Many homeowners overlook the fact that lampshades have a key role to play in their interior design. Instead, most focus on light fixtures and other lighting systems to give a room depth and aesthetic appeal. But this could be because they do not realise that lampshades, including the furnishings, can enhance the room’s overall look.

Lampshades use different materials in various textures and colours in translucent to dark shades that conform to how much light you want out.

Aim of interior design

Interior design focuses on proportion, balance, space, scales, textures, and colours. It creates the room’s cohesive look, but the finishing touches bring it together. You will often find these small details in soft furnishings such as cushions, curtains, lampshades, and rugs.

Among these elements, lampshades are often overlooked, despite them being important elements in the room’s entire décor and lighting plan.

The lampshade’s primary purpose is to shield the light’s glare and direct the light to a specific area. But setting that aside, you can get more out of using lampshades.

Lampshades can turn a room into an elegant, sophisticated, and luxurious environment. You can choose a colour that compliments the room or find lampshades in different textures and finishes, such as pleated lampshades in various materials, such as silk.

Choosing the right lampshade

Choosing the right lampshade for your existing lamp base might be challenging, so these tips could be handy in helping you make the right choice.

  • Colour. Choose an existing colour within your other furnishings, such as artwork, glass and pottery, cushions and throw pillows, wall paint or wallpaper. You can repeat the colour scheme or opt to complement the colour.
  • Size. You can follow a lampshade size guide to help you find the correct size. Using the right size of lampshade balances the look of the base, whether it is a table lamp or a floor lamp.
  • Shape. The shape of the lamp base usually dictates the shape of the lampshade you should purchase. For example, a square base should have a square-shaped lampshade.

Why should you use lampshades?

You can have high-level lighting if you flood a room with light. But if you are after a sense of atmosphere, you use lamps with low- and mid-level lighting. For example, you should choose reading lights and table lamps if you want moody and flattering illumination.

Lampshades diffuse the glare from the bare bulb, which can damage your eyes. Lampshades direct the light where you want it to be and block your eyes from seeing the light bulb directly.

Aside from being functional, lampshades are perfect for adding personality to your room. The availability of designs, colours, patterns, and styles gives you points of interest in the room. It hides the light source from view. Further, by choosing the right pattern, colour, material, and texture, you artistically tie the schemes together and achieve harmony in the room’s interior design.

A room’s interior design reflects the owner’s taste and style. Using lampshades gives the room depth and dimension, aside from their functional properties. You can choose the lampshades yourself if you have a creative flair or get help from professional interior designers to achieve a coordinated look.


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