Alstroemeria is a beautiful plant with vibrant colors that add elegance and beauty to your garden. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also very easy to grow if proper care and resources are provided to them. They were originally found in South America but now can be grown all around the world. They can grow in many colors, like red, purple, yellow, orange, and others, which can make your garden colorful. They are also known as “Peruvian lily” or “Lilly of the Incas.” And you can also look for some alstroemeria problems

Some of the Alstroemeria flowers are Bali, candy, Fougera, Inca ice, Indian summer, Princess Fabian, and many more.      

1. Selection of Parent Plant

Selection of Parent Plant

If you want your cut plant to be healthy, then the parent plant or the plant you are choosing to cut must also be healthy and well-established. Select a plant that is free from all diseases and pests. Sometimes, timings also play an important role, so don’t cut the plant when it’s blooming. This shifts the energy of the plant and prevents the blooming of the plant.

2. Take Cuttings

Take Cuttings

In the next step, we will take some fresh and clean pairs (it is important to clean cause it prevents the introduction of pathogens to the cuttings) of scissors, sharp knives, or pruning shears to take the cutting from the parent plant. It is suggested to cut the plant from the stem, which at least has a node. It is recommended to wear gloves while performing these tasks. 

3. Remove Leaves

Remove Leaves

Now, moving on to the next part, which is the removal of leaves, remove the leaves of the stem except the some which are at the top. It leads to a reduction of water loss and focuses on root development. Cut the leaves except for the node (where leaves buds grow), as most of the Alstroemeria are sensitive, so be gentle with the leaves and do not break the node.  

4. Preparing the Soil

Preparing the Soil .jpg

Moving on to the next part, where you have to arrange the soil and environment in such a way that they can get all the nutrients so that they can get a supportive environment for growing. The soil must be well-drained and retain some moisture without getting waterlogged. Also, the pot you are using must be cleaned nicely cause Alstroemeria are sensitive and need a lot of care.   

5. Plant the Cuttings

Plant the Cuttings

The next step is planting the cutting, which must be performed carefully. First, select a boat that has drainage holes at the bottom to prevent waterlogging. Now, start planting the stem in such a way that at least one node is buried below the surface. If you are planning to use a big container, then you can plant multiple cutting 12 to 24 inches apart. 

6. Care for Them

Care for Them

After performing all these important steps, next is catering to them. Just imagine that they are your baby and you are their parent. Provide them with all the basic needs like water, sunlight, and maintaining humidity. If you live in a place with high temperatures, then you can install a shed for them. No matter how well you performed the above steps, if you can’t take of them, everything will be wasted. 

7. Transplanting 


Transplanting in the plant is moving the growing plant into another pot. You can transplant your plant after 4 to 8 weeks of planting them. At this point, they have developed roots and are showing growth. Though this step is optional, it is recommended cause it will help your plant grow healthily.   


The conclusion is that yes, an Alstroemeria can be grown from cutting. So, if you are someone who loves to grow plants or is a plant lover, you can try this way and get a beautiful and vibrant garden in return. Alstroemeria are quite sensitive, so it will be good if you handle them with care and love.  

Do you have Alstroemeria at your home? Let us know some Alstroemeria problems that are faced during the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do You Cut Alstroemeria?

Alstroemeria is one of those rare plants where growing them from cuttings is easier than growing them from seeds. It is suggested to cut the Alstroemeria from the stem by pulling it from the base and then trim it in such a way that it can fit the vase.  

How Do I Start Alstroemeria?

Rather than starting it from seed, it is best to buy the established plants from a nursery. After that, plant them at a distance of 12 to 24 inches apart in well-drained soil, and make sure that the temperature of the soil is maintained, causing Alstroemeria to die in the soil which is too hot or cold for them.  

Can Alstroemeria Be Grown in Pots?

Yes, you can grow Alstroemeria in pots. You just have to take some precautions, like the size of the pot is greater than the size of the Alstroemeria. Also, don’t forget to add some support while growing them.

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