American style fridge freezer is something that all of us dream of having in our home. The look, the feel, the luxury that it provides it to our home is beyond description. But, when it comes to the efficiency in energy savings, these are not as efficient as our conventional ones.

If you look at the data provided by the recent research on American fridge freezer, you will be surprised to know that their lifetime running cost is as much as 350 Euros in an A+ rated American fridge freezer. This is as huge as buying a second fridge freezer for your home.

Let us understand the causes of it in detail.


Refrigeration Compressors

So, why is it sucks more energy that the traditional ones? The answer is quite simple and easy to understand.
The traditional fridges are divided into 2 compartments- one is above one and the other is at the bottom of the fridge.

But in American fridge freezer both the compartments are beside one another. Therefore, when you look at keeping the food cold then above and below compartments are better ones than the side by side compartments.

The reason for this is the compressor placement which is placed near the large vertical freezer compartment. It gets hot quickly and therefore the compressor has an extra load on it to maintain the temperature inside the freezer. Therefore, it uses more energy to do so and hence, your electricity bills go up.

Impact of size

Fridge Freezer Size Comparison

When it comes to size, it is commonly believed that bigger the size bigger the energy consumption. But it is not all true. Yes, it’s true that fridge freezer sizes are on rise in UK from the last decade. The best efficient fridge freezer of the American models consumes more power than the UK ones.

There are more than 19 million fridge freezers are in UK where side by side is on the top of sales. The most important that customers look into is the coldness of the fridge freezer. Therefore, if you are thinking about saving electricity bills then you must look for the design and the size that is essential according to your house.
Make the Best Choice

According to the ToptenUK, they are also working with the analysis of the other products to finish myths of the other appliances. Pushing the appliances to the higher efficiency in the field of the energy savings is their first priority. These includes efficiency in higher technological improvements. However, refrigerator is a little bit tricky one and making it energy efficient with best features will require a lot of efforts.

Wrapping it Up

Most of the customers think that A+ rating resembles that you are going to get one of the best energy efficient product for you. But it is a big myth. A+ is the lowest rating that you get in a fridge freezer.

However, it is better to revert back to the A-G scale and this scale should reflect the market and leaves the top products empty handed. Though, the current system will be the same it is now for couple of years more but we hope that it will change and the new technological improvements will provide us better energy efficient products in future.


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  1. Things being what they are, for what reason is it sucks more energy than the conventional ones?

  2. Bennington Chester Reply

    With regards to an estimate, it is ordinarily accepted that greater the size greater the energy utilization. Be that as it may, it isn’t all valid.

    • Amelia Wilson Reply

      Yes, you are right. It all depends on the energy star rating.

  3. Bune Poseci Reply

    The vast majority of the clients believe that A+ rating looks like that you will get a standout among st the best energy effective item for you. In any case, it is a major fantasy.

  4. Caesar Irving Reply

    The cost of American fridge freezer is as gigantic as purchasing a second refrigerator for your home.

  5. Gabriel Peter Reply

    looking forward to buy a Fridge any particular buying guide?

    • Amelia Wilson Reply

      We have a dedicated article for that. Kindly check it out.

  6. Haley Alex Reply

    What’s the average energy consumption for american fridge?

  7. Werner Heisenberg Reply

    The article is very informative, looking forward for more such posts.

  8. Can you tell me exactly which type of American refrigerator is the most energy efficient out of all?

  9. Godwin Mike Reply

    What’s the energy consumption in this type of refrigerator?

  10. Hey, i am going to buy one of them. Do they really use a lot of electricity?

    • Amelia Wilson Reply

      Not really, make sure to buy something which is energy efficient.

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