College can be tough for many reasons: first, you move away from your parents and have to live with a bunch of strangers in one of the college dorms. Secondly, you have to deal with the large pile of tasks, homework, and projects, meanwhile attending lectures and taking part in different activates. Even though you can always take advantage of student-oriented helping services (read about one of them in a speedypaper review), there are still some rules you need to follow when sharing a room with another person in a university hall. In this article, we will cover the topic of keeping your room tidy.

Best appliances to keep your room in the hall of residence tidy 

Top suggestions on how to clean your dorm room

Once you are done with the problem of not meeting deadlines (just check essay writing service reviews to find a reliable one), you need to think about how you will deal with university hall living rules. The opportunity to live together with your peers can be both exciting and scary: you meet new people with the same interests, but it is going to be a totally different experience than living with your parents and here is why:

  • It is going to be quite noisy

When many young people live together, you can forget about silence and private space even after wearing your earbuds. No matter how quite you behave, there are many people that come and go through yours and other rooms and surprisingly but sound travels very well;

  • Habits differ

Sharing space with someone else can be difficult because each of you is used to a certain daily routine. You will have to adapt and compromise…a lot;

  • Security matters

With so many strangers around and not reliable door locks and security cameras nearby, you need to keep an eye on your things as someone can take it accidentally or on purpose;

  • You will share the costs

This is one of the common things you can expect living in the hall: you will share costs on food, cleaning stuff, textbooks and other things you share;

  • Staying up late

Even if you are tired, there is a chance that your roomie will be watching movies till the morning, play guitar or throw a party in your room and you can do nothing about this.

Another good question is how to keep your room tidy when so many people come and go, and your roomie doesn’t really care about cleanness. Here are some simple tricks:

  • Cleaning staff

Some university halls have cleaners who come once a week and tidy kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, and other places of common use. However, they don`t get your room cleaned, so you need to take care of it yourself;

  • Keep your desk free

Living with someone, you share a lot of things, including your desk, where you do your homework. After you are finished, clean it and remove all the stuff like papers, books, and laptops to shelves and drawers to leave it for your roomie. These rules can be applied not only to your desk but all things you share with someone else;

  • Make your bed

It seems like a daily routine, but you will be surprised how often students forget about such simple things which in turn make the room look sleazy;

  • Keep your things in order

Avoid things being piled up.Make sure that you don`t throw your personal things over the whole room. For example, you will not be happy to find someone’s sock on your bed. Keep your things in drawers, organize your wardrobe and get a few shelves if necessary;

  • Watch your shoes

Find someplace to store your shoes (for example, underneath your bed). Don`t leave it in the middle of the room so that someone ends up tripping.

Dedicating just a few minutes a day to such simple things, you will have your room always clean and tidy and here are some useful appliances that can help in this routine:

  1. Hand vacuum cleaner. Once your room is small, you don’t need a bigger one to keep it clean. This appliance is cheap, convenient and effective;
  2. Iron. You will never understand how much you need this until you find yourself without the one. It is useful to iron your washed clothes, curtains and linen to make the room look nice;
  3. Air freshener. This is a must-have thing for any student especially if you don`t do laundry regularly and tend to leave food out of the fridge.

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