Refrigerators are one of the large appliances in our home without which it has become difficult to live nowadays. Right after you buy one, it takes a sweet spot in our day to day usage. Although they are very useful at the same time when it comes to moving a refrigerator from one place to another, everyone will take a step back.

They are bulky as well as costly so you have to make sure you move it right without adding some dents or scratches on its shiny body. Depending upon the distance, it’s better to leave it on professionals in case you have to move it to a completely new location, your new home, apartment, etc.

Well, if the professionals are not answering the call or you are moving out on short notice then this guide will teach you how to move a refrigerator in the right way.

Things you will need

Before getting started with moving your American fridge freezer you will need to keep certain things ready.

● Appliance dolly – To Carry the Fridge Freezer outside.
● Measuring Tape – To Measure the Fridge and Doorways.
● Screwdriver – To disconnect the Fridge.
● Moving Blankets – To prevent the fridge from getting dents or Scratches.
● Tape – To Secure the Fridge.
● A helping Hand – Minimum of two people are required to handle the fridge properly.

Here’s How You Can Move a Fridge Safely

We will always recommend you to call a professional to do such tasks. If calling a professional is not an option and you have decided that you are going to do it yourself then here the following things you should follow to move the American fridge freezer safely.

Cleaning the Fridge Freezer

The first step is to prepare the refrigerator for moving. Start by removing all the stuff from your refrigerator. You can also plan ahead by finishing all the eatables which spoil-prone in the coming week. You can also prepare and keep enough ice to keep all the food chilled during the refrigerator is getting moved.

Once everything is removed, remove all the drawers and accessories and clean everything thoroughly. You can use detergent or simply mix baking soda and water. In case you have ice in the freezer simply let it out to melt or use the defrost feature to get rid of it. Once these are done turn off the fridge to avoid moisture inside the fridge.

Disconnecting the Fridge and Accessories

Some of the best American fridge freezer come with features such as water and ice dispenser and before you move your refrigerator you have to disconnect such things. Make sure you drain out all the water from the tank and remove the pipe from the waterline.

Every fridge has its own type of connection so it’s better to take a look at the user manual to get the right instructions. Finally, stick the power cord to the back of your fridge using a sticking tape. Once this is done using a moving blanket or bubble wrap and pack the exterior firmly to give some extra protection.

Measuring the Fridge and finding a Way out

Use the measuring tape, a pen, and a paper and measure the dimension of the fridge. This is just to make sure the doorway is large enough to let the fridge out. Now measure the door and see if it’s working out for you. If the door is small and won’t let the fridge out then you might have to look for an alternative door, maybe your backdoor. When you have created a plan, it’s time to move the fridge out and load it up on a dolly.

Loading it onto the dolly

Nowadays most of the refrigerators come with caster wheels which makes it easy to move around in your house. To load the fridge on the dolly just lift the fridge forward so the backside goes up now slide the dolly underneath and hold the front side then push it back to load it completely on the dolly. Make sure you don’t push the dolly on the front or back of the fridge. It may cause it to fall straight on the floor. Now use the dolly straps and tighten the fridge into its place.

Take Precaution to move it safely

Now it’s time to move the fridge outside on the dolly. Take help from your friends or family and tell them to guide the fridge on the dolly. The person should be behind the dolly and make the fridge is correctly positioned and tightened up. Keep in mind that you should not tilt the fridge more than 45 degrees in angle otherwise, it will fall because of its heavyweight.

Loading the Fridge on the Truck

Finally, when the fridge is moved outside of your home it is time to load it on the truck and take it wherever you want to. So, now you will require a plank to guide it onto the truck. Don’t try to lift the fridge as it may cause it some damage.

Once it is loaded on the truck secure the fridge using straps, you can also leave the fridge on the dolly because when you reach the destination you won’t have to repeat everything once again.

Final Words

So, this was an easy illustration of how you can safely move your American fridge freezer from one place to another. After your fridge has safely arrived at its new location you should wait for some time before plugging it in and adding your food back again.

For extra safety, I would like to add some more tips.

  • While moving the refrigerator always store it in the upright position.
  • Use straps and tighten the refrigerator on the dolly and make sure the fridge is not moving around while it’s on the dolly.
  • If you are moving the fridge or bringing it down from upstairs then take help from one or two extra people and instead of pushing it down with dolly. Lift the dolly and take one step at a time.
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