Becoming a reputable tattoo artist can be one of the most lucrative and spiritually rewarding careers to pick from those in the arts sector. In London alone, the average tattooist can generate around £50,000 yearly, whereas those earning the full-time average wage position themselves at £37,000 – only around 74% of the tattooist’s revenue. However, it’s only common to want to become the best in the industry once you make a name for yourself.

Yet, the kilometric list of “why” the success of some tattooists reaches interminable heights is, just like the description suggests, impressively lengthy. There is no such thing as “innate talent”, “endless practice”, or “top networking” that propels a tattoo artist to the summit of fame.

As anyone familiar with the field can attest, it’s always a fusion of all these factors and many others that shape exceptional tattoo artists who simply deliver what others cannot.

Even the smallest particularities that wouldn’t cross your mind to leave a longstanding impression, such as whether the flooring or wooden elements are protected with wood preparation and give the studio a brand-new look, can contribute significantly to the overall sentiment of the customer and trust built within them.

As you probably know, it never comes down only to your tattooing technique, word-of-mouth marketing, or longevity in the field, but often, factors that would never pop into your mind weigh significantly.

It’s needless to remind you how unpredictable, thrilling, and frequently arduous the journey to ultimate recognition can be; yet, it’s paramount to reiterate the steps an aspiring fantastic tattooist must go through to achieve long-lasting success and set themselves apart.

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Set Appropriate Rates

Every tattoo artist has a different definition of success; it’s just a matter of what achievements they seek. For some, it’s the joy of having as many clients satisfied as possible or helping fearsome newcomers overcome fears linked with needless or the very act of having to resort to removal practices to reverse the tattooing.

For many other artists in the domain and just like any other practitioner working for their renown, the monetization part is what establishes their success and boosts their pride.

After all, many things come down to money, so it’s no wonder why the best of the best have higher fees compared to the rest of the artists. After all, the efforts and work done to achieve such a big name are impossible to evaluate but can often reflect in the work’s end price.

So, try to remain within realistic borders when establishing the price of your work. Maintain your modesty to ensure your pricing mirrors your true worth, but don’t go over the top and undermine your skill set.

Establishing proper rates communicates to both the client and sector that you know your worth and respect your work enough to never settle for less or ask for exaggerated sums that exceed the result’s quality. This is the telltale sign customers look in to determine the professionalism, expertise, and proficiency of any businessperson.

Get Creative with Your Studio’s Design

After your apprenticeship years, which can last more than you may initially presume, the natural course of action is to work with a well-rooted tattoo artist who takes you under their wing. More often than not, you get to work in the same studio where you’ve undertaken your learning parcourse.

Here, it’s important to remember that it’s not only your skill and hard work that talk for you but the studio owners’ and brand’s reputation, accompanied by other smaller factors that add just as much importance to the equation.

From the location of the studio to the sanitization aspect to the way the customers are welcomed, there are so many things that speak on your behalf. Reputed studios go to any lengths to develop an establishment that’s both appealing and homelike-feeling, whether they’re renting multi-floor buildings to accommodate an extensive customer base or resort to carefully tending to details such as treating their wooden stairs or flooring with Rubio monocoat.

Be Honest with Where Your Limit’s At

Practice makes perfect, and the tattoo career is no stranger to this quote. After all, only when you become aware of where you should draw the line and be honest with what you’re not prepared yet to accomplish, can you be respected for your sincere work.

Suppose you’re asked to recreate a tattoo that requires years of experience and top-notch products you don’t have at hand. In that case, do you imagine your customer would recommend you to their friends?

How to Survive the Fierce Competition and Stand out As a Tattoo Artist

Should they be disappointed with the result only because you were not honest about your abilities from the start or did not ask for a postponement until you revise this work or upgrade your toolbox?

Probably, no! You wouldn’t be rated 5 out of 5 unless you excelled in other areas, such as communication skills, fine line drawing, right colour balance, professionalism, or other aspects.

Therefore, before you accept a challenge that seems beyond your capacities, always think and figure out ways to turn things around in your favour, and admit when something exceeds your expertise. Staying true to yourself is staying true to your work!

Stay Passionate

Being and remaining passionate about the job performed is an essential characteristic that sets successful business people apart from failing ones as a general rule. Justifiably, customers want to be positively impressed with the inner tone and behaviour of the artist they’re trusting their look to.

Tattooing has been and will always be a profitable career. Just as with lucrative professions, one can easily get distracted by the financial incentives and rewards and forget the enthusiasm they had when they first hopped on this train.

However, it’s crucial always to remember that there’s more to arts careers than the sumptuous aspects and that clients are always aware of these aspects, looking to collaborate with individuals who are inherently driven by offering the recipient the best quality and top-notch results.

Final Words

Numerous things make up a great tattoo artist who reaches the peak of fame. Keep your enthusiasm, make your studio stand out, and recognize your limits and charge appropriately. After these aspects are figured out, remember to leverage social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, work on developing your style and build your communication skills. More factors contribute to an excellent tattooist, and no successful story is made overnight.

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