Planning a family holiday to the USA that immerses you in the American lifestyle takes time and thought to ensure it’s a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Rushing to book last-minute flights and hotels often leads to a disjointed, disappointing trip. Instead, put in the work upfront to craft an itinerary filled with activities and sights tailored to your family’s interests for a personalised dream vacation.

Choose a Region to Focus On

Start by thinking about which region of the vast USA you’d like to focus on. The culture, landscape and attractions vary greatly between New England, the South, Midwest, Southwest and West Coast.

Chat with your family about which part of the country intrigues them the most and align on a general destination. If you need helping choosing where to go on your USA family holiday, get help from the littleamerica holiday planners.

Build an Immersive Itinerary

Next, delve into that area’s culture to shape an itinerary with authentic American experiences.

For example, if you chose the Southern states, build in opportunities to hear live jazz and blues music, taste Cajun cuisine, learn about the Civil Rights Movement, stroll through antebellum mansions and more. Make sure some relaxing beach time is also on the agenda.

The goal is to sprinkle in enjoyable activities between main attractions to fully immerse yourselves in the region’s lifestyle versus just ticking off a list of sights. Don’t overschedule your days either – leave room for serendipity like chatting with locals who provide insider tips on their hometown.

Experience Diverse Landscapes and Lifestyles

When selecting major stops on your route, choose a mix of urban hotspots and national parks to showcase the diversity of American landscapes and ways of life. For cities, focus on a few key spots rather than trying to see everything.

For example, 5-7 days in New York City, New Orleans, Austin and San Francisco could make for an epic trip focusing on arts, culture, cuisine and nightlife.

Counterbalance the hustle and bustle of metropolitan areas with peaceful escapes to national parks like Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Great Smoky Mountains and more based on your region.

America’s protected lands offer hiking, camping, rafting and the chance to relax in nature with your family. You’ll return home with a myriad of experiences that provide a quintessential taste of America.

Choose Accommodation with Personality

Accommodation also plays a major role in shaping your family’s memories. Instead of bland chain hotels, opt for spots with personality, history and amenities that enhance your travels.

Ideal options include beach cottages, guest ranches, apartment rentals in lively neighborhoods and even sleeper carriages on scenic train routes.

Allow the kids to each pick one special hotel/location they’d love to experience, too. Giving them a say in part of the planning builds excitement. Just be sure to choose accommodation suitable for your family’s size, budget and interests.

End on a High Note

Wrap up your epic American adventure with a few days at an action-packed destination like Orlando or San Diego.

Reward your family’s patience during the educational sightseeing portions of your trip by closing out the holiday at a theme park or beachside resort overflowing with entertainment options and kid-friendly attractions.

Return home with a deeper understanding of American culture, closer family bonds and memories to last a lifetime.

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