Are you searching for the best plants for hanging baskets in the UK but need help figuring out where to start? You will find some of the best flower suggestions for hanging baskets that add a welcoming curb to your garden, patio, or porch.

The list will cover plants and flowers that thrive indoors and outdoors and look enchanting in hanging baskets.

You don’t need to be confused about which plant you should pick for your hanging basket because we present a list of 26 of the most beautiful plants to add to your collection.

The list with details about their appearance, ways to plant, appropriate seasons to sow, and tips about how to care for them will help you decide.

1. Erigeron Karvinskianus

Erigeron Karvinskianus.jpg

Also referred to as Mexican fleabane, it is a daisy-like plant with a mounting and spreading character. However, its delicate green foliage creates more lush arrangements that we can often notice peeping out of the edges of the basket. It has a full year’s life span (that blooms in spring and turns yellow with age in the autumn). Other varieties produce purple, blue, and pink flowers. It grows well in dry and sunny areas in the UK.


  • It is a self-seeder, so collect seeds to grow next summer
  • Use in the cottage garden to create a wow factor
  • Looks stunning when placed in the porch area

2. Bacopa


A cute flower, bacopa has a spikey appearance with trailing stems that grow out of the pot and look mesmerising. It can not survive the sunlight in the afternoon if the soil is dry. Regularly check in hot sunlight to keep this plant alive because it needs a lot of moisture. It is also an annual plant, meaning it can provide seeds during its lifespan.


  • Plant bacopa in your hanging baskets in the early springs.
  • It is always good to keep it checked for moisture but don’t overwater.
  • Grows in a place where sunlight is less than 6 hours daily.

3. Strawberries


Strawberries are straightforward to grow in planters and hanging baskets. If you love red for decorating your garden or balcony, these are excellent. Planting them in hanging containers is a space-saving option, and you can also snack on them as they are ready. This plant also bears five petals with white flowers that look adorable. They can bloom and fruit in April or May, according to their type. So it makes a scrumptious summertime meal.


  • Use hanging strawberries( a type) to give an eye-catching look to your space.
  • Bees and insects love to feast on this plant, so inspect it regularly and protect it.

4. Moss Rose

Moss Rose

It spills over the hanging baskets that catch attention. The trailing habit of Moss Ross makes it a top choice for hanging baskets among people with a green thumb. It can flourish in well-drained (mixed with a lot of compost and other organic matter) soil. It can bear harsh heat due to its succulent leaves. Yet, it can survive even if the soil is dry. Its flowers are found in white and warm, vibrant hues that beautify your garden.


  • Hang it away from pets and your little ones because it is toxic if consumed.
  • Place it at an angle and expose it to 6-8 hours of sunlight.

5. Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos

It is a plant with elegant variegated golden leaves that make an eye-catching statement. It needs a bit of care because if overwatered, the leaves can turn yellow which decreases its looks. They grow abundantly, making them an excellent choice to plant in hanging baskets. If it is overgrown, cut some leaves to make it look better. They take a moderate amount of light to flourish better. So put them in a partly sunny place. It is also known as Devil’s Ivy.


  • Take them to the bedroom often to purify airborne toxins
  • Keep the plant’s location changing so that it doesn’t lose its golden colour
  • Provide it with a maximum of 2 hours of sunlight

6. Oxalis Triangularis or Purple Shamrock

Oxalis Triangularis or Purple Shamrock.jpg

Such a plant makes a striking appearance in hanging baskets, especially outdoors. Its top is covered with tiny light pink blooms, contrasting with the purple leaves. It feels magical to watch its leaves opening during the day and closing at night, making the Purple Shamrock an excellent indoor plant. Place it somewhere away from the sun when it is intense heat outside. It is a colourful plant that can be grown in the shade.


  • Keep it out of pets’ reach because it is toxic to them. So, place it carefully.
  • Put well-drained soil and moisten it adequately.

7. String of Pearls

String of Pearls

This is quite famous for decorating houses and also considers one of the best for planting in hanging baskets and containers. This plant features striking strips of cream and green leaves. It is often mixed with other plants to contrast, such as String of Bananas which has succulent foliage that looks like tiny bananas hanging out of the basket. Its newly grown tips tinge with pink. Its trailing stems spill out of the hanging baskets gracefully.


  • Place indoors with sufficient light when it’s hot outside
  • grow it under some shade when placing this outside.
  • Do not leave it out in the cold.

