardening or just a beginner, it doesn’t matter. Growing tomatoes is easy and rewarding. To help you choose the best Yellow and Orange tomato varieties, here is a full beginner’s gardening guide. Happy gardening!

Best Yellow and Orange Tomatoes Varieties to Grow 

From tangy and sweet to rich and complex, the flavour profiles of yellow and orange tomatoes can provide a pleasant change from traditional red tomatoes. Here are a few yellow and orange tomato varieties you can grow:

1. Jaune Flamme

Jaune Flamme

Jaune Flamme is a popular French heirloom tomato variety that grows in beautiful bright orange colours. These tomatoes taste sweet and sour and can be the best combination for salads and making tomatoes pure. These plants continue to grow and produce fruit until the first frost. Jaune Flamme tomatoes can grow up to 2-3 inches in diameter, giving your kitchen garden good coverage.

2. Kellogg’s Breakfast

Kellogg's Breakfast

As the name suggests, Kellogg’s breakfast is the best choice for a healthy breakfast. These tomatoes are particularly famous for their meaty texture, large size and exceptional flavours. Named after Darrell Kellogg, Kellogg’s Tomatoes holds a history behind its name. These tomatoes are large and can weigh about 1 pound. 

3. Sun Gold Pole Cherry Tomato

Sun Gold Pole Cherry Tomato

Tired of your kids throwing tantrums about eating veggies? Not anymore! Bring home these beautiful bright orange cherry tomatoes and see how your kids enjoy them. The tomatoes are fruity and sweet. Sun Gold Pole Cherry Tomatoes are quite small and grow 1 inch in size in round shape. Also, these cheery fruits are seasonal and stop growing after a specific period. 

4. Orange Jubilee

Orange Jubilee

Orange Jubilee is a bright orange heirloom tomato variety with sweet, juicy and tangy flavours. The plants are long, can grow up to 6 feet tall, and may require external support. Orange Jubilee is the best choice to make your favourite Red pepper & tomato salsa.

5. Aunt Ruby’s German Green

Aunt Ruby's German Green

Aunt Ruby’s German Green is another colourful variety of heirloom tomatoes in yellowish-green shades. The flavours are rich, juicy, and sweet. Unlike other tomatoes, these tomatoes are so velvety and soft in texture. 

6. Orange Strawberry

Orange Strawberry

Orange Strawberry! The name itself sounds colourful. In addition to its unique shape and flavour, the Orange Strawberry tomato is also high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, making it a perfect choice for all health-conscious people. These plants can grow as tall as 6 feet with external support to balance the plant’s weight. Orange strawberries are good for salads and sauces. 

7. Yellow Pear

Yellow Pear

The Yellow Pear tomato is popularly known for its pear-like shape. These tomatoes are small and grow in distinctive pear shapes. The mild, tender and juicy flavours make them perfect for salads and food dressing. These tomatoes usually grow 1-2 inches long with a thin skin. 

8. Lemon Boy

Lemon Boy

Lemon Boy looks as attractive as its name. This plant is indeterminate and produces medium-sized bright yellow fruit with a tangy, juicy flavour with a hint of sweetness. Lemon Boy tomatoes are renowned for their excellent yield, disease resistance, and easy cultivation, making them a perfect option for experienced and novice gardeners.

9. Hillbilly


Also known as the Hillbilly potato leaf variety, it is an original and delicious heirloom tomato variety that gardeners favour. This variety of tomatoes is essential in the market for farmers due to its huge dimensions and delightful flavour. It’s also a great option for gardeners seeking a distinctive and lovely tomato variety to plant in their gardens. It is generally produced in warmer climates. However, it is also able to grow in colder climates through the use of an enclosure or another structure.

10. Orange Russian 117

Orange Russian 117

Orange Russian 117 has an exciting story that reflects well in its heart-like shape. The variety of tomatoes is named for its distinctive orange hue and its origins in Russia. Russian 117 tomatoes are medium to large and weigh between 10-12 ounces. They have a slightly sloping globe shape. The tomato’s skin is bright orange with a smooth texture.

