Have you recently purchased an LG soundbar and are confused seeing the OVC feature on the display screen? There are many different abbreviations on the LG soundbar’s display screen meant for different functions. OVC is one such important abbreviation that means overhead volume control.

This sound enhancement feature lets you have more control over the way your LG soundbar sounds. With the help of this feature, you can customize the sound of the soundbar to your liking.

It imitates the sensations of the Dolby Atmos by bouncing the sound to the room’s ceiling. The OVC feature gives you some of the Atmos experience that you get in a movie theater. Adjusting the overhead volume can turn the audio you hear overhead up or down.

Let’s take a look at the few other benefits of the OVC  feature and how to pair the LG soundbar with a subwoofer

What is the Meaning of OVC on LG Soundbar

Let’s take a look at what the OVC feature on LG Sound Bar stands for and how it can enhance your listening experience. 

What is the OVC Feature Used For? 

OVC feature is used to amplify your listening experience. When you connect the speakers, you can use the OVC feature to turn the soundbar’s rear speaker levels. With the help of this feature, you can get the same immersive sound you get in a movie theater.

When an airplane or helicopter flies in your favorite movie, it will sound like there is an actual helicopter moving above you. OVC takes surround sound to new heights and offers an amazing audio experience. 

It allows you to adjust the overhead volume, thereby making the listening experience better. You can increase or decrease the overhead volume with the help of the OVC feature.

If you’re a movie fan, you’ll love the OVC feature. This feature helps you set the right overhead volume for your movies, music, TV shows, and games. You can ensure the sound you hear is never too soft or loud by leveling out the overhead volume levels through the OVC.

How Can You Turn On OVC Feature?

How Can You Turn On OVC Feature

Turning on the OVC feature is very simple. You need to select the speaker whose tuning level you want to adjust. For three seconds, you need to press down on the remote controller’s “Sound Tuning” symbol button. Press it again for a few seconds to activate the OVC feature. After this, you’ll see the current sound level on the display screen. Now, you can use the VOL +/- button on your remote to tune the sound. The ideal sound range for OVC is around (-6db to 6db).

How Can You Turn Off OVC Feature?

How Can You Turn Off OVC Feature

If you want to turn off the OVC feature, you must find the “Sound Tuning” button on your remote controller and press it for 3 seconds. Wait for a few seconds and press the button again for a few seconds. The OVC feature will get deactivated if you follow these steps. 

Benefits of OVC Feature

Benefits of OVC Feature

The OVC feature offers various benefits to make your listening experience better. With overhead sound speakers, it offers a phenomenal experience. Whether you want to raise the volume or decrease it while watching your favorite show or listening to a chartbuster song, everything is possible with the OVC feature.

The sound tuning button can also be made to function like the surround sound button, giving you a realistic audio experience. If you want to have a home theater-like listening experience, the OVC feature can immensely benefit you.

For example, if you’re watching a wedding scene, the OVC will automatically adjust the bass sound, giving you a cinema-like experience. 


OVC feature is often used for up-firing speakers and tuning the soundbar speaker levels. It brings the Atmos experience right to your home by delivering an all-encompassing, robust sound. And the best thing is that you can turn on and off the OVC feature as per your liking. If you want to listen to soft music, switch off your OVC, and if you want theater-like sound quality, switch on your OVC.

You can check out the ways to switch on and off your OVC and how to use it correctly in the guidelines mentioned above.

With the help of these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to make better use of your sound system and enhance your listening experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does OVC Stand For?

OVC is an abbreviation on the LG soundbar’s display screen that can be used to raise or decrease the volume. It stands for overhead volume control and fires up speakers on top of the soundbar for an immersive listening experience. 

Can You Switch the On and Off OVC Features?

Yes, you can easily switch on and off the OVC feature as per your personal preference. To switch off the OVC feature, you must press the “Sound Tuning” button on your remote controller for 3 seconds. To switch on the OVC feature, press down on the remote controller’s “Sound Tuning” symbol button for a few seconds.

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