8. Lobelia


A colourful show of airy foliage is what this plant provides for the place. It grows charming clouds of blue, pink, and white flowers in the summer because the plant thrives in moderate temperatures. They blend nicely with other plants. Hanging baskets with electric blue and white contrast will be covered with butterflies at the end of June. Different types of this plant grow purple, pink, and violet plants. They grow well in well-drained soil that is evenly moist and enriched organically.


  • Plant on the edges of the basket to create a dazzling cascade
  • Mix with other heat-loving flowers to make a spectacular blend for your garden

9. Spider Plant

Spider Plant

Spider plants make a magnificent hanging basket. They are tender plants and are usually grown indoors. It can survive and flourish outside when the weather is dry and warm. Their strappy cascading leaves make them ideal for hanging in containers and pots. Such plants require a lot of watering, which is easy. So it is better to plant them in a large basket. The longer you keep your plant in the sun, the more it will evaporate, meaning it will need more watering.


  • Bring it inside when it gets cold
  • Pot up with the right soil mix to promote airflow around the roots

10. Diascia ( Twinspur)

Diascia ( Twinspur)

It is one of the trailing plants that go well with hanging baskets. Their availability in different colours makes them suitable for mixing with other plants. Their cup-shaped flowers in pinkish shades make a fantastic way to decorate your place. Diascias are drought-tolerant and long-flowering plants because they don’t suffer from diseases and pests but offer pollen to bees (receive consistent damage with continuous stinging). Moreover, they can survive in mild winter conditions and don’t need deadheading (removing the blooms of a plant).


  • This plant flourishes in the sun, so keep them in a place exposed to daylight.
  • Keep indoors if it is extremely cold outside.

11. Verbena


Verbena is easy to grow in containers. Hanging baskets containing trailing verbena make an excellent way to add a fabulous visual accent to a bedroom or garden wall. Some of its varieties can also be planted as perennial (a plant that persists for several years) but usually completes its life cycle in a year and die. It thrives in heat and light, so keeping it in outdoor baskets is better. Typically people grow it in a container, and when it germinates, they transfer it to baskets to enhance its life.


  • Plant three to four in a basket and regularly saturate the soil
  • Choose a container with ample space so that it holds well when it grows

12. Fuchsia


Fuchsia is one of the top choices among gardeners due to its gorgeous, brightly coloured flowers. These plants have beautiful bell-shaped flowers that nod from the stems and create a trailing effect. The cascading flowers will add heaps of colour to the hanging basket, and you can also enjoy a bit of movement when they dance in the breeze.


  • They grow in summer, which means you should place them early in June
  • Keep it away from the frost

13. Geranium


Geraniums are famous for their vivid colours. Place them out in the sun and near the basket edges to watch them cascade to captivate the visitors. Keep the water in the appropriate quantity to prevent the plant from conditions like weakening or oedema. Put them in the sunlight for around 6 hours.


  • Use lightweight soil, and choose a basket with one hole because they don’t rot in poorly drained soil.
  • Hang them outdoors only when the temperature is above 40 degrees.

14. Dianthus


Pick any variety of Dianthus; they all would be spot on in hanging baskets. Dianthus flowers appear at the end of long stems that spread well as other flowers dangle towards the ground. They look gorgeous when planted in hanging baskets and bloom in spring and summer. Choose the one with ruffled multicoloured leaves to add charm to your garden. These plants with gorgeous flowers require minimal care and full sunlight.


  • Place indoors to spread its delightful scent and refresh your place.
  • Protect from insects that are attracted by its fragrance.

15. Calibrachoa


Also known as Million Bells, Calibrachoa is a highly fast-growing plant. These need less care than many other plants because they are weather-proof and can even bloom in the sun or shade. All these qualities make them one of the best plants for hanging baskets in the UK. Go with the Half-hardy Million Bells Red, which produces a cloud of scarlet flowers, perfect for hanging baskets.


  • Check before you buy because some types can be damaged by frost
  • They require well-drained soil

16. Pansies


Spark your autumn scenery with the sizzling shades of red and gold pansies by hanging them in these unique baskets. They trail when planted on the edges of the basket and create a lush look. These can even survive frost. Their cascading habit will make a stunning addition to your garden.


  • In the warmer seasons, shift these to garden beds
  • and put these trailing plants back into the baskets as they bloom in the winter.
  • They look best in hanging baskets in autumn because of their trailing habit.

17. Osteospermum


These are excellent options for hanging baskets. They are available in multiple colours and different shades. They offer colourful daisy-like flowers from the start of August and shed in November. A mix of distinct and vivid colours adds charm to your hanging basket and captivates and invites butterflies and pollinators.


