Does your LG soundbar keep turning off, ruining your cinema-watching experience? LG soundbars are a must-have in your home cinema setup because of their immersive sound quality and lots of connectivity options.

But sometimes, you may sit on your couch to watch your favorite show or movie, and you may not get any sound from the soundbar. There can be many reasons why your LG soundbar may not be working properly. There may be a small issue with wiring, or the built-in auto power feature may have gotten turned off.

Too much Bluetooth interference can also lead to sound cutting from your soundbar. If you’re still wondering why your LG soundbar keeps turning off, keep reading ahead as we’ll enlist the main reasons why your soundbar may keep cutting out and also tell you how to pair an LG soundbar with a subwoofer

Why Your LG Soundbar Not Working

Let’s take a look at the main reasons why your LG soundbar may keep cutting out and how to get rid of these issues. 

1. Bluetooth Overload

Bluetooth Overload

If you use Bluetooth to connect your LG soundbar, there could be Bluetooth overload in your area. It may be that you have connected many other devices with Bluetooth, and your connection to the soundbar is competing with them. When you have many nearby devices using Bluetooth, there may be a possibility that they might interfere with each other. This can lead to a weaker Bluetooth connection, resulting in the poor performance of your sound bar.

To deal with this issue, you can try connecting your LG soundbar to the gizmo-known cable and see if the problem resolves. You can even remove Bluetooth interference around your sound bar to resolve the problem.

2. Outdated Software

Outdated Software

Another common reason behind the sound cutting from your LG soundbar may be that you’re using outdated software. These days, you need to download some software for every new electronic device you have purchased. If you’re using the software’s older version for your soundbar, it may not process data and turn off consistently.

To resolve this issue, you’ll have to do a software update. On the LG soundbar app, you can do a simple software update or use your Laptop or PC to download the updated software and use a USB device to install it.

This will help maintain the soundbar’s sound quality, provide security patches, and update features leading to the soundbar’s impressive performance. 

3. Mechanical Issue

Mechanical Issue

Have you tried everything, and yet your LG soundbar is not working properly? It may be that your soundbar is undergoing a mechanical issue due to physical damage. There may be a crack or dent on your LG soundbar, leading to a subpar-quality sound experience or no sound at all. A soundbar that is older than six years has more chance of having mechanical issues.

In this case, you’ll have to get your soundbar repaired by taking it to your nearest LG shop. Don’t try to resolve such issues alone, as it may deteriorate the problem. 

4. Wrong Output Settings

Wrong Output Settings

The output settings on your television may also be the main reason behind the sound cutting from your LG soundbar. It may be that your TV’s output settings got changed, or when you set up the soundbar for the first time, the sound setting was incorrect. If your LG soundbar doesn’t produce any sound even after trying out everything, turn off the audio output of your television. You can toggle the settings of your digital output if your LG soundbar is cutting out.

The general rule of thumb is to ensure that your television’s settings are optimal for your soundbar. 

5. Old or Loose Cables

Old or Loose Cables

A loose wire cable could also be the culprit of your LG soundbar not working properly. Cable management should be proper for the effortless operation of any device or electronic item. So, if you’re facing issues with your soundbar’s working, check that the cable is plugged in properly and you have a good connection.

Also, check whether you’re using old cables from older cords or your previous soundbar. Upgrade to new ones to improve the performance and sound quality of your LG soundbar.


LG soundbars have become a popular choice for homeowners because they add quality sound to home cinema setups. But what if they stop working someday out of the blue or don’t produce any sound? Worry not! There may be a few minor issues with the soundbar that you can easily resolve on your own.

You can check if there is Bluetooth overload in your area or if you’re using old cables for your soundbar. Sometimes, there may also be a mechanical issue that only an expert may resolve. You can check out the abovementioned issues and their probable solutions to help your LG soundbars perform optimally.

If any of these solutions don’t work, take the help of an expert or get your soundbar replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My LG Sound Bar Keep Turning Off?

From mechanical issues to old cable and Bluetooth interference, there may be many reasons why your LG sound bar keeps turning off. Wrong output settings and the use of old software can also contribute to the poor performance of your soundbar. 

When Should I Get My LG Soundbar Replaced?

If your LG soundbar has undergone severe mechanical issues that even an expert cannot fix, you should get it replaced. You should also get your soundbar replaced if it is encountering mechanic issues frequently. 

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