More than once, we all have googled names of some good trailing plant. Be it a novice or a skilled gardener, love for trailing houseplants never goes away.

It perfectly displays your aesthetics and has a good appeal. Doctors nowadays suggest that all should have at least one houseplant as they lighten up the mood, keeps your air purifier, and even kill pests such as mosquitoes or bugs.

Instead of getting just any houseplant, try looking up those beautiful training ones that will catch the attention of all your friends when they visit you next time.

Trailing Indoor Houseplants

1. Devil’s ivy

Devil’s ivy

Known to us in many names, Devil’s Ivy is one of the best houseplants that a beginner should have. Why? Well, it can almost survive all hurdles and is not a precious princess. You might also know it as golden pothos, Marbel queen, Hunter’s robe, or even money plant.

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Some culture around the world even believes that, if you break the leaves of a money plant, you might soon run out of wealth. This evergreen vine grows in your house without a bother, and sadly it is not pet-friendly. Getting the devil’s ivy is pretty easy, but before you buy it, make sure you have a sunny spot in your house as the vine tends to grow towards a light source. It does flower but, you might not see it in a lifetime.

2. Chain of Hearts

Chain of Hearts

This evergreen succulent trailing vine is a wonder to have at home. It is native to Africa and gives an exotic tropical feel to your house. The leaves of this trailing plant are shaped like a heart. That’s how it got the name of strings of hearts. Also known to us as rosary vine, sweetheart vine, and so on.

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This vine will thrive when exposed to sufficient light and bear beautiful magenta flowers. Do keep in mind that direct sunlight will kill your plant. They do not need much water but needs a well-draining pot with some well-draining soil or, the roots might rot and, you will end up with a cripple vine.

3. Strings of Pearl

Strings of Pearl

This cascading succulent is a common trailing plant to have in the house. It grows very fast and easy to take care of, making it is perfect for beginners. Treat your pearls like any other succulents. Please give it a well-draining pot with some well-draining soil. Make sure it gets abundant sunlight but do not expose it to any direct sunlight.

It will not need many fertilizers as it grows fast. Your pearls can survive with very little water. Make sure you never underwater or overwater your succulents. That is the key to healthy houseplants. To make your strings bare flowers, hold on to the water during the springtime and, you will see beautiful white flowers. The flowers will give off a very subtle sweet cinnamon smell.

4. Inch Plant

Inch Plant

This is an old-school houseplant which still holds a special place in most people hearts and, so you might often see those lurking around in the corners of a plant lover’s house. It comes in a variety, and every single is special. Burgundy Inch Plant is my personal favourite but, Baby Bunny Bellies Inch Plant is cute as well.

Nanouk Inch plant is hard to get your hands on as they are unique. Water you inch plant only when your soil feels dry and, they thrive in moist soil. Inch plant is a sturdy trailing house plant that is easy to maintain and perfect for office tabletops and bookshelves.

5. Heartleaf Philodendron

Heartleaf Philodendron

This native Brazilian plant is not something you will commonly find in many houses as they are toxic for human and animals. But many keep them as an exotic collection. This plant is perfect for a beginner who thinks that they are terrible at keeping a plant alive. You can grow your philodendron in water or on the soil. Make sure that it is a well-draining soil. They can live without fertilizers for years but make sure to prune then so that they look lush and full of life. Re-pot them only when the roots are pot-bound.

6. Goldfish Plant

Goldfish Plant

New to parenting plants? This is not your baby. It is well known in the plant lover community as a fussy plant that needs too much attention. This plant has chubby waxy, thick green leave that bears yellow, orange, or red flowers. It loves sunlight and needs 12hrs to 13 hrs of light a day.

Goldfish plant is native to America and a very complicated plant to understand. It lives on photosynthesis and needs humidity. So, remember to mist your plant once or twice a day to maintain a suitable environment for your plant to thrive.

7. English Ivy

English Ivy

I am sure we all have seen those artificial vines of leaves in cabins and restaurants. Well, those are English ivy. Get a real English Ivy, and it’s a keeper, trust me. This vine was a widespread plant during ancient Greek times and, it got beautiful glossy dark green leaves.

This evergreen perennial can grow up to 80 feet and eventually bears beautiful green flowers. You can use this as foliage or just as a house vine. Frequently mist your ivy and, you will have a healthy vine covering the whole wall.

8. Hoya Carnosa

Hoya Carnosa

You might be tempted to have your hands on any of the Hoyas but, if you are looking for a sweet-smelling one, Carnosa is your plant! Just like any other Hoya, Carnosa has waxy, fleshy succulent like leave which is oval and dark green in colour.

The growth rate is slow, so you might need a bit more patience to take care of this vine. But the best thing about Carnosa is its beautiful flower which looks like chubby starfish. They are white in color and have a sweet intoxicating smell. Carnosa bears flowers in a bunch and, they produce so much nectar that it ends up dripping on the floor.

9. Burro’s Tail

Burro’s Tail

Another succulent? Burro’s tail is not just any succulent, trust me. Once you see one, you would want one. The groovy braid and the thick fleshy leaves are so beautiful that no one can resist its beauty. Burro’s Tail is native to Mexico and can grow up to 4 feet. The longer it goes, the thicker it gets.

Take care of it like any other cacti or succulent. Do propagate of the plant looks too clustered. You can fertilize your Burro’s Tail during the growing season. Make sure you never water then too frequently as the leaves can retain enough water to last long. Once a month is good enough! 

10. Hoya Linearis

Hoya Linearis

This hoya is very popular among people who keep trailing house plants. But you might end up having a dead Hoya Linearis if you cannot give it a decent environment to thrive. According to many, the roots are fragile so, make sure you have fertile and well-draining soil. Water all your Hoyas actively during the growing season and moderately other times. Or you can only water your Hoya when the topsoil feels dry to touch.

Bright filtered sunlight with a warm temperature and high humidity is perfect for all Hoyas. You might get yourself a humidifier and a grow light if you want to keep your plants happy. Remember that you might need to repot your plant every two years so that the roots are no pot bound.


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