  • Choose the varieties carefully because some are half-hardy and some tender.
  • They need proper watering, and also keep them indoors in the winter.

18. Burro’s Tail

Burro's Tail

Also known as Sedum morganianum, the Burro’s tail is a real show-stopper among the best plants for hanging baskets. Its leaves are plump and overlap each other while hanging from the stem. Its cascading habit with unusual leaves imitates a tail that gives it such a name.


  • Choose a sturdy basket for this one because it can get heavy due to its plump leaves.
  • Keep it where it survives heat, like under a shade ( if outside) or in the bedroom.

19. Petunias


These tender plants come in yellow, white, purple, pink, or red. They complete their life circle of a year and start dying and require deadheading. They cannot protect themselves from frost. You can go with cascading petunias when planting in hanging baskets because they are one of the plants that create a trailing habit that looks marvellous.


  • Keep them in the sun and provide a potting mixture to keep them healthy and flourishing.
  • They need more water in the hot season; check their water levels in extreme heat.

20. Fern


It is one of the most loved plants that thrive in hanging baskets. It can multiply the curb appeal of your garden and add charm to your decor if it receives adequate sunlight. It is a timeless plant that has been in demand for decorating indoors and outdoors due to its lush and healthy ferns. The most suitable time to plant a fern is in spring or fall. There are numerous unique ferns available to add charm to your garden.


  • Keep it in shady conditions where it can flourish
  • Improve it with moist soil for healthier conditions

21. Orchid


Orchids’ eye-catching blooms are one compelling reason to hang them in baskets outdoors. They can grow high up off the soil surface because they are epiphytic plants which means they are amenable to hanging from windows or ceilings. These are usually hung inside, but they also would make an outdoor garden an even more beautiful place.


  • Put a hole in the hanging basket because they thrive with plenty of circulation around their roots.
  • Fill their container with well-drained soil and water them so they don’t dry.

22. Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum

A Sweet Asylum hanging basket creates a romantic cloud that looks enchanting. The accent of this plant may be its most excellent attraction. However, its tiny purple and white blooms that create a cloud-like shape are also unique. The strong honey accent attracts bees.


  • The plant is annual but requires frost protection.
  • Spring is the most appropriate time to grow it; plant when all dangers of frost are passed.

23. Black-Eyed Susan Vine

Black-Eyed Susan Vine

A plant with climbing habits, Black-eyes Susan Vine, attracts all pollinators, including bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. People love to grow them in gardens because they are easy to care for. And when planted in a hanging basket, it starts to trail. Its vivid colours pop out of the hanging basket.


  • Put in sunlight for 6-8 hours a day.
  • Do not let the soil dry because it grows quickly, meaning more water is required.

24. Begonias


Give your hanging baskets a long-lasting summer display with cherry splashes of colours. The best type of Begonias is those with trailing habits. They take your garden decor to the next level, and they can survive even the harshest heat. Their red and white shades captive everyone in a glimpse. Some types of Begonias can’t bear extreme heat and would be at risk of leaf scorch if kept outdoors.


  • Put it in well-drained soil and water adequately
  • Add plant food to keep it in good health

25. Nasturtium


Nasturtium has bright-coloured flowers that can be orange, red, yellow, or white. They require minimal care, making them an excellent plant for hanging baskets. They take a little space when grown in hanging baskets but still add charm to the garden, porch, or anywhere you want to grow them.


  • Fill the Nasturtium basket with an inexpensive potting mix because they grow well in poor soil.
  • Put some shade in the afternoon, or the leaves can become scorched.

26. Heuchera


It’s a foliage plant that lives for a couple of years. It adds vibrancy and texture to hanging baskets. This plant comes in various colours ( purple, red, green, yellow, and brown)and thrives well in the shade. Their leaves are round and sculpted around the edge. Moreover, their foliage colour changed with the season.


  • Water them adequately in summer to improve foliage growth
  • Cut the spent leaves in the falls to maintain their beauty.


All in all, We hope that you have got the best plants for hanging baskets that grow well in the UK. Many plants were discussed here, some of which grow trailing stems while other flowers and fruits, and there were also a few with a scent.

Along with how they decorate hanging baskets, we also mentioned some tips on how to grow them, the season they flourish in, and the season they need extra care. Some of these are annual plants, while others are perennials.

Trailing or clouds, which plant made a splash in your mind? Share your feedback on how the information helped.

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