There are all sorts of features that a modern refrigerator comes with. One of them being the water and ice dispenser. This feature makes everything very convenient and if you are looking forward to buying the best American fridge freezer then consider looking for one which has built-in water and ice dispenser.

Although refrigerators with water and ice dispenser cost a little higher the features, they come with seems to overshadow it. A water and ice dispenser not only ensure that you always have clean and filtered drinking water but also saves you a lot of space when it comes to storing bottles in your refrigerator.

These water and ice dispenser also come in two different types. The first one is non-plumbed which comes with a water tank inside the refrigerator and you have to fill water manually in it. The other one is plumbed which is directly connected to a water supply and has a constant supply of water so you don’t have to refill water every time.

Do you own an American fridge freezer with a plumbed water and ice dispenser? then this article is for you. Often when we change our home or move the refrigerator to a different place you have to reconnect it to the water supply. In today’s article, let’s check out the step by step guide on your you can connect your American fridge freezer to a water supply.

Benefits of Having a Water and Ice Dispenser

A water and ice dispenser is simply a lifesaver for the consumers. With a press of a button, you can have a chilled glass of water to keep you hydrated throughout the day. This will make your daily life a lot simpler and much more pleasant. If you have a medium to the large family then there will be definitely a lot more consumption of water and investing in a fridge with water and ice dispenser will be great for your family. It saves a lot of your time in a busy life as well as saves you a lot of energy.

They are also connected to a water filter which ensures there is no mercury, lead and various other unwanted substances in your water. So, it is very important to keep your family healthy. Lastly, it helps you get rid of the jugs and water bottles which takes up a lot of space inside the refrigerator and in the summer, there will be no space left to keep the food as the entire refrigerator is sometimes filled with bottles. By investing in a fridge with water and ice dispenser you can get rid of such problems.

How to connect your Fridge to a Water Supply

Connecting your American fridge freezer to a water supply is very simple and it becomes much quicker if you follow our step by step guide mentioned below. As some fridge comes with an external water filter while some come with inbuilt water filter, we have two different methods to follow.

Units which comes with an external filter

1. Mount the water filter vertically on a surface other than the refrigerator itself. It should also be adjacent to the water supply tap. Now you have to use the fittings which come in the installation kit to connect the tap and the filter using a short pipe.

2. Measure the distance from the tap and water filter and cut a piece of the pipe according to it. One end of the pipe will be connected to the water tap while the other end is to be connected to the bottom end of the filter.

3. The remaining piece of pipe which is left is to be used to connect the top end of the filter and the other end will go into the water valve on your appliance. In our case, it is the refrigerator. You can easily locate the water valve as it is usually situated behind the rear panel on the lower right-hand side of the fridge.

4. Simply use the fittings and connect all end of the pipe to the tap, filter and the rear of the refrigerator. Keep in mind that there are few other pipes you will find on the rear panel. One of them is connected to the ice dispenser while the other end is connected to the tank and make sure you leave them alone.

Units which comes with an internal filter

1. The American fridge freezer which comes with an internal water filter is very easy to connect to the water supply as compared to the first method one we showed above.

2. The filter is located inside of the refrigerator and is easily accessible if you want to change it. As there are no external filters the pipe which will be connected to the water supply is simply hanging on the back of the refrigerator.

3. Now you will notice two pipes at the back, one is connected to the water filter and the water valve while the other one has it’s one end open. You have to connect the pipe from the water tap into this open end. The fittings will also be slightly different since you have to connect two pipes with each other.

4. Simply use the fittings which come with the installation kit and connect the water tap to the internal water filter and you are good to go.

Final Words

Keep note that a lot of American fridge freezers come with different fitting while some come with more than one hoses. Some models with an in-door ice maker will have two hoses while the same kind of model from a different company will only have one. So, it is very important to read the user manual first to get a clear idea of what you are working with.

With that said, finally when you have done connecting the water supply make sure you at least drain 3 litres of water out of your water dispenser to make sure there is no leaking and everything is working fine.

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