Running a household with a full-time job is hard enough when you have kids, but adding pets into the mix makes everything a whole lot worse – and it’s not uncommon for several ‘accidents’ to occur throughout the day.

However, giving away your favourite four-legged friend is never an option, so parents must look for other ways to make maintaining the household easier. That’s where high gloss laminate flooring comes in handy.

Now, we already know what you’re thinking. How could a new floor help your ordeal in any way? Well, you can call us crazy – or you can read on and find out all the reasons why high gloss laminate floors are ideal for families with children and pets.

1.) Waterproof

Like we mentioned before, pets and children are somewhat prone to ‘accidents’ which make cleaning a nightmare for parents and sometimes vacuum cleaner is not just enough. Materials like carpet aren’t ideal in these circumstances because they’re porous, meaning they absorb and stain very easily. Meanwhile, high gloss laminate has a waterproof coating, so spillages from your water jug or water dispenser can’t permeate the surface.

Not only does this prevent stains from occurring but also means messes are easily wiped away with a mop and some bleach. This is perfect for cat or dog owners who are tired of trying to scrub away dirty pawprints that their pet has trekked throughout the household.

When spills are common, flooring like carpet is your worst nightmare, and the regularly replacing ruined carpets can quickly add up.  High gloss laminate flooring is much more cost-effective, particularly when you find a sale at

2.) Hygienic

We love our children and our pet animals, so we want to ensure they’re happy and healthy. Sometimes, they can have an allergic reaction or pick up nasty bugs from crawling around on the floor – even if it has been cleaned recently.

Carpet is the main perpetrator for this because bacteria, dust and pollen can get trapped in the fibres without us even realising. This isn’t a problem with high gloss laminate flooring. Dirt and spores are highly visible because the surface is flat, smooth and impermeable, so we always know when we need to wash or brush the floor.

3.) Cushiony

It’s not unusual for your children to fall over or for your pets to knock something off the work surface. Tiling and wood flooring aren’t ideal in this regard because they are particularly hard materials, which could lead to unpleasant injuries and shattered household items. Laminate flooring is a much softer material with a cushiony underlay which helps to soften the impact, reducing the likelihood of harm or breakages.

“Pairing high-gloss laminate flooring with a quality underlay creates a cushiony, safer surface ideal for homes with children and pets”, according to Mike Jones from UK online underlay supplier Simply Underlay. This combination not only enhances the floor’s aesthetic appeal but also its safety features, reducing the risk of slips and falls. It’s an effective way to ensure your flooring is both stylish and conducive to a family-friendly environment.

4.) Durable

High gloss laminate is also surprisingly durable. Like we said before, its underlay helps to cushion heavy impact, which means your flooring will be able to withstand high foot traffic if drilling has been done effectively and precisely, whilst its glossy coating makes it more scratch-resistant (which is perfect when your have pets with sharp claws). All these factors mean the average lifespan of laminate flooring is roughly 25 years.

It should be obvious by now why high gloss laminate flooring is ideal for families with pets and children. It’s low-maintenance, easy to clean, damage-resistant, safer and more hygienic. What’s not to love about that?

James Whitman

James Whitman, 36, is a home improvement expert and DIY enthusiast. He has been transforming homes and inspiring home decor ideas for over a decade now. With a background in architecture, his journey began in the bustling streets of London, where he honed his skills in renovating classic Victorian homes. Specializing in sustainable and affordable home renovations, he has been a consultant for numerous television shows and contributes regularly to DIY forums and online communities. He is an avid hiker and uses his adventures in nature to inspire his home improvement ideas.

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