11. Orange Oxheart

Orange Oxheart

This variety of tomatoes has heart-shaped, large fruits with a stunning orange hue and a smoky and delicious texture. Orange Oxheart has a sweet and tangy flavour ideal for slicing and adding to salads and sandwiches.

12. Basinga Yellow Tomato

Basinga Yellow Tomato

The Basinga Yellow tomato grows in medium to large-sized fruits. Unlike other round tomatoes, their shape is a little flattened and ribbed. It is well-known for its prolific yield and resistance to disease. The Basinga yellow tomato is ideal for those looking to add flavour and variety to their garden. This heirloom tomato variety grows throughout the season.

13. Yellow Brandywine

Yellow Brandywine

Yellow Brandywine has the most brilliant yellow hue and delicious, sweet flavour. The tomatoes weigh up to 1 pound, which makes the perfect addition to any garden or farmer’s market. It’s similar to pumpkins, is sweet and tart, and is among the best tomatoes you’ll ever taste for breakfast. It’s also known due to its lower acidity and sugar content, contributing to its sweet and tangy flavour. This variety of tomatoes is an excellent option for people seeking a tomato that is not overly acidic and has a more mild flavour.

14. Orange Cherry

Orange Cherry

The Orange Cherry tomato is an appealing and visually stunning kind of tomato. The name suggests that this variety of tomatoes has tiny, round, vibrant orange fruits with an incredibly sweet and juicy taste, which is great for salads. The tomato variety plants are quite productive, with each plant producing many fruits throughout the season. This variety of tomatoes is popular among gardeners at home due to its simple cultivation and delicious flavour.

15. Gold Medal

Gold Medal

Gold Medal is a unique kind of tomato that is available in bi-colour. This variety of tomatoes has big, juicy fruits that weigh up to 2 pounds. Gold Medal tomato is a stunning orange-yellow tomato variety with red stripes. The flesh is sweet and flavorful with a sweet, slightly tangy taste. Gold Medal tomatoes grow at least 8 feet tall and produce many tasty fruits throughout the season.

16. Yellow Currant

Yellow Currant

Yellow Currant is ideal for those looking to grow tiny, cute cherries in their hanging gardens. The fruit bursts with a sweet and tangy flavour and is a great snack or salad ingredient. The plant is extremely productive and produces many tomatoes during the season. This variety of tomatoes is well-known for its delicious taste.

17. Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom

Like the Cherry blossom, the Orange Blossoms fill your garden with bright colours. This variety of tomatoes has medium-sized to large-sized fruit with a flat and slightly ribbed appearance, glowing orange skin and an incredibly juicy and meaty texture. The taste that comes from the Orange Blossom tomato is sweet and spicy, with hints of spice and citrus that make it a popular choice for gourmet foodies and chefs. These tomatoes continue producing fruits throughout the growing season.

18. Yellow Roma

Yellow Roma

The Yellow Roma tomato plant is believed to require full sun and well-drained soil. It also benefits from regular fertilization and watering. Tomatoes of this type have a uniform size. They also have an attractive and vibrant colour that adds colour to any dish. The tomatoes are a soft, meaty texture and a slight tanginess and sweetness that is great to cook with and are a favourite by home cooks.


When growing yellow tomatoes variety, choosing a location in your garden that receives full sun and has well-draining soil is essential. Tomatoes also benefit from regular pruning to encourage healthy growth and fruit production.

Be sure to watch for pests and diseases and address any issues promptly to prevent damage to your plants. Then, you can enjoy a bountiful harvest of delicious yellow and orange tomatoes with proper care!

Overall, yellow and orange tomatoes come in various shapes, sizes, and flavours. So whether you’re looking for a large, meaty tomato for slicing, a small cherry tomato for snacking, or a unique tomato for stuffing or preserving, there’s sure to be a variety that suits your needs. So why not grow vibrant and delicious tomatoes in your garden this season?

Please tell us which tomatoes you will grow in your yard in the comment section.

Emma Johnson

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