The main point of buying the refrigerator is to keep the food fresh for a longer period of time. It is one of the most important to have in a modern kitchen. Setting the proper temperature on your refrigerator will not only keeps the food item fresh but also improves the performance of the refrigerator.

The Freezer which is the Upper Part of the Refrigerator and the Fridge which is the Lower part comes with a separate temperature controller to set the temperature. If your freezer manages to freeze the food then it doesn’t mean that it is running the right temperature. Keep in mind that the temperature at which the food freezes and the temperature at which you should keep the food can be two totally different things.

If you keep the fridge at the right temperature, it keeps the food chilled which helps them last longer and stay fresher. When the food temperature starts rising above a certain point then immediately bacteria start to multiply and not all of the bacteria is good for your food. It can preserve the food for weeks by slowing down the bacteria in the warm spot.

To maintain the quality of the food and reduce the risk of food poisoning let’s see what are the recommended temperature for a refrigerator to be on. Well, some of the best american style fridge freezer comes with different temperature settings so we will also checkout how you can actually set the temperature settings.

What temperature should your fridge freezer be?

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the recommended temperature for your refrigerator is below 40 Degree Fahrenheit (4 Degree Celsius) while the ideal Freezer temperature is below 0 Degrees Fahrenheit (-18 Degree Celsius).

Food Stored at 0 Degrees Fahrenheit or below is completely safe to eat however you will notice a change in taste and quality after a while. Although the ideal temperature is usually lower because at the 40 Degrees Fahrenheit the bacteria starts to multiply. You can aim for somewhat around 35 Degrees Fahrenheit to prevent your food from spoiling.

How to Adjust the Temperature on your Fridge and Freezer

In the modern fridge freezers, there are separate temperature settings for both the freezer and the fridge. Let’s see how you can use the temperature settings to set the temperature on your American style fridge freezer.

Adjust the Fridge Temperature

To adjust the fridge temperature, you can use the digital display located on the front panel of the refrigerator. Although there will not be a proper option to set the temperature let say 20 Degrees Celsius instead you have to change the temperate from a range of 1 to 7 Degrees Celsius each time. You will also find a separate button that you can press to boost the cooling process of your fridge.

Adjust the Freezer Temperature

To set the freezer temperature simply open the door and you will find a separate temperature controller you can use to adjust the temperature. Usually, it comes with a scale of 1 to 9, in winter when your food item is freezing simply set it to 3 and in summer you can set it on 8 to 9 while in autumn simply set it to normal (4 to 6).

Keep in mind that the exterior digital display and the interior temperature control are completely different and don’t have any relation with each other.

Some Tips to keep your fridge cool

If your fridge is not able to keep the food cool even with the proper temperature settings then you can simply follow some of the tips we have mentioned below.

Minimize the number of times you open the door

Each time you open the refrigerator door you let a lot of cold air out and allow warm air to enter inside. You should keep an inventory of what’s inside and stop standing on the door looking for what you need. Instead, quickly pickup for what you opened the door for and immediately shut it off.

Keep your refrigerator full

If you open the fridge door a lot of times then stuffing the entire fridge is something you should do. Every time you open the door with an empty fridge it can easily cycle a lot of outside air in and replace the cold air with warmer air. This warm air will have to be cooled again which is not very efficient.

Simply, increase the items you have in your fridge and it will reduce the airflow but don’t pack everything too tightly. Keep in mind that you have to reduce the airflow and not jam it completely. A Completely packed fridge will also block the air vents leads to several temperature issues inside.

Check the door seals and air vents

In order to keep the freezer running in proper condition, air needs to be ventilating uninterrupted inside. In case you see any frost inside your fridge then make sure the food items such as bread loaf are not blocking the air vents. If the air vents are circulating air properly then check for the door seal.

It is the gasket that goes around the door and keeps the cold temperature inside and prevents warmer air to enter inside. Upon a longer period of usage, these gaskets tend to loosen up and start leaking air and this will make the fridge to not cool properly.

Don’t put hot and Spoil- Prone items in the fridge

The roast chicken or hot bowl of soup which you prepared just a minute ago is something you should not put inside your refrigerator until it’s cooled. This can quickly heat up small areas inside the fridge and also increase the growth of bacteria.

To protect the fridge just let the food cool down for a bit at least to room temperature before putting them in. Also, avoid putting such items in the fridge door which are prone to spoilage. Items such as butter and bread are okay but milk and eggs are definitely not for the door. This will eventually decrease their shelf life